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WHO ARE WE ?                                 Qui sommes nous

we are A Group of hard working People wanting change and growth  for the people of Northern Ontario

Un groupe de personnes qui travaillent fort et qui veulent le changement et la croissance pour les habitants du Nord de l'Ontario


To promote Northern Ontario

#Northern Ontario passenger rail service

A Active Northern Ontario Is a healthy Northern Ontario

By supporting one group or another
In the return of the passenger train to Northern Ontario we are sending a strong message
we want it back and we want to keep it !


Northerners want a piece of the pie- -WE matter



The Ontario Budget will come out shortly - have your say before Friday February 8th. even if its pass the date you can still submit

My trip on the Budd Car / Mon voyage sur la voiture Budd

Made my Budd Car trip April 3 - 4th
A totally enjoyable trip
Was surprised not to see more passengers on the train
But it made me realize that if we don't add the White River to
Thunder bay portion we stand to lose it all .
Passengers don't want to get on the train in Sudbury then be stuck in White River because the train does not go any further ..
The few passengers that got on told me how important it was to them and a lifeline to there friends and family .....................
ENGINEER Dave Anderson told me in the summer months it is a very busy train providing service to the many camps along the line .
Fait mon voyage en voiture Budd 3 - 4 avril
Un voyage totalement agréable
A été surpris de ne pas voir plus de passagers dans le train
Mais cela m’a fait comprendre que si nous n’ajoutons pas White River à
Thunder Bay nous risquons de tout perdre.
Les passagers ne veulent pas monter dans le train à Sudbury, mais rester coincés à White River, car le train ne va pas plus loin.
Les quelques passagers qui ont pris l'avion m'ont dit à quel point c'était important pour eux et une bouée de sauvetage pour leurs amis et leur famille .....................
Dave Anderson, Ingénieur, m'a dit qu'en été, c'était un train très achalandé qui desservait les nombreux camps le long de la ligne.

Mark your calendar!

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Be sure to mark your calendars! Dantina Duo will be performing at Marathon's 75th Anniversary Street Dance June 29, 2019. Hope to see you all there!

Together we can do this                   Ensemble nous pouvons reussir

working together for a better Northern Ontario

The northeast Lynx from Toronto, to Cochrane; Cochrane to Northbay, west to Sault Ste. Marie; Sault Ste. Marie to Hearst, and last - but certainly not least - Sault Ste. Marie to Winnipeg, via Thunder Bay, and beyond. CONOPRO - Consortium of Northern Ontario Passenger Rail Operators?

Last Provincial election I ran for the NOP --
Northern Ontario Party
Not to be confused with the NOPRS--------
That is my company legally registered Northern Ontario Passenger Rail Service ---------------------------------------
One does not have nothing to do with the other ........
My opinions as the CEO of NOPRS does not reflect the views and opinions of the NOP .......as does the opinions of the NOP not reflect the views and opinions of the NOPRS .....
Saying that I am still a member in good standing of the NOP and fully support there views and opinions as a individual ....
And I hope to be working in the very near future with everyone at the NOP in making Northern Ontario the very best that it can be ................. Of course including A safe reliable passenger rail service for all of Northern Ontario......
Hoping this post will make my position clearer then mud for everyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOP working for Northern Ontarians
NOPRS working for rail passenger service for Northern Ontario

Please support this worthy cause by buying a calendar

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People who have signed                     Les gens qui ont signé

Northern Ontario passenger rail service

Recipient: Jacques Ouellette, Northern Ontario
Letter: Greetings,
Northern Ontario passenger rail service Here are the results of Beno Insurance Opinion Poll question. We asked..."Are you in favour of having passenger train service return to the North Shore to Thunder Bay and beyond?" (425 responses) 98% said Yes while 2% replied No. Thanks for your response. Thank you .CFNO!
Name Location Date
jacques ouellette marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Gisele Courchaine Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-16
Shawn Poirier North Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-16
John Macdonald Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-16
peter french schreiber, Canada 2018-09-16
Mary Bates Orillia, Canada 2018-09-16
Janet Gagne Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-09-16
Laurent Cadieux Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-09-16
Don Smith Cobourg, Canada 2018-09-16
Melanie Linde Canada 2018-09-16
Michele Imhoff marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Carrie Bertin Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Lexi Orbanski Canada 2018-09-16
Brenda Wiskin Canada 2018-09-16
Sarah Verhaeghe Laurier, Canada 2018-09-16
Rachel Dostie Whitehorse, Canada 2018-09-16
Waybe Maynard Sudburt, Canada 2018-09-16
Cindy Woodworth Labrador City, Canada 2018-09-16
Lionel gauthier Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2018-09-16
John Rose Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Name Location Date
Marielle Andrews Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Sylvie Leduc marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Roz Andrews Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Isobel Seravalli Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Aaron Honan-Corcoran Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-16
jeanne Dumas Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-16
Bernice Desmoulin Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Carol Barnes Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-16
Iona Cress Heron Bay,Ont., Canada 2018-09-16
Katie Chamberlain Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Laura-Lee Chamberlain marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Dylan Chamberlain Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
juanita graham Moncton, Canada 2018-09-16
Myrna Nabigon Heron Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-16
peter burkhardt marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Florinda Christianson Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Denis Chamberlain Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
Colette Carney Kilian Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16
stephen collins richmond, Canada 2018-09-17
Debra Dyer Kirkland, Canada 2018-09-17
Jacques Dompierre PLaisance, Canada 2018-09-17
Braden Douglas Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Name Location Date
Elfy Foster Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-17
Tom Herbert Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-17
Maureen Sullivan Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Wendy Hancherow Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
David Major Montréal, Canada 2018-09-17
Ronald Beaudoin McGregor, Canada 2018-09-17
Gerald Desmoulin Toronto, Canada 2018-09-17
Lee-Anne MacDonald Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Lori Bertin-Hogue Canada 2018-09-17
Jackie Vezeau Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-17
Laurene Neal Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-17
Glenda Wade Brandon, Canada 2018-09-17
Heather Vosdingh Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Leon Blanchard Canada 2018-09-17
Wilma Mitchell Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-17
Kimberly Sargent Bancroft, Canada 2018-09-17
Vanessa Sutherland Timmins, Canada 2018-09-17
Ruth McKillip Toronto, Canada 2018-09-17
brad lundquist sault ste marie ontario, Canada 2018-09-17
Sonny Collins US 2018-09-17
Eric Needs Valencia, California, US 2018-09-17
Name Location Date
Inez Lazzari Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-17
Robert Quarrell Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-17
Anna Maria Tiveron Canada 2018-09-17
Mario Fugere geraldton ont, Canada 2018-09-17
Loraine Mahaffy Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-17
Janice Auger Canada 2018-09-17
Helene Pawlikowski Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US 2018-09-17
Stephen Oschefski Geraldton, Canada 2018-09-17
Shirley Constantin Sudbury ontario, Canada 2018-09-17
Shawn Harriman Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-17
Rose Jacques Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-17
Doug Smalley London, Canada 2018-09-17
Devon Perscell US 2018-09-17
Joan Blair Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-17
Anita Constantin Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-17
Jamie Lowndes Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Wanda Ward Mobert, Canada 2018-09-17
Andy Turcotte Wahnapitae, Canada 2018-09-17
margaret mcmillan White River, Canada 2018-09-17
Tammy Bolduc Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Clyde Cooke Heron Bay, Canada 2018-09-17
Cheryl Raiche White River, Canada 2018-09-17
Name Location Date
Teresa Perryman Geraldton, Canada 2018-09-17
Ann Belanger White River. On, Canada 2018-09-17
Linda Crawford Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-17
connie harriman SAULT STE. MARIE, Canada 2018-09-17
Julie Page Mississauga, Canada 2018-09-17
Brenda Carty Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada 2018-09-17
Andrea Toy Tucson, Arizona, US 2018-09-17
charles tossell sudbury, Canada 2018-09-17
Gloria Champagne Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-09-17
Rissa Forshaw US 2018-09-17
Denise Wells Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Monique Currie Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
John Susin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-17
Anita Fugere Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-17
Joseph Hayes US 2018-09-17
Josh Engels Canada 2018-09-17
Pauline Carmody US 2018-09-17
Paula Verin Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Barbara Stalker Windsor, Canada 2018-09-17
Chrissy Desmoulin Canada 2018-09-17
Pascale RIVALLAND VARAIZE 17400, France 2018-09-17
Darlene Bouchard Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Name Location Date
Rob Scapinello Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-17
christine messner Canada 2018-09-17
Susan Hirschfeld Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Sharon Woods Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17
Angela Godin Bathurst, Canada 2018-09-17
Johanne Morneau Geraldton, Canada 2018-09-17
Ian Frappier Canada 2018-09-17
Jordan Lewis Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-17
Randy George Canada 2018-09-17
Sue Mitchell Canada 2018-09-17
Abbas Qureshi Canada 2018-09-17
edna Gagnon Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-17
Cynthia Roy Canada 2018-09-18
Jvam Deault Canada 2018-09-18
Christine Azevedo Canada 2018-09-18
Miranda Lecoupe Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Lori Paras Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Shannon Harding Canada 2018-09-18
Nadia Leppich Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Nancy Moisan Tweed, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
Debbie Gorrell Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Juliette Legarde Longlac, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Toshia Wright US 2018-09-18
Brittany Ryan Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Phyllis Gauvin Nipigon, Canada 2018-09-18
John Scott Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Sandee Astrom Gorham, Canada 2018-09-18
Crystal Michano Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
edward campbell Mountain, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
Nicole Etherington Ignace, Canada 2018-09-18
Kayla H Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
kelly munro Canada 2018-09-18
Suzanne Filion Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Marylyn Clement Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Carol Larocque Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Susan Webber Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Lesley Frudd Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Jared cupp Atikokan, Canada 2018-09-18
Daniel Layman Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Elmer Aho COCHRANE, Canada 2018-09-18
David Starbuck Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
April Kimball Sarnia, Canada 2018-09-18
Mike Morrin Fort Frances, Canada 2018-09-18
Joanne Morris Schreiber, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Matthew Picken Saint-constant, Canada 2018-09-18
Tania Weigelt Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18
April Ozols Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Hailey Finlayson Canada 2018-09-18
Jesse Souliere Sault Ste marie, Canada 2018-09-18
Brett Prymak Fort Frances, Canada 2018-09-18
yvon gallant sault ste marie, Canada 2018-09-18
Brian Gaudette White River, Canada 2018-09-18
KEVIN IMHOFF Canada 2018-09-18
Melissa Maurice Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Julian Sheppard Cambridge, Canada 2018-09-18
Esther Huibers Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Elizabeth Hynes MARATHON, Canada 2018-09-18
Jo-Ann Swelander Rosemary, Canada 2018-09-18
Makaah McMonagle London, Canada 2018-09-18
Khalid Awan Canada 2018-09-18
Su Ksor Canada 2018-09-18
Wendy O'Connor Murillo, Canada 2018-09-18
Harold Griggs Brockville, Canada 2018-09-18
J.W Hewitson Thompson, Canada 2018-09-18
Eleanor Mclean Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Judy Szabo Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Janet Long Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Gerry Oliphant Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18
Roderick Michano Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-18
Maria Panagiotopoulos Canada 2018-09-18
Donovan Nickel Ryley, Canada 2018-09-18
luis jose marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Jack Eberhardt Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Patricia Desmoulin Heron Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
suzanne pelletier Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Debbie Dube Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Nicolas Rabaa Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Jeff Kutcher Jasper, Canada 2018-09-18
Pierino Belsito Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-18
Joe Domeij Wetaskiwin, Canada 2018-09-18
Kerri Jackson Grande Prairie, Canada 2018-09-18
frances brassard Hearst, Canada 2018-09-18
mikey gallagher-robin Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-18
Ralph Neri Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
francois turcotte Desbiens, Canada 2018-09-18
terry gallagher Cornwall, Canada 2018-09-18
gully moses Etobicoke, Canada 2018-09-18
Christine Hillman Rouyn-Noranda, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Annette Lysohirka Porcupine Plain, Canada 2018-09-18
Robert Reid Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
ALAN JOHNSON Richmond, Canada 2018-09-18
Shucai Song ON, Canada 2018-09-18
Arthur Arnott Canada 2018-09-18
James Saari Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
wayne donison Nestleton Station, Canada 2018-09-18
Bonnie Bovin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Darlene Welch Kingston, Canada 2018-09-18
Debbie Miller Canada 2018-09-18
James Desmoulin White River, Canada 2018-09-18
Robert Jensen Blind River, Canada 2018-09-18
Janice Sauriol White River, Canada 2018-09-18
Linda Benson Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
Yvonne Jensen Blind River, Canada 2018-09-18
john huston Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Deborah Hansen Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Cheryl Harnum Thompson, Canada 2018-09-18
Robert jacques smooth rock falls, Canada 2018-09-18
sousan torabi Canada 2018-09-18
Rob Terry Montréal, Canada 2018-09-18
Erica Bene Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
john irwin simcoe, ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
Anita Christou McKellar, Canada 2018-09-18
Debby Burrows Temagami, Canada 2018-09-18
Angela Crupi Schreiber ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
Nastasia Wasilewski Kingston, Canada 2018-09-18
Mary jane Whitby Temagami, Canada 2018-09-18
Ashley Imhoff Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Maureen Allen Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18
David Lawrence Wasaga Beach, Canada 2018-09-18
Heike Beck Goderich, Canada 2018-09-18
Sherry Bourque Victoria, Canada 2018-09-18
Dorothy MacDonald Dartmouth, Canada 2018-09-18
Jenn Bortz Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
Lise Ethier New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-18
Glenice Sveinson Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18
Sandi Verina Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-18
Regis Bergeron Montréal, Canada 2018-09-18
Janis Belanger Temagami, Canada 2018-09-18
Carol Dumoulin Hornepayne,Ont., Canada 2018-09-18
Victor Lysohirka The Pas, Canada 2018-09-18
Lorna Daoust Canada 2018-09-18
Shirley Johnston Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Talia Seuret Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Jeslynn Oskineegish Sioux Lookout, Canada 2018-09-18
Bert Clearwater Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
Stacy Roy Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-09-18
Yolanda Camsell Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-18
Raymond Fortin Sherbrooke, Canada 2018-09-18
Peter Franzen London, Canada 2018-09-18
Melanie Oskineegish Fort Hope, Canada 2018-09-18
Patrick Mccuaig Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Richard Lamoureux Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-09-18
Don Blackburn Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-18
dirinda hammerstedt Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-18
Lorraine Lafrance London, Canada 2018-09-18
Margaret Wilson Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-18
Bruno Gaudette Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
Deb Jefferson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
beth andrews Burlington, Canada 2018-09-18
Raena Wawia Nipigon, Canada 2018-09-18
jessica proulx Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Cassidy Belisle Nipigon, Canada 2018-09-18
Becky Routenburg Williamsford, Canada 2018-09-18
Michael Sisson Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Roy Sheppard Grand Falls-Windsor, Canada 2018-09-18
Ken Abbott Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Cory Dutil Nipigon, Canada 2018-09-18
Steve Hunter Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
william aho Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18
BL Barlow Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Jeanette Norris Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
John Crowe Brighton, Canada 2018-09-18
Graham Coe Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Cody D'Amours Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Nellie Martin Caledonia, Canada 2018-09-18
Sheryl Hunter Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Linda Miller Canada 2018-09-18
Denise Gaudette Sault Ste. Marie, On, Canada 2018-09-18
Blake Plouffe Timmins, Canada 2018-09-18
Tyler Rayner Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Charles Murphy Red Lake, Canada 2018-09-18
Alyshia Murdock Sioux Lookout, Canada 2018-09-18
Karen Johnston Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-18
Glenda Gale Canada 2018-09-18
Reg Hamilton Westbank, Canada 2018-09-18
Sue McLean Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Craig Corkum Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18
Jacky Craig white river, Canada 2018-09-18
Phyllis Chayer North Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
debbie roy temagami, Canada 2018-09-18
David Franceschini Greenstone, Canada 2018-09-18
Jordanna Jorgensen Stratford, Canada 2018-09-18
crystal sutherland cochrane, Canada 2018-09-18
John McNeil Perth on, Canada 2018-09-18
Judith Collins Burlington, Canada 2018-09-18
Stewart Graham Stella, Canada 2018-09-18
Tanya Morrison London UK, England, UK 2018-09-18
Doris Sackaney Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-18
Jon Robinson Red Rock, Canada 2018-09-18
Suzanne Knight Brantford, Canada 2018-09-18
Adella Catherwood Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-18
Doreen Bray Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-18
Elizabeth Cook New York Mills, New York, US 2018-09-18
Janet Pelletier Edmonton, Canada 2018-09-18
Rosie Maronese Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-18
Tom Sandborn Canada 2018-09-18
Matthew Athanasopoulos Canada 2018-09-18
andrea Alba wpg, Canada 2018-09-18
Name Location Date
Nicole Simpson White River, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-18
Ken Maurice Temagami, Canada 2018-09-18
Chris McKeachnie Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-18
Crystal Pirie Thunder Bay, ON, Canada 2018-09-18
James Malone Aylmer, Canada 2018-09-18
Karen Cain Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Gerald Roberge asbestos, Canada 2018-09-18
peter Hughes Ashford, England, UK 2018-09-18
Carson Watson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-18
Shelley Paquette Atikokan, Canada 2018-09-18
Kathy Inwood Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18
Lloyd Neudorf Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-18
Mandy Fisk Canada 2018-09-18
Jacqueline Sholdice Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-18
Cheryl Spenard Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-18
Lynn Locke Newmarket Ont, Canada 2018-09-18
John Bailey Riverview, Canada 2018-09-19
Edith Gauvreau Kingston, Canada 2018-09-19
Nicky Miller Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Leslie Davies Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Elna Blackburn Hunta, Canada 2018-09-19
Sandra Harvey Drayton Valley, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Jake Evans Coboconk, Canada 2018-09-19
Marsha Desjardins New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Lucas Belisle Nipigon, Canada 2018-09-19
Becky Stockermans North Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Linda Karam North Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Patty Wazny Oshawa, Canada 2018-09-19
Christine Mckeachnie Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
Angie Scott Bracebridge, Canada 2018-09-19
Ted Holland Deep River, Canada 2018-09-19
Nicole Brooker Guelph, Canada 2018-09-19
Doreen Wrolstad Fort Frances, Canada 2018-09-19
Melissa Roy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
Margaret Shawanamash Thunder Bay, ON, Canada 2018-09-19
Ron Lacey Murillo, Canada 2018-09-19
Scott Davidson Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-19
Jennifer Dickson Sioux Lookout, Canada 2018-09-19
Anna Paddock Moncton, Canada 2018-09-19
Sherri Perry Brooks, Canada 2018-09-19
Denise Boucher Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-19
Ben Nietzschmann Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Nancy Cox Gold Hill, Nevada, US 2018-09-19
Tom Marston Hyannis, Massachusetts, US 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Timothy Allen Blind river, Canada 2018-09-19
M. Harrison Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-19
Neil worsfold Kamloops, Canada 2018-09-19
Jeff Osborne Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Gregory Sharp Olalla, Canada 2018-09-19
Dalan Mclellan Spruce Grove, Canada 2018-09-19
Angela Stanbury Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-19
Arthur Davies Po Box 25 Sooke, BC, Canada 2018-09-19
Shawn Mintenko Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2018-09-19
Griffin Garuk Lindsay, Canada 2018-09-19
Kelly Gratton Bissett, Canada 2018-09-19
Terry Macgillivray Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Thomas Fankhauser Sr Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Dwayne Hull temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Ryan Cyr Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Tina Ste-Croix Moonbeam, Canada 2018-09-19
Mike Smyth Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-19
Barbara Boisvert New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Penny A Bruvall Canada 2018-09-19
Lise Lachapelle New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Jennifer Manderstrom Campbell River, Canada 2018-09-19
Jodi Kennedy Marathon, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Michele Murdock Bradford, Canada 2018-09-19
Lynn Hadley Toronto, Canada 2018-09-19
Teddy Martin US 2018-09-19
Irene Larocque Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-19
Suzanne Gilbert Canada 2018-09-19
Sandra Bigelow Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
Carmen Collette North bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Patricia Wilson Desbarats, Canada 2018-09-19
Marilyn MacLeod Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Daniel Kott Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-19
Brian Woodford Camrose, Canada 2018-09-19
Kevin Koehler Acworth, Georgia, US 2018-09-19
Amy Gian New York, New York, US 2018-09-19
Carol Covarrubias US 2018-09-19
Cheryl Chapman Dunnville, Canada 2018-09-19
Janice Zawerucha London, Canada 2018-09-19
Robin Baker Camrose, Canada 2018-09-19
Sue Lachapelle Rayside-Balfour, Canada 2018-09-19
Emilie Richard Canada 2018-09-19
Duane Lysohirka Portage la prairie, Canada 2018-09-19
Danielle Fournier Toronto, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
John Pantaleo Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-19
Katie Austin Muskoka, Canada 2018-09-19
Annette Heath Marathon, Canada 2018-09-19
Leo McGuire Montréal, Canada 2018-09-19
Diane Pinette Canada 2018-09-19
Diane Perdue Dowling, Canada 2018-09-19
Sarah Roy Canada 2018-09-19
David Smetana Marten River, Canada 2018-09-19
Micheline Goudreault New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Jane Boyter Melbourne, Florida, US 2018-09-19
Nicole Martel Nepean, Canada 2018-09-19
heather emmett Hobart, Australia 2018-09-19
Gilles Theberge Kapuskasing ont, Canada 2018-09-19
swag swag US 2018-09-19
Sherry Karwacki Kenora, Canada 2018-09-19
Don Beeee Toronto, Canada 2018-09-19
Javis Brown Hornepayne, Canada 2018-09-19
Chris LaBerge Cartier, Canada 2018-09-19
Sheryl McCarthy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
Gilbert Loranger Manitowaning, Canada 2018-09-19
Joelle Streckfus Streckfus Kenner, Louisiana, US 2018-09-19
Lucie Perron Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Janet Brown cambridge, Canada 2018-09-19
MAry Ann Dean Gogama, Canada 2018-09-19
Renee Deguire Val Caron Ontario, Canada 2018-09-19
Joan Batson NL, Canada 2018-09-19
Virginia Morris Marathon, Canada 2018-09-19
Morgan Hefferman Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-09-19
t bell steinbach, Canada 2018-09-19
Ron Loranger Toronto, Canada 2018-09-19
Thomas Warring Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-09-19
debbie ramirez Seymour, Indiana, US 2018-09-19
Sue Vaccher Dryden, Canada 2018-09-19
Murray Binsted Orillia, Canada 2018-09-19
adam caswell Bracebridge, Canada 2018-09-19
Kelly Dumont Cartier, Canada 2018-09-19
Karl Berzins Carp, Canada 2018-09-19
James Fahey Windsor, Canada 2018-09-19
vicki kragero cobalt on, Canada 2018-09-19
Brian Koehler Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Catherine Leal Bancroft, Canada 2018-09-19
Maxine Williams London, Canada 2018-09-19
Geri Lachance Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Steve Goddard New Liskeard ON, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Crystal Gerhard London, Canada 2018-09-19
Diann Haden Spring, Texas, US 2018-09-19
Dylan Lafleur Ref rock, Canada 2018-09-19
Wade Berglund Sooke, Canada 2018-09-19
Jim Graydon New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Maxine Schweitzer Stratford, Canada 2018-09-19
John Huraj Canada 2018-09-19
Jeremy Taylor Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Lesley Wood Temiskaming Shores, Canada 2018-09-19
Fiji Robinson Saskatoon, Canada 2018-09-19
Crystal Mauchline Pickering, Canada 2018-09-19
anonymous user US 2018-09-19
Michel Nolet Mattice , Ont., Canada 2018-09-19
Tess Thomas Canada 2018-09-19
GLORIA EASON New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Jackson Lafrance Barrie, Canada 2018-09-19
Ivan Hajcman Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Valerie Kennedy Etobicoke, Canada 2018-09-19
Chuck Sively Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, US 2018-09-19
Carol Abraham Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19
Rose Stewart White River, Canada 2018-09-19
Georgette Ouellette Timmins, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Lisa Buck Englehart, Canada 2018-09-19
Kim MacFarlane North Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
John Johnstone Canada 2018-09-19
Dianne Bailey Englehart, Canada 2018-09-19
Sabrina Ouellette Hearst, Canada 2018-09-19
Gisele Henri Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
lois Perry New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Jason Murphy Montréal, Canada 2018-09-19
David HENRI Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
Kathy Smith Timmins, Canada 2018-09-19
Edward Malone London, Canada 2018-09-19
John Sekoch US 2018-09-19
JASON LEWIS GARSON, Canada 2018-09-19
Dave Frerichs Canada 2018-09-19
Barbara Willard Lexington, Kentucky, US 2018-09-19
Noreen Lenart Englehart, Canada 2018-09-19
Kendall maggrah Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Paula Collins Saskatoon, Canada 2018-09-19
Lorriane Murphy Paspebiac, Canada 2018-09-19
Kevin Millar Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-19
Brittany Fortin Cochrane District, Canada 2018-09-19
shona kramer Wellington, New Zealand 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Susie Collin Marathon, ON, Canada 2018-09-19
Mohammadreza Karamsoltani Canada 2018-09-19
Darlene Smith Kenora, Canada 2018-09-19
John Detre Canada 2018-09-19
Catherine Mulrey Barrie, Canada 2018-09-19
Donna Greenall Saint Catharines, Canada 2018-09-19
Carrie Marsh Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-19
Bruce Pinkney Virginiatown, Canada 2018-09-19
Lori Martin White River, Canada 2018-09-19
brad barton oro, Canada 2018-09-19
Craig Mclaughlin Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-09-19
Diane Thompson Barrie, Canada 2018-09-19
Jeanne Marcinek Merrill, Wisconsin, US 2018-09-19
Linda Warren Oshawa, Canada 2018-09-19
cheryl papineau Sault Ste marie, Canada 2018-09-19
Terrie-lee Higdon London, Canada 2018-09-19
Neal Armstrong Stanstead, Canada 2018-09-19
seth mcbride Canada 2018-09-19
Donna Martin Richmond, Canada 2018-09-19
Kelly Cole Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Emily Wright Halifax, Canada 2018-09-19
Kate Buchan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Daniel Barton Barrie, Canada 2018-09-19
Greg Allan Canada 2018-09-19
Danielle Thomas Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-19
Greg Burke Thunder bay, Canada 2018-09-19
Connor Pantaleo Etobicoke, Canada 2018-09-19
Thomas Locke Timmins, Canada 2018-09-19
Lisbeth Rahkola Nipigon, Canada 2018-09-19
Corrine Fraser Tampa, Florida, US 2018-09-19
Diane Dufresne Timmins, Canada 2018-09-19
Judie Martin New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-19
Re Chou Canada 2018-09-19
Hannah Myette Canada 2018-09-19
Holly Francis Canada 2018-09-19
Joel Webb Toronto, Canada 2018-09-19
Gilles Dequanne Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-19
Mary Durocher Temiskaming Shores, Canada 2018-09-19
Landon Woash US 2018-09-19
Mary Dorval Lexington, Kentucky, US 2018-09-19
Ian Wilger US 2018-09-19
Sandra Filgate Canada 2018-09-19
Tahlia Bobardt Canada 2018-09-19
Noel Palmer Canada 2018-09-19
Name Location Date
Zephaniah Hannem Canada 2018-09-19
Kim Kelly Cochrane,ON, Canada 2018-09-19
Mike Robinson Mississauga, Canada 2018-09-19
Deborah Cashmore Thunder BAY, Canada 2018-09-19
Cathy MacDonald-rauch Canada 2018-09-19
Perry Wuest Montréal, Canada 2018-09-20
Bruce Scott Canada 2018-09-20
Lynn Belanger New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Norm Tverdal Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Gavin Smith Canada 2018-09-20
Dana Desjardins Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-20
Terry Schroeder Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-20
Lynne Hueston New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Leighann Garreau Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-20
Nancy Archibald Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Carrie Hawkins New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
celina stephens cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Shaun McFie Joyceville, Canada 2018-09-20
Erin Sigouin Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Penny Radford Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Margaret Plaunt North Bay, ON, Canada 2018-09-20
Jacqueline Bouchard Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Doug Martin Oshawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Lucy Chabot Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-20
Sharon Dangelo Cleveland, Ohio, US 2018-09-20
Sue Deshaies Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Lynn Charland New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Samuel Guzzo Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Tina Fadeeva Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Tammy O'Connor Guelph, Canada 2018-09-20
Brandi Dean Houston, Texas, US 2018-09-20
sharon cunningham kirkland lake ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
irene drainville Haileybury On., Canada 2018-09-20
Diane Takayama Jacksonville, Florida, US 2018-09-20
Debbie Malo Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Ella Pantaleo Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Lise Lafontaine Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-20
Sandra Walker Charlottetown, Canada 2018-09-20
Linda Bajic Hamilton, Canada 2018-09-20
Philippe Cormier Iroquois falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Kathie Peters New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Cynthia Wilson Kirkland lake, Canada 2018-09-20
J.Michael Boulay Windsor, Canada 2018-09-20
Louise Farmer Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Vicki Taphorn geraldton, Canada 2018-09-20
debbie desmoulin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Alex Fedewa US 2018-09-20
Melissa Taylor Milton, Canada 2018-09-20
Valentina Wark North Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-20
Savannah Lobsinger Matachewan, Canada 2018-09-20
Joffre Barlow Medicine Hat, Canada 2018-09-20 bryan p he lan 凡尼⻉, Canada 2018-09-20 Jim Lamoureux Canada 2018-09-20
Melissa Tourangeau Etobicoke, Canada 2018-09-20
Sarah-Jane Klaassen Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-20
Deborah Brown Kamloops, Canada 2018-09-20
Shannon deVries Orillia, Canada 2018-09-20
sandra legacy Rockwood, Canada 2018-09-20
Edith Miller Markdale, Canada 2018-09-20
James Turnbull Canada 2018-09-20
Diana Morton Canada 2018-09-20
Austin Lyall Canada 2018-09-20
Alex Laberge Canada 2018-09-20
Heather gauthier Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-20
Rita Beaudry ont, Canada 2018-09-20
Adele Norrad Cartier, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Jadine Fong New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Marilyn Henderson Simcoe, Canada 2018-09-20
Jacqueline Jolliffe Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Sarah Morris Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Linda lenart Englehart, Canada 2018-09-20
Jane -Ann Armstrong Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Patricia Nelson Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Susanne Billing Fort Erie, Canada 2018-09-20
Dominique Beaubien New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Thomas Watson Brechin, Ont., Canada 2018-09-20
René Boudreault Lavaltrie, Canada 2018-09-20
Shelley Borden Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-20
Gord Witty Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Raquel Hall Canada 2018-09-20
Carlos Santaella US 2018-09-20
Meagan Hannan Barrie, Canada 2018-09-20
Richard Boyd New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Kaylin Quinton US 2018-09-20
John Pereira Pierrefonds, Canada 2018-09-20
Shirley Koth US 2018-09-20
William Baumgart Marshall, Illinois, US 2018-09-20
Donna Belec Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Geraldine Crack Wawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Jared LeFeuvre thunder bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Cindy O'Bumsawin Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-20
Diane LeBlanc Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Jake Gibson Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Margaret McKnight Wawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Sharell Foster Englehart, Canada 2018-09-20
Joan Wentzell Dartmouth, Canada 2018-09-20
rose marie recoskie rosemarierecoskie
Killaloe, Canada 2018-09-20
Steve Rossi North Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
poirier wayne poirier oliver, Canada 2018-09-20
Irma Lowndes Marathon, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
Lloyd McCoy Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
roseanne fletcher Missanabie, Canada 2018-09-20
Andrew Chiang Scarborough, Canada 2018-09-20
Diana McCartney Richards Landing, Canada 2018-09-20
tia kohls niagara falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Malayna Corston Manitowaning, Canada 2018-09-20
Susan Poirier Englehart, Canada 2018-09-20
Linda Keay Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Alan Sparkes Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Wentzell Nancy Daytona Beach, Florida, US 2018-09-20
Robert Bennison Cleves, Ohio, US 2018-09-20
Joanne Gauthier New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Alana Mcleod Saas fee, Switzerland 2018-09-20
Jessica Nolan Wawa, Canada 2018-09-20
richard bradley barrie, Canada 2018-09-20
Grace Joubarne Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Pam Paquette Saskatoon, Canada 2018-09-20
Butch Arthur Canada 2018-09-20
David Newman Biscotasing, Canada 2018-09-20
Christine Creasey Missanabie, Canada 2018-09-20
Theresa Nolan Ramara, Canada 2018-09-20
Glenn Yewer Bancroft, Canada 2018-09-20
Christine frith novar ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
Linda Farrington Hawk Junction, Canada 2018-09-20
Pete Byerlay Brantford, Canada 2018-09-20
Daniel Miernicki US 2018-09-20
Anita Mckee Val caron, Canada 2018-09-20
Lindsay Millett North York, Canada 2018-09-20
Lana Hammond Canada 2018-09-20
Marge Whittingham Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Tracey O'Brien Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Wade Ryan Brantford, Canada 2018-09-20
bill vezina foleyet, Canada 2018-09-20
Katherine Muma Canada 2018-09-20
Carol Lorraine Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Ellen Haw-Kawamura Pensacola, Florida, US 2018-09-20
Brigitte Ridley New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Joanne Gauthier Canada 2018-09-20
Brenda Trenhaile Brampton, Canada 2018-09-20
Joanne Doucette Canada 2018-09-20
faith westcott Kawartha Lakes, Canada 2018-09-20
Ginette Roy Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Lisa Bowes Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Mercedes Fournier Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Jim Dupuis Kamloops, BC, Canada 2018-09-20
Sylvie Daviau Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Joanna Creasey South River, Canada 2018-09-20
Sarah Riordan St Catharines, Canada 2018-09-20
Gerry Parent Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Elaine Legace Milton, Canada 2018-09-20
Don Cardwell London, Canada 2018-09-20
Max Taal Canada 2018-09-20
Teresa Bedard Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Cindy Lamothe Dowling Ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
Nancy Rourke New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Mark Kidd Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Brandon Christo New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Tara Dusick Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Judy Ruttan Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Florena Pittel Heron Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Jessica Legault Dowling, Canada 2018-09-20
Paula Meister Wawa, Canada 2018-09-20
rae swan Mulmur, Canada 2018-09-20
Donna Brown Marathon, Canada 2018-09-20
Grace Wksb US 2018-09-20
Lindsay Davis Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Silvie Forget Temiskaming Shores, Canada 2018-09-20
greg wilson manitowaning, Canada 2018-09-20
Tanya Mayer Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Heidi Gehron Lima, Ohio, US 2018-09-20
Dene Zadow Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Marc Gaudreau Mont-royal, Canada 2018-09-20
Ramana Mukkala Canada 2018-09-20
Kerry Lafrance Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Sherisse Bryson Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Catherine McGowan Georgetown, Canada 2018-09-20
Mary Paquette Chapleau ont, Canada 2018-09-20
Renita Jarvis Windsor, Canada 2018-09-20
Kate Eastwood Copper Cliff, Canada 2018-09-20
janet Seidel Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Leena Jensen Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Paul W Jenkins Bancroft, Canada 2018-09-20
Lindy Coughlin Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Monique Noel Coniston, Canada 2018-09-20
Cassidy North Port Stanley, Canada 2018-09-20
Jg Gagnon Mexico 2018-09-20
Lisa MCDONALD US 2018-09-20
Brandon Lang Canada 2018-09-20
Warren Viegas Canada 2018-09-20
Chris Toman Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
David Genereux Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Tammy Stevens Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
David McAuley Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Rebecca West Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Lorraine Pelletier Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Donna Lee Souriol Canada 2018-09-20
Diane Gegwetch Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
claire roy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Melissa Gagne Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
irene kangas hamilton, Canada 2018-09-20
Kelly Macpherson Englehart, Canada 2018-09-20
Chris Randa Terrace Bay, ON, Canada 2018-09-20
Sandra Blackburn Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Neha Kapoor Canada 2018-09-20
Monica FUMMERTON Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-20
lori west bruce mines, Canada 2018-09-20
Claude Roy North Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Lorraine Riordan Tehkummah, Ont., Canada 2018-09-20
Richard Desbiens Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Ronnie Dignard Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Laura Lesperance Pays Plat , Ontario., Canada 2018-09-20
Billie Bagdon Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
David Drover Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Tammy MacDonald kirklandlake, Canada 2018-09-20
Dean Levesque Levack, Canada 2018-09-20
Donna Berube Sultan, Canada 2018-09-20
Annie Brunet Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Joan Currie Capreol, Canada 2018-09-20
Michael Vest Miamisburg, Ohio, US 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Jennifer Warren Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
yv chn Canada 2018-09-20
Kaylee LeBreton North York, Canada 2018-09-20
Mel levesque Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Cheryl Tompkins Sarnia, Canada 2018-09-20
Kendall Semple Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Matthew Payette Calgary, Canada 2018-09-20
Mike Barnes Brechin, Canada 2018-09-20
Chad Byce Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Carole Smith Lively, Canada 2018-09-20
Maria Lafreniere windsor, Canada 2018-09-20
guy sauve haileybury, Canada 2018-09-20
Joey Charlebois Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Carissa Pearen terrace bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Carol Woodhouse Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Sophia Tuomela Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Doug Groulx Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Sarah Laurich Atikokan, Canada 2018-09-20
paul olivier st charles ont, Canada 2018-09-20
Catherine Meharg Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Darlene Sherwin Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Jennifer Sirois Terrace bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Randy Michano Heron Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Daryl Desmoulin HERON BAY, ON, Canada 2018-09-20
April Roy Canada 2018-09-20
Melinda Kennedy Terrace bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Brendan Deppisch Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
debra marsh Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-20
Carolyn Kohls Dubblestyne Brampton, Canada 2018-09-20
Landry, Daniel Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Jason Leblanc Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Pauline Larocque Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Poirier Michelle Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Joanne Page Peterborough, Canada 2018-09-20
Mike Hawk Sioux Lookout, Canada 2018-09-20
Shelley Legault Montréal, Canada 2018-09-20
Jennifer Riordan Brampton, Canada 2018-09-20
Chris Johnson North York, Canada 2018-09-20
Alex Mccharles Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Sam Gordey Canada 2018-09-20
Renee Sheehy Rockwood, Canada 2018-09-20
Louise Brynildson Minneapolis, Minnesota, US 2018-09-20
janice selin Uxbridge, Canada 2018-09-20
joe topuschak Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Jennifer More Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-20
Nick Roy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Fred Deppisch Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Robert Scarcello Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Elizabeth Ross Ear Falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Charlene Craig Hornepayne, Canada 2018-09-20
Heidi Dunn Carstairs ALBERTA, Canada 2018-09-20
LIndsay Thomas Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
sebastien gratton-prudhomme Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Jonathan Allen Jamestown, New York, US 2018-09-20
josh dixon capreol, Canada 2018-09-20
Abhi Mohan Cambridge, Canada 2018-09-20
Richard Villeneuve Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-20
Lee williams Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Lori Roberts Cornwall, Canada 2018-09-20
Rodney Kohls Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Stephen Cairns Moonbeam, Canada 2018-09-20
Normand Frappier Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Claire Labelle Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-20
John Pitawanakwat Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
diane wigmore sault ste marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Cheryl White Sault ste marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Adelle Gregory Canada 2018-09-20
Sam Michano Heron Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Cassandra Hooper Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Vanessa Santerre Vanessa Santerre
Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Thomas O'Shaughnessy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Brooke Mortimer Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
George Edwards Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Emilie Castilloux Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Christine Allen Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Brian Laite Plainfield, Illinois, US 2018-09-20
gina cote Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Susanne Gibbs Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Jan Gagnon Wawa, Canada 2018-09-20
Chrystal Bryze Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Gudrun Girgis Midland, Canada 2018-09-20
Jamie-Lynn Forsyth Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Carol O'Donnell Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Tracy Howson North York, Canada 2018-09-20
Susan Skyum Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Carole Pelletier Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Tracy Tammi Marathon, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Zenon Stecewicz Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Nikki Forbes Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Fred Kohls Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Stacey Niemi New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-20
Julia McQueen Canada 2018-09-20
gaetanne lane Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Sylvia Legault Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Thomas Boyd North Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Teisha Eastwood Copper cliff, Canada 2018-09-20
Jocelyne Francoeur Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Joe Muething New Minas, Canada 2018-09-20
Meranda Paquette Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-20
Micheal Poirier Kitchener, Canada 2018-09-20
Dottie Niemi sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
RACHEL RAJCEVIC Onaping, Canada 2018-09-20
Kerry Boudreau North Bay, Canada 2018-09-20
Chrissy Naveau Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Melissa Mckee Scarborough, Canada 2018-09-20
Johannah Boucher kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-20
Chantal Guitard val therese, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
Brant Lafleur Canada 2018-09-20
Cory Barrette Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
David Macmillan Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Carole Ranger Markham, Canada 2018-09-20
trevor Austin Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Misty MacMillan Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Kelly Maccoy Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-20
Paul Nicholson Edmonton, Canada 2018-09-20
Nicole King Amaranth, Canada 2018-09-20
Alvina Skruibis Massey, Canada 2018-09-20
Shayna Genereux Keswick, Canada 2018-09-20
Julie Sabourin Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Brian Jones Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-20
Carolyn Locke Toronto, Canada 2018-09-20
Justin Smith Timmins, Canada 2018-09-20
Terry Piche Chapleau, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
Faye Gamble Webbwood, Canada 2018-09-20
Frances Pine Blind River, Canada 2018-09-20
Justin King Milton, Canada 2018-09-20
Geraldine Thorburn Sault Ste.Marie, Canada 2018-09-20
Carol Fletcher Mulmur, Canada 2018-09-20
Chantal Beaulieu Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20
Tracy K Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-20
Giovanni Perusini The Pas, Canada 2018-09-20
Name Location Date
Maria Fernandes Ontario, Canada 2018-09-20
Carol James Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Shirley Brule Richmond Hill, Canada 2018-09-21
Jason Ranger Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Sherri Downey Kitchener, Canada 2018-09-21
Lloyd Bryar Marathon, Canada 2018-09-21
Ron Huywan North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Erin Tarini Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-21
charlotte sinclair Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
pauline cloutier Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-21
John Deppisch Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Joel Rainville Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Kassie Coolahan Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-21
Dawn Gilliams Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Dave O'Brien Havelock, Canada 2018-09-21
Deanna Gamble Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Anita McLeod Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Cathy Kennedy sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Joanna Kent Val Caron, Canada 2018-09-21
Joanne Bird Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-21
Emma B. Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-21
Chantal Trepanier Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Frank Scarcello Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Zak Houle Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
diana couturier port elgin, Canada 2018-09-21
Catherine Smith Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Laurie Kulik Dowling, Canada 2018-09-21
Willie Desrochers Wawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Elaine Gosselin Lively, Canada 2018-09-21
Edward Ruberto Thunder bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Tara Ouchterlony Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Marilyn Perkovich-Farand Perkovich-Farand
Wawa, ON, Canada 2018-09-21
Vicki Anderson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Victoria Hewitson Brantford, Canada 2018-09-21
Laura Lee McKee Capreol, Canada 2018-09-21
Cam Hewitson Etobicoke, Canada 2018-09-21
Fernand Boucher Val Caron ON., Canada 2018-09-21
Beverley Dever Canada 2018-09-21
Debbie SquierBernst Shuniah, Canada 2018-09-21
June Hayter Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Danny Brito London, Canada 2018-09-21
Lynn Kohls Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Kathy Kohls Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
John Zvonar Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Carla Benedict Hamilton, Canada 2018-09-21
Paula Sullivan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Mary-Lou Jones-Desmoulin Canada 2018-09-21
Kathlyne Bolan Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Lynne Murdoch Whitby, Canada 2018-09-21
Dan Nichol Port Elgin, Canada 2018-09-21
Brian Dubeck PEACE RIVER, Canada 2018-09-21
Amamda Marenger Espanola, Canada 2018-09-21
Annette Lafontaine Haileybury Ontario, Canada 2018-09-21
Kimberly Desmoulin Orillia, Canada 2018-09-21
Pam Meehan Garson, Canada 2018-09-21
Jane Fonseca Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Jasmine Brazeau Dunvegan, Canada 2018-09-21
Penny Leblanc Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Jennifer Lattie Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Cydel Nili US 2018-09-21
Betty Cote Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Erin Tremblay Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Jim Paddon North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
ashley Gilbert North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Dan Gagnon Timmins, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Claude Martel South Porcupine, Canada 2018-09-21
Jennifer Crowder Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Heather Murray Belleville, Canada 2018-09-21
Trina West Echo Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Amanda Ley Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Gary Turner North Battleford, Canada 2018-09-21
Kelly Loach New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-21
Linda Lattie SHUBENACADIE, Canada 2018-09-21
Kerrie Waltenbury Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Jose Jacques Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-09-21
Shannon Roach Canada 2018-09-21
Ross MacLeod Bruce Mines, Canada 2018-09-21
brittany zhang Canada 2018-09-21
Melanie Cadeau Saint-John, Canada 2018-09-21
Chantal Shambrook Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-21
Robert Zyma Espanola, Canada 2018-09-21
Frances K. Fasano North Vancouver, Canada 2018-09-21
Jean Gauthier Fabre, Canada 2018-09-21
Tammy Mineau Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-21
Jacqueline Roney Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Susan Niemi Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Heather Gordon Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Ann Whittle Kitchener, Canada 2018-09-21
Jenna Levesque Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Sylvia Spencer Orillia, Canada 2018-09-21
Barbara Cormier Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-21
Debbie Faulkner Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Ann Piluso Langley, Canada 2018-09-21
julia crawford Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Jackie Marshall Paducah, Kentucky, US 2018-09-21
Marie-Ève Gauthier Fournier, Canada 2018-09-21
Linda Van Doren Hibbing, Minnesota, US 2018-09-21
Tim Chamandy Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-21
Linda Ballentine Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Laura Paquette Saskatoon, Canada 2018-09-21
Lonn Bonany Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Gabrielle Lessard Valleyfield, Canada 2018-09-21
Lee Tanfield Tonbridge, UK 2018-09-21
Carol Faulkner Grande Prairie, Canada 2018-09-21
Lisa Fines US 2018-09-21
Joan Davidson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Steve Nardi Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Eugene Bouillon Marathon, Canada 2018-09-21
Denis Dufresne Mulmur, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Jeanne Couturier Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Miranda Moore Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Dave Perry Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-21
Victoria Wells Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-21
Jake Kulgawchuk Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-21
Julie Dequanne Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-21
Randy Kisch WELLAND, Canada 2018-09-21
Dave Rubinstein Miami, Florida, US 2018-09-21
lana ellerton Kelowna, Canada 2018-09-21
jean mark santerre Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Wendy Wingate Hines Glace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Steve Martin Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
William Groves Chapleau, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-21
Tim Riordan Tehkummah, Canada 2018-09-21
Carol Hearn New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-21
Louise Connelly Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-21
Jordan Paddon Brampton, Canada 2018-09-21
Bonita Black Trenton, Canada 2018-09-21
Paulette Perras Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Mary Lee Irwin Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-21
Linda Brown North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Sherry Auger Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Andrea Dokis Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Anne Forbes Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Ralph Moore Brandon, Canada 2018-09-21
Gregory Mayer Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Jodi Cheslock Canada 2018-09-21
Micheline Hatfield Wawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Kate Schenck State College, Pennsylvania, US 2018-09-21
Natalie Dupuis Lively, Canada 2018-09-21
Anne Carreiro Brampton, Canada 2018-09-21
Lisa Lynch North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Natasha Nevin Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Norma Cusson Canada 2018-09-21
Meril Finlayson Orangeville, Canada 2018-09-21
Judy Lewis Wawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Marg Allison Cobourg, Canada 2018-09-21
Dominique Wielgosch Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-21
LORI Goheen-prichard Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Doug Pellow Strathmore, Canada 2018-09-21
Andrea Wallenius Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Al Ritchie Lively, Canada 2018-09-21
Ruby Lucas Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Linda Luszczak Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Melanie Andrews Schreiber. ON, Canada 2018-09-21
Lance Hatch London, Canada 2018-09-21
Steve Druery Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Shannan Mayer Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Tania Baba Canada 2018-09-21
E. Pahkala Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Etienne Boudreau Chandler, Canada 2018-09-21
Monique Champagne North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Christopher Marsh Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Joy-Lynn Cook Yellowknife, Canada 2018-09-21
Suzanne Turcotte Bonfield, Canada 2018-09-21
Suzanne Beauchamp Windsor, Canada 2018-09-21
Gilbert Proulx White River, Canada 2018-09-21
Armand Le Fort Hornepayne, Canada 2018-09-21
Tim Marsh Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Rosane Connelly Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-21
Louise Cardinal North cobalt, Canada 2018-09-21
Robert BYERLAY North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Francine Brunet Canada 2018-09-21
Christine Brownlee Englehart, Canada 2018-09-21
Yolande Prevost Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Nina Wallace Englehart, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Danielle Malo Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
SANDRA ISAACS Mississauga, Canada 2018-09-21
chris beaudry Talbotville, Canada 2018-09-21
Robert Scott Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
marlene oleary Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
James Lance De Foa Wawa, ON, Canada 2018-09-21
David Brown Whitchurch-Stouffville, Canada 2018-09-21
Miranda Short Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-21
Melissa Marsh Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Diane Cooper Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-21
Shawna Mazier Canada 2018-09-21
BRENT RHEAULT Thunder Bay, ON, Canada 2018-09-21
Laurie Martin Manitoba, Canada 2018-09-21
Isabelle Mills Englehart, Canada 2018-09-21
tami mitchell-horz englehart, Canada 2018-09-21
Marilyn Trumble Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-21
Sherri-lynn Morris North bay, Canada 2018-09-21
melodie guindon kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-21
Jean-Pierre Potvin navan, Canada 2018-09-21
Danielle Levac Canada 2018-09-21
Lane Bourbonnière Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Karl Vickers Grande Prairie, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Scott Mortimer Alliston, Canada 2018-09-21
Susan Banman Wawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Josee Rainville Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-21
Shawn Leask Oro medonte, Canada 2018-09-21
Brian Outinen Wawa, Canada 2018-09-21
Kathy Boucher Kitchener, Canada 2018-09-21
John Santerre Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
jacques boulay Saint-nicolas, Canada 2018-09-21
Lucas Salucci Montréal, Canada 2018-09-21
Louise Turcotte Aube Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-21
Corina Roberts New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-21
Verlie Robinson Mississauga, Canada 2018-09-21
Tim Menzies Barrie, Canada 2018-09-21
Ron Caron Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Susan Renaud Englehart, Canada 2018-09-21
Devon Santerre Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
kimberley Brunette Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Barb Nielsen New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-21
Gail Rotoli Clinton, Tennessee, US 2018-09-21
Judy Bakalik Calgary, Canada 2018-09-21
Ron Durance Dryden, Canada 2018-09-21
Jodie Murphy Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Leslee Gervais Renfrew, Canada 2018-09-21
Tom Burns Land O'Lakes, Florida, US 2018-09-21
Elizabeth Crawforth Canada 2018-09-21
Michelle Molnar Canada 2018-09-21
Nicole Mineau Schreiber on, Canada 2018-09-21
Javier Ramirez Decatur, Georgia, US 2018-09-21
Pauline Robert Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Amanda Kerigan Dundas, Canada 2018-09-21
jay wilson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Gerald Filion CHALK RIVER, Canada 2018-09-21
Phillip Mikkonen Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-21
jeannette filion moonbeam ontario, Canada 2018-09-21
Dana Gillham Canada 2018-09-21
Guy Pilon Chute à Blondeau, Canada 2018-09-21
Leah Gosselin Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Marlene Ryan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
brian downey Gatineau, Canada 2018-09-21
Roxann Lynn Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-21
Brenda’s Conway Longlac, Canada 2018-09-21
fiona hollands fort smith, Canada 2018-09-21
Nicole K Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Michel Boudreau Bathurst, Canada 2018-09-21
Name Location Date
Daniel Leblanc Mont-royal, Canada 2018-09-21
Leonie de Young Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21
Keith Marsh Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-21
Dan Shannon Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21
Jeanne Fortin Consecon, Canada 2018-09-21
Joanne Hufnagel Parry Sound, Canada 2018-09-21
Deborah Turgeon Elora, Canada 2018-09-21
Kim Jean Milton, Canada 2018-09-21
Sheryl Robinson New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-22
valerie brennan london, Canada 2018-09-22
Shannon Saville Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Kelly Wood-Fraser Parry Sound, Canada 2018-09-22
Dyan Thib Guelph, Canada 2018-09-22
Rollande Murphy Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-22
Pat Joly Blezard Valley, Canada 2018-09-22
Karla Milando Temiskaming Shores, Canada 2018-09-22
Helen Tremblay Levack, Canada 2018-09-22
Nicholas Pegelo Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Yvon Proulx Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-22
Terry McCartney MacTier, Canada 2018-09-22
Ian Fortin Timmins, Canada 2018-09-22
Shannon Chalifoux North Vancouver, Canada 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Dianne Chilcott MAGRATH, Canada 2018-09-22
Johanna Leveille Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
The Unknown Guy US 2018-09-22
Camille Cox Dryden, Canada 2018-09-22
Mike Moore Porcupine, Canada 2018-09-22
Rachel Pressé South Porcupine, Canada 2018-09-22
Gerri Gravellr Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Elli Nelson Canada 2018-09-22
Jodi Strizic Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Sharon Telchak Burlington, Canada 2018-09-22
Barb Swarek Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-22
Joanne McPhee Sarnia, Canada 2018-09-22
Jacob Welter US 2018-09-22
Tabya Miller Canada 2018-09-22
Johnny Rudy Terrace bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Dan Borthwick North York, Canada 2018-09-22
Linda Hewitt Peterborough, Canada 2018-09-22
Ross Kirwin Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-22
Colin Argyle Toronto, Canada 2018-09-22
Esther Hannaford Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-22
Stephanie Black Charlton, Canada 2018-09-22
Carol Janzen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Nancy Lawson North Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Philomene Boissoneau Salut set Marie on, Canada 2018-09-22
Emma Ross Steinbach, Canada 2018-09-22
Muriel Ross Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Justin Rainville Marathon, Canada 2018-09-22
Lise Filion Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-22
Jennifer Nevers Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Darlene Owen Toronto, Canada 2018-09-22
Carrie Brown Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-22
Cliff Hearty Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-22
Brenda Barwell North Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Justin Tarini Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Monique Martin New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-22
Brianna Fiset Englehart, Canada 2018-09-22
Josh Beausoleil Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Cindy Mikus Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Jason Bradley Barrie, Canada 2018-09-22
Ty Piche Toronto, Canada 2018-09-22
Barbara O'Brien London, Canada 2018-09-22
Tanya Borovic Canada 2018-09-22
Charlene Lepage Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-22
Brian Manning Canada 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Christina Pepin Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-22
carol myllyaho Gorham, Canada 2018-09-22
Michael Paquette Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-22
Tom Berube Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Jean Harsell Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-22
David Laronde Temagami, Canada 2018-09-22
Judy Parkes St. Thomas, Canada 2018-09-22
Monique Simpson Moonbeam ON, Canada 2018-09-22
Lori McCluskey Barrie, Canada 2018-09-22
Michael SALM Sunderland, Canada 2018-09-22
Dominique Villeneuve Los Angeles, California, US 2018-09-22
Reo Barton Canada 2018-09-22
Larry Ward Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Genita Alexander St. John's, Canada 2018-09-22
Gwen Coles Newtonville, Canada 2018-09-22
Norman Seymour Virgil, On, Canada 2018-09-22
Bev Taylor Gorham, Canada 2018-09-22
Gail Rowlandson Ajax, Canada 2018-09-22
Natalie Tozer North Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Francoise Harvey Québec, Canada 2018-09-22
Pauline Boucher Kapuskasing, On, Canada 2018-09-22
Carmen Bouchard Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Tim Roberts Canada 2018-09-22
Barry Smith Penatagushuine ontario, Canada 2018-09-22
Taylor Trahan Onaping, Canada 2018-09-22
Yvette McLaughlin Ontario, Canada 2018-09-22
Megan Tyner Bruderheim, Canada 2018-09-22
Cathy P Timmins, Canada 2018-09-22
Kathie Grandmont-Girard Hearst, Canada 2018-09-22
Jonathan Cornford Moose jaw, Canada 2018-09-22
Luc Leonard Moonbeam, Canada 2018-09-22
Clint Ward Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-22
Cynthia Woodman Canada 2018-09-22
David John-George Calgary, Canada 2018-09-22
Julie Desrochers Timmins, Canada 2018-09-22
Tiffany StorrieTremblay Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-09-22
Me in Lachance Airdrie, Canada 2018-09-22
Eric Lafontaine Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-09-22
Erin MacLeod Brantford, Canada 2018-09-22
Tanya Belisle Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Kathy Guillemette Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-22
Chris Kolbuc St. Catharines, Canada 2018-09-22
Michael Spillane Toronto, Canada 2018-09-22
stuart little US 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Kory Daoust Dowling, Canada 2018-09-22
Dominic Blake Canada 2018-09-22
Sean Clement Dubreuilville, Canada 2018-09-22
Sten Lif Dryden, Canada 2018-09-22
Roy Diotte Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Ivan Sherlock Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Lesley Garton Montréal, Canada 2018-09-22
Betty Lou McKillop Burlington, Canada 2018-09-22
Jacques Menard thunder bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Shannon Paquette Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Tristan Starmer Canada 2018-09-22
Marilyn Robb Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Sandra Weeks Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Stephen Mullin Marmora, Canada 2018-09-22
Bonnie Bakalyar Medford, Oregon, US 2018-09-22
Tom Britton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Ann Morin Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-22
Yves Henri Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-22
Rita Avoine Sultan, Canada 2018-09-22
Linda Leclair New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-22
Kyle Panduro Abbotsford, Canada 2018-09-22
Zelema Jackson-cummings Canada 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Line Fuchs Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-22
joe Basawa Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Nancy Lance Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-22
Sheila Valentino Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-22
Rachel Mahaffy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Barbara Saxberg Murillo, Canada 2018-09-22
Kristen Nordahl Moonbeam, Canada 2018-09-22
Brent Lazich Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Gerald Bradley Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Elizabeth Doiron Canada 2018-09-22
Charlene Schwemler Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Diane Jamieson Canada 2018-09-22
Katherine Bond Englehart, Canada 2018-09-22
Jamie Melanson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Chelsea Ingram Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Lynda Young Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Colleen Johnston Windsor, Canada 2018-09-22
Lance Holmes Tecumseh, Canada 2018-09-22
Kate White New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-22
Erik Massone North York, Canada 2018-09-22
Suzanne Keith Gravenhurst, Canada 2018-09-22
Kyla Choate US 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Sergio Iazzolino Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Lori Bilow Canada 2018-09-22
Tracy Paquette Minnedosa, Canada 2018-09-22
Wanda Taillefer Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-22
Jason Strand Marathon, Canada 2018-09-22
David Houston Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Monique Minard Lampman, Canada 2018-09-22
Kathleen MOORE Canada 2018-09-22
Lance Loach Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Sue Knight New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-22
Catherine Robert Millbrook, Canada 2018-09-22
Jonah Werts US 2018-09-22
Ian Martin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Victoria Dupuis New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-22
Karen Ritchie Prevost Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Holly-Anne Swain Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22
Keri Beerthuizen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-22
Paul Inwood Marathon, Canada 2018-09-22
Eric Reilly Gravenhurst, Canada 2018-09-22
Elizabeth Kukkee Neebing, Canada 2018-09-22
Leigh-Anne Renaud Prabhu Gainesville, New York, US 2018-09-22
paul L. Babinchak Canada 2018-09-22
Name Location Date
Lindsay Makela Lapeer, Michigan, US 2018-09-22
Patt Marquis Aweres TWNP, Canada 2018-09-22
Lucie St Louis Wahnapitae, Canada 2018-09-22
Brittney Cain US 2018-09-22
Wayne Beaudry Levack, Canada 2018-09-22
Rob Hughes Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Marsha Jones Grafton, Canada 2018-09-23
Dan Baxter Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Melissa Keltamaki Conception Bay South, Canada 2018-09-23
florence dejonge marathon, Canada 2018-09-23
Alice Harris Victoria, Canada 2018-09-23
theresa wright north york, Canada 2018-09-23
Rudolph Pipich West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, US 2018-09-23
Amber Patterson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Steven Binion jr US 2018-09-23
Christopher Tindall Calgary, Canada 2018-09-23
lauren harris Canada 2018-09-23
Bernie BeeJay Tangie Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-23
Diane Jean Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-23
Cory Laface South Porcupine, Canada 2018-09-23
Carol Bostedor Swanton, Ohio, US 2018-09-23
Stephen Bailey Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Name Location Date
Victor laface Timmins, Canada 2018-09-23
Chenelle Teahen Wanup, Canada 2018-09-23
Christy Saint Concord, Canada 2018-09-23
Kathie Shermack Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Chloe Tetreault Canada 2018-09-23
Bonnie Scott Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Bronwyn Elko los angeles, California, US 2018-09-23
John Anderson Lakeville, Minnesota, US 2018-09-23
Melissa Launchbury Orillia, Canada 2018-09-23
Jenneth Espiritu Canada 2018-09-23
Amalia McDaniel US 2018-09-23
Joe Harmatiuk Toronto, Canada 2018-09-23
Lisa Meloche-Townsend Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-23
Emily Anderson Saint Paul, Minnesota, US 2018-09-23
Margaret Coultis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Marian Turgeon Marathon, Canada 2018-09-23
Cate Morgan Brisbane, Australia 2018-09-23
Lynne Pelletier Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Karl Puiras Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Josephine Costa Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-23
Gerald Vowles Vankleek Hill, Canada 2018-09-23
Terry Bouchard Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Name Location Date
Brian Hiller Sarnia, Canada 2018-09-23
Janice Belanger Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
linda sentek sultan, Canada 2018-09-23
Rick Guthrie Elk Lake, Canada 2018-09-23
Judie Harmer Marathon, Canada 2018-09-23
Thomas Rolfe Shuniah, Canada 2018-09-23
Marlene Theberge Gravenhurst, Canada 2018-09-23
Debra Milks New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-23
Matt Drabit Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Harold Gilpin London, Canada 2018-09-23
Jon Szozda Canada 2018-09-23
Mike Lenart Englehart, Canada 2018-09-23
Denis Talbot Gogama, Canada 2018-09-23
Dan Pittd Seminole, Alabama, US 2018-09-23
Robert Diotte Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-23
Robert Serre Weatherford, Texas, US 2018-09-23
Joe Brideau Timmins, Canada 2018-09-23
Samantha Ibey Leach Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Ashley Riley Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Carol Webster Canada 2018-09-23
Kathleen Dunn Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-23
Rejean Proulx Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-23
Name Location Date
David Peña West Newbury, Massachusetts, US 2018-09-23
patricia sullivan cannin framingham, Massachusetts, US 2018-09-23
Scott towsley Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-23
Billie Anne Saarinen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Janneth Davies Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Sherry Lees Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Robyn bay Canada 2018-09-23
Gerard Cosgrove Toronto, Canada 2018-09-23
raymonde dunn Sherbrooke, Canada 2018-09-23
Jim Thomas Little Current, Canada 2018-09-23
Barry Gilbert Dryden, Canada 2018-09-23
Margaret Keinath Saginaw, Michigan, US 2018-09-23
Melanie Mceachren Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-23
Jacques Robert Canada 2018-09-23
Diane Karbrant Welland, Canada 2018-09-23
Stacy Boechler Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Raymond Empson Alabama, US 2018-09-23
Micheline Beaulieu k Falls, Canada 2018-09-23
Bob Hughes Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Madge Pirie TERRACE BAY, Canada 2018-09-23
Mary Empson Aptos, California, US 2018-09-23
Bill Cooke Larne, Northern Ireland, UK 2018-09-23
Name Location Date
James Stevens Larder Lake, Canada 2018-09-23
Marianne Vranch London, Canada 2018-09-23
austin seaton Morton, Illinois, US 2018-09-23
Micha Mintenko Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
James Regions Delta, Canada 2018-09-23
Kenneth Thurgood Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Valerie Tymryk Marathon, Canada 2018-09-23
Will Donivan Chapleau, Canada 2018-09-23
Susan Douglas Bonfield, On, Canada 2018-09-23
Shelly DeVuono Callander, Canada 2018-09-23
Nicole Langlois Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Karly Monette Markstay, Canada 2018-09-23
patrice gravel North Bay, Canada 2018-09-23
Andy Cameron Kingston, Canada 2018-09-23
Randy Leishman Brampton, Canada 2018-09-23
Pearl Giuliano Marathon, ON, Canada 2018-09-23
Debbie Bostrom Timmins, Canada 2018-09-23
Doug Seibert Mckellar ont., Canada 2018-09-23
Dan Yeoman Woodstock, Canada 2018-09-23
Lyndsie Richards Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23
Mel Legault Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Lisa Baggs Brampton, Canada 2018-09-24
Name Location Date
Dennis Morin Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-24
Gaetane Lauzon Harty, Canada 2018-09-24
Alma Falsetto Canada 2018-09-24
Kelly McDonald Englehart, Canada 2018-09-24
Paul Luciano Columbus, Ohio, US 2018-09-24
Dan Fortin North Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Michael McGuire McGuire Richards Landing, Canada 2018-09-24
Emily Gagne Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Sue Welbourne Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-24
JENNIFER MILLS New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-24
Donna Sinninghe Rainy River, Canada 2018-09-24
Madison Schell Geraldton, Canada 2018-09-24
Lorrie LEFEBVRE Timmins, Canada 2018-09-24
Patricia Lee Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Terry Billing Carseland, Canada 2018-09-24
Bob Bingham Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
BRAD C Schererville, Indiana, US 2018-09-24
Marie Roy Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-09-24
Laura WComeau Marathon Ontario, Canada 2018-09-24
Patricia L Lecocq Hearst , Ontario, Canada 2018-09-24
Rollande Tardif Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-24
Derek Smith Wawa, Canada 2018-09-24
Name Location Date
Robert Richardson Wawa, Canada 2018-09-24
Pete Malo Cambridge, Canada 2018-09-24
Gail Goyan Shuniah, Canada 2018-09-24
Erika Ryan London, Canada 2018-09-24
Dan Hodgins Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Susanne Penney Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Teagan Penney South Porcupine, Canada 2018-09-24
Jessica Williamson Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Charlene Clance Chelmsford, Canada 2018-09-24
Paul Smith New Zealand 2018-09-24
Margaret Clement London, Canada 2018-09-24
Colleen Martel Blind River Ont, Canada 2018-09-24
Joanne Bradley Altamont, Canada 2018-09-24
Yves Boudreau Atlanta, Georgia, US 2018-09-24
Janis Belanger New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-24
Jessica Richardson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Joe Fisher Thunder bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Jonah Thibodeau Parry Sound, Canada 2018-09-24
Marja Degiacomo Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Booner Boon schreiber ont, Canada 2018-09-24
Dale Maki Thunderbay On, Canada 2018-09-24
Camille Ducharme Oshawa, Canada 2018-09-24
Name Location Date
William Cameron Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Gerry Kosoris Kakabeka Falls, ON, Canada 2018-09-24
Enzo DeVuono Callander, Canada 2018-09-24
Tony Prichard Sault ste Marie , Ontario., Canada 2018-09-24
David L Crispo Hinton, Canada 2018-09-24
Patricia Ducharme Atikokan, Canada 2018-09-24
Leo Dabrowski Fort Mcmurray, Canada 2018-09-24
Ann Wilson Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-24
Patricia Charron Sudbury On, Canada 2018-09-24
Jo Ann Pardy Levack, Canada 2018-09-24
Matt Davis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Mary Hicks Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-24
Andrew Card Napanee, Canada 2018-09-24
Dorothy Dabrowski Burlington, Canada 2018-09-24
Pierrette Secord Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Marie-josee Cloutier Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-24
Diane Maybee Toronto, Canada 2018-09-24
Sarah Hester Moosonee, Canada 2018-09-24
evelyne rocheleau Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Joan Halliday Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-24
Krista Maybee Montréal, Canada 2018-09-24
Michelle Clance Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
Name Location Date
karen Powell Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Gloria Bouchard Saskatoon, Canada 2018-09-24
Beth Saunders Louisiana, US 2018-09-24
Patrick Hamilton Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-24
Coreena Spence Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Carol Stoodley Ottawa, Canada 2018-09-24
Aurel Brazeau Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24
joshua joyal North Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
Barbara Buckingham Que, Canada 2018-09-24
Christopher Roy Marathon, Canada 2018-09-24
Robyn Brown Aurora, Canada 2018-09-24
adrienne siironen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-24
carol irvine Markham, Canada 2018-09-24
William Ponton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
Johnny Johnny Yes Papa US 2018-09-25
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Kobykai Kutchaw Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-25
valerie love North Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
Sandra Stewart Port Perry, Canada 2018-09-25
Melody Hanna North Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
jean desmoulin Heron Bay Ontario, Canada 2018-09-25
Name Location Date
Deborah Baral US 2018-09-25
Bethany Shermack Calgary, Canada 2018-09-25
Wayne Menard Ignace, Canada 2018-09-25
Laureen Spilchuk Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
Jonathan Reyes Canada 2018-09-25
Micala Dotter US 2018-09-25
Barbara Fobister Grassy Narrows, Canada 2018-09-25
Kent Davis Toronto, Canada 2018-09-25
Susan Widdifield Larder Lake, Canada 2018-09-25
Incilay Cates US 2018-09-25
Deborah Hummel Barrie, Canada 2018-09-25
Emilie Crevier-Quintin canada, Canada 2018-09-25
N A Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
Marlene P. Jarvis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
Peter Nordahl Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-25
Adam Sopinski Canada 2018-09-25
Edward McGregor Peterborough, Canada 2018-09-25
Bernie Dumanski Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-25
Patricia Ruhl Fort Myers Beach, Florida, US 2018-09-25
michael wiseman Canada 2018-09-25
john doe US 2018-09-25
Karen Broad Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-25
Name Location Date
Robert McDade US 2018-09-25
Shelley Guilbeault New Liskeard, Canada 2018-09-25
Gord Henning Courtice, Canada 2018-09-25
dragon puna US 2018-09-25
Rupinder Mehrok Canada 2018-09-25
Krzysztof Mruk Canada 2018-09-25
Jon Chong Canada 2018-09-25
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Manjot Kaur Canada 2018-09-25
John Carmody Overland Park, Kansas, US 2018-09-25
Hanny Kim Canada 2018-09-25
Anne Van Allen Canada 2018-09-25
Debra Clinton Canada 2018-09-25
Tammy Clardy US 2018-09-25
Michael Legall Saint Catharines, Canada 2018-09-25
Russell Coupland Canada 2018-09-25
Jamie Brooks US 2018-09-25
Jacques Brun Canada 2018-09-25
Terry Fox Marathon, Canada 2018-09-25
Cindy Vidican Calgary, Canada 2018-09-25
Rock Lee Canada 2018-09-25
Name Location Date
Sharon Mercier Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-25
Elaine Sinclair Cambridge Ont, Canada 2018-09-25
Lois Ball Fergus, Canada 2018-09-25
Susan Jaeger Kelowna, Canada 2018-09-25
Alexa Sylvestre Canada 2018-09-25
Denise Bourgeault-Truax Barrie, Canada 2018-09-25
Oliver Baker Canada 2018-09-26
Suzanna Kotilehti Canada 2018-09-26
Lina Card Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-26
Hashim Kapikulila Canada 2018-09-26
Gabrielle Boudreau sault ste marie, Canada 2018-09-26
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jocelyn reynolds Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-26
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Sixela Ruiz US 2018-09-26
Mel Kobza Canada 2018-09-26
Caesar Czerniawski Canada 2018-09-26
Rachelle Poitras Canada 2018-09-26
Anik Chouinard Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-09-26
Bryan Dworkin US 2018-09-26
Roger Lortie Chapleau on, Canada 2018-09-26
Name Location Date
Laurie Hove Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-26
Maria Caballes Canada 2018-09-26
lorena asares Canada 2018-09-26
Mary Gilpin US 2018-09-26
Fred Moller Timmins, Canada 2018-09-26
Donald Wiltshire White River, Canada 2018-09-26
Ade Dyon Castlegar, Canada 2018-09-26
Bailey Scala-Sanders US 2018-09-26
LISE BERTRAND Capreol, Canada 2018-09-26
Mariah Veneziano Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-26
Wendy Jones Canada 2018-09-26
Kelly Burns Canada 2018-09-26
Roy Friis Canada 2018-09-26
Cassidy McLean Canada 2018-09-26
Harrison BarbeauO'Connor Chelsea, Canada 2018-09-26
Giorgio Bova Canada 2018-09-27
Brad Durkin Canada 2018-09-27
Nick Commisso Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-27
Claude Bouchard Clarence Creek, Canada 2018-09-27
Lynh Chau US 2018-09-27
Maureen O'Donnell Toronto, Canada 2018-09-27
Name Location Date
James Poole Sault Sainte Marie/Manitouwadge, Canada
Julia Doyon Wilmington, Canada 2018-09-27
cheryl kwissiwa Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-27
James Sloan Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-27
Mary Samford US 2018-09-27
Brian Insley Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-27
Robert Collins Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-27
Sandra Mojica US 2018-09-27
Janice Squires Orangeville, Canada 2018-09-27
Sue Haskins Hamilton, Canada 2018-09-27
Sharon Rantala Shuniah, Canada 2018-09-27
Shirley Kaukinen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-27
Katie Patterson Canada 2018-09-27
Sandra Greaves-Doyle Tamworth, Canada 2018-09-27
Glen Corston Moose Factory ON, Canada 2018-09-27
Brenda lamour Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-27
Brenda Robinson Canada 2018-09-27
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al arvelin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-27
Alexandra Danielson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-27
Ryan Stein Toronto, Canada 2018-09-27
Name Location Date
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Doyle Prier Canada 2018-09-27
Darlene Gagliardi Canada 2018-09-27
Ann Manalang Canada 2018-09-27
Shelley DePalmer Lake Elsinore, California, US 2018-09-27
Contessa Ramirez Robstown, Texas, US 2018-09-27
Chrystal Powers-Harris Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-28
Lynn Powers Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-28
Robert Sundell Richmond, Canada 2018-09-28
Betty Gloutney Canada 2018-09-28
Monika Springer Canada 2018-09-28
Megan Bruce Canada 2018-09-28
Will West US 2018-09-29
Dale Atchison Canada 2018-09-29
Leanne Claude Canada 2018-09-29
David Hunt Canada 2018-09-29
Mandy Statham North Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
Spring Bachmeier Hamilton, Canada 2018-09-29
Twix Ezomo Canada 2018-09-29
Cody Soukochoff Canada 2018-09-29
Jon MacDonald Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-29
Thomas Wil US 2018-09-29
Name Location Date
Mona Denomme Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-29
Ali Raja Toronto, Canada 2018-09-29
Joe Kenney Calgary, Canada 2018-09-29
Kim Foster Taber, Canada 2018-09-29
Anne Yarrow Temagami, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-29
Rudi Stade Huntsville, Canada 2018-09-29
June Rumney Parry Sound, Canada 2018-09-29
Ray Eh Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
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sheri gibb Canada 2018-09-29
charles richarz Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
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Shannon Riberdy Windsor, Canada 2018-09-29
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Dawn Betts Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
Monica Durette North Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
Alexander Glista London, Canada 2018-09-29
Andrew Cherry Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-29
Mario Commisso Burlington, Canada 2018-09-29
Name Location Date
Tanner Harris Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
Mike Desmoulin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-29
Ted Winters Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-30
David Watts Toronto, Canada 2018-09-30
Camille Kennedy Toronto, Canada 2018-09-30
Sandra Phillips Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
John Humphrey Peterborough, Canada 2018-09-30
Sharon Diem Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Joshua Gleiberman Whitby, Canada 2018-09-30
Rolande Chiasson Timmins, Canada 2018-09-30
Harold Norman Grayston Gorlitz, Sk., Canada 2018-09-30
Benjamin Obeng-Apori Canada 2018-09-30
Therese Cyr Iroquois Falls ON, Canada 2018-09-30
Veronica Blanchard-Lizotte Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada 2018-09-30
Marlin Tamburro Gulf Breeze, Florida, US 2018-09-30
wm larry brown North Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
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simon corton toronto, Canada 2018-09-30
Mary Medley US 2018-09-30
Name Location Date
sue winters Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Lasha Howse Canada 2018-09-30
Mary Jane Handy-Zamudio Mississauga, Canada 2018-09-30
James Bannon London, Canada 2018-09-30
Lynda & Artie Cooper Marathon, Canada 2018-09-30
Dan Boissy Marathon Ontario, Canada 2018-09-30
Mike Rocnik Moncton, N.B., Canada 2018-09-30
Jamie Rakowski Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Noella Godin White River, Canada 2018-09-30
Elizabeth Kramp Barrie, Canada 2018-09-30
Barbara Singleton Dorion, Canada 2018-09-30
Dave Mackenzie Calgary, Canada 2018-09-30
Jackie Hayton Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Canada 2018-09-30
Carol Martin Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-09-30
Gilbert Boyer Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Pirie Kaufman Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-30
Linda Beadow Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Michael Nenonen Vancouver, Canada 2018-09-30
Scott Garner Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Jonathan Sutherland Toronto, Canada 2018-09-30
Kelly Fremlin Orangeville, Canada 2018-09-30
Luc Malette Sept-îles, Canada 2018-09-30
Name Location Date
Wendy Carroll White River, Canada 2018-09-30
Andrea Belanger Hanmer, Canada 2018-09-30
Fred Carella Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-09-30
Ralph Bevan Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-30
THERESA HIUSER Irondale, Canada 2018-09-30
Ian Deck Windsor, Canada 2018-09-30
Tara Hart White River, Canada 2018-09-30
Joanne Brown Brantford, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-30
sheila mcwaters Woodstock, Ontario, Canada 2018-09-30
Connie Mayberry Elliot lake, Canada 2018-09-30
Bonnie Gauthier Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-30
Helen Whittaker Timmins, Canada 2018-09-30
Amy Bannister Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-09-30
Ches Martin Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-30
Fiona MacGillivray Canada 2018-09-30
Susie Smith Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Dave Fearnside Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-30
Therese Daigle Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-30
Fern St-Louis Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-30
Lorraine Leblanc Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-09-30
michel vachon Québec, Canada 2018-09-30
delilah st louis Sarnia, Canada 2018-09-30
Name Location Date
Nathalie Morin Canada 2018-09-30
Terence Johnson Chatham, Canada 2018-09-30
Daniel Roy Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-30
Richard St Antoine windsor, Canada 2018-09-30
Virginia Pineault Saint Catharines, Canada 2018-09-30
moe bergeron Oshawa, Canada 2018-09-30
Tim Baldwin Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-09-30
Violette Chenier Châteauguay, Canada 2018-09-30
Susan Draper-Lanos Marathon, Canada 2018-09-30
Sabine bednar Canada 2018-09-30
Geraldine Christmas Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-09-30
Clifford Houghton Houghton Iron Bridge, Canada 2018-09-30
Shelby Waterson Bobcaygeon, Canada 2018-10-01
Stan Nabigon snabigon@hotmail.com
Heron Bay, Canada 2018-10-01
Barb Martin Owen Sound, Canada 2018-10-01
Denice Carroll Thornhill, Canada 2018-10-01
mary blair Milton, Canada 2018-10-01
Charlotte Jonassen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-01
Carolina Vasconez US 2018-10-01
Don CARREY Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-10-01
Madison Levesque North York, Canada 2018-10-01
Name Location Date
Min Khant New York, New York, US 2018-10-01
Miuna Zahir US 2018-10-01
Bev Mason Canada 2018-10-01
Parris Bevelle US 2018-10-01
Denis Boyer Corbeil, Canada 2018-10-01
Andy Bower Midhurst, Canada 2018-10-01
Radjabu Ngabo US 2018-10-01
Brynn Smith Toronto, Canada 2018-10-01
Dave Robinson Wilberforce, Ontario, Canada 2018-10-01
siddika shivji Canada 2018-10-01
Mary Majeau Heron Bay, Canada 2018-10-01
Richard Beare Belleville, Canada 2018-10-01
David Ogilvie Emo, Canada 2018-10-01
Dave Pladzyk South Porcupine, Canada 2018-10-01
Shirley Major Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-01
Avalena Dimick Marathon, Canada 2018-10-01
Meghan Dailey US 2018-10-01
Jackie Lavender Madoc, Canada 2018-10-01
Ariana Lewis US 2018-10-01
Dianne Cobb Canada 2018-10-01
Gwe Roberts Springdale, Canada 2018-10-01
Jane Trent Canada 2018-10-01
Name Location Date
Melissa Elliott Hamilton, Canada 2018-10-01
sue malzahn elliot lake, Canada 2018-10-02
Samantha Wilson Canada 2018-10-02
Julian Proszowski Canada 2018-10-02
George Lefebvre Vars, Canada 2018-10-02
Luke Cadle US 2018-10-02
Catherine McCoy Stouffville, Canada 2018-10-02
Janice Mikus White River, Canada 2018-10-02
Diane Gauthier Gatineau, Canada 2018-10-02
Austin Fenelon Marathon, Canada 2018-10-02
Amber Coulter Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-02
Dave Heon Haileybury, Canada 2018-10-02
John Prest mattawa. ont, Canada 2018-10-02
Cyndi Malzahn Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-02
Brian Noyes Ajax, Canada 2018-10-02
Edwina Severance Marathon, Canada 2018-10-02
Jeremy Rodgers Mattawa, Canada 2018-10-02
Scott M Marathon, Canada 2018-10-02
Joanne Evans South Porcupine, Canada 2018-10-02
Kevin Lebreton Canada 2018-10-02
Andrea Leveille Cranbrook, Canada 2018-10-02
George Graham Hearst, Canada 2018-10-02
Name Location Date
Debi Jolicoeur Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-02
Sharon LaBelle Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-02
Christine Elvin Canada 2018-10-02
Elyse Fortuna Canada 2018-10-02
James Koski Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-02
cathy colucci innisfil, Canada 2018-10-02
Gale Verrill Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-02
Shawn Collins St Thomas, Canada 2018-10-02
D’Arcy Hollis Ramona, California, US 2018-10-03
Sandie Zuback Edmonton, Canada 2018-10-03
Steve Eichholz Waterloo, Canada 2018-10-03
Louise Sartorio IGNACE, Canada 2018-10-03
Kalman Douglas Cambridge, Canada 2018-10-03
Eric Scott Lincoln, Canada 2018-10-03
Robert McCormack Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2018-10-03
Adrielle boulianne Toronto, Canada 2018-10-03
Ken Mah Kitchener, Canada 2018-10-03
Sean Magee Guelph, Canada 2018-10-03
Betty Clark Canada 2018-10-03
Rick Peatfield Hamilton, Canada 2018-10-03
Michael Weitz Lido Beach, New York, US 2018-10-03
Alexandria Hiuser Kitchener, Canada 2018-10-03
Name Location Date
Lynn Spencer Hillsville, Virginia, US 2018-10-03
Marie Fortier Canada 2018-10-03
Vanessa Landry White River, Canada 2018-10-03
Charlene & Buster Bush Walker, Louisiana, US 2018-10-03
Michael Kennedy Millbrook, Canada 2018-10-03
Kirk Winchell Newington, Connecticut, US 2018-10-03
Calvin Narayan Vancouver, Canada 2018-10-03
Breanne Olsen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-03
Doris Olsen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-03
Kathleen Toland-Descoteaux Toronto, Canada 2018-10-03
Cynthia Moreau Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-04
Nadine Robinson Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-04
Linda Savory Gordon Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-04
Cereniti Loughrin Canada 2018-10-04
Paul Langan Cambridge, Canada 2018-10-04
Julie Roy Hearst, Canada 2018-10-04
claude mainville Sarnia, Canada 2018-10-04
Louise Boutin New Liskeard, Canada 2018-10-04
Lise Labbee New Liskeard, Canada 2018-10-04
Aline Tessier Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-10-04
Valerie Levesque Marathon, Canada 2018-10-04
Nicole Mitchell Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-04
Name Location Date
Geoffery Barry Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-04
Alexia Herbert Hearst, Canada 2018-10-04
Wally Hull Fort Wayne, Indiana, US 2018-10-04
Steven Strom Nelson, Canada 2018-10-05
Denis Laurin Etobicoke, Canada 2018-10-05
Michael Barry Carleton Place, Canada 2018-10-05
Matt Moore Toronto, Canada 2018-10-05
Mike Byrnes Capreol, Canada 2018-10-05
Rosalie Boucher Hearst, Canada 2018-10-05
Howie Wilcox Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-05
Angie Williams Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-10-05
Suzanne Weiss Haileybury, Canada 2018-10-05
Murray MacLaren K0A2P0, Canada 2018-10-05
Jocelyne Rivard Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-05
Luce Noel Waterloo, Canada 2018-10-05
Sean McElhanney Whitby, Canada 2018-10-05
Edith Strong thunder bay, Canada 2018-10-05
John Hill Vancouver, Canada 2018-10-05
Carol Leigh Wehking Toronto, Canada 2018-10-05
Chris Clements Kingston, Canada 2018-10-05
Tanya Maki Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-05
Gail Levesque Chelmsford Ont., Canada 2018-10-05
Name Location Date
Julie Miller Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-05
Leona Lachinette Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-05
John Meekis Red Lake, Canada 2018-10-05
Suzanne michaud Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-05
Paul Latimer Toronto, Canada 2018-10-05
Cindy Boyd North York, Canada 2018-10-05
Anira Lawson Kenora, Canada 2018-10-05
Muriel Schintz Marathon, Canada 2018-10-05
Lillian O’Neill Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-05
Elyse Mussell Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-05
Percy Demers Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-05
tom rusard Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-05
Lise Jacques Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-10-06
Edith Benoit North Bay, Canada 2018-10-06
Molly Ross Marathon Ontario, Canada 2018-10-06
Nancy Turnbough Arlington, Texas, US 2018-10-06
isobel walls North Bay, Canada 2018-10-06
Linda Horan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-06
Walter Perry Montreal, Canada 2018-10-06
Sue Whittle Marathon, Canada 2018-10-06
Steven Loach Kenabeek, Canada 2018-10-06
Chad Hayes Kitchener, Canada 2018-10-06
Name Location Date
Lisa Potec Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-06
Pamela Perkins Peterborough, Canada 2018-10-06
Fran Levesque Richmond Hill, Canada 2018-10-06
Heather McDonald London, Canada 2018-10-06
Cliff Curry Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-06
James Noble Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-06
Daniel Coutu Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-06
Naveen Babu Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-06
Jean LePrieur Rose Canada 2018-10-06
Lisette Belair Marathon, Canada 2018-10-06
Franco Guescini Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-06
Emily Thibodeau Hearst, Canada 2018-10-06
Scott Gibbons Thompson, MB, Canada 2018-10-06
Gilles Charron Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-06
michael Melanson Marathon, Canada 2018-10-06
Pamela Morel Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-06
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada 2018-10-06
Carol Mascardelli London, Canada 2018-10-06
norma gresham marathon ontario, Canada 2018-10-06
Eldonna Waddell Canada 2018-10-06
Denise Ruedl Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-06
Barbara Da Dalt Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-06
Name Location Date
Latour. Barb barblatour123@gmail.com
North Bay, Canada 2018-10-06
J Wilcocks Perth, Canada 2018-10-06
Tracy Johnson Windsor, Canada 2018-10-06
Debbie Strom Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-06
Peter Åsman Timmins, Canada 2018-10-06
Judy Hoover North Bay, Canada 2018-10-06
Andrea Frost Bruce Mines Ontario, Canada 2018-10-06
Carrie-Ann Larocque Marathon, Canada 2018-10-06
Leslie Henry Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-06
Kellee Taavel Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-07
julia taavel Canada 2018-10-07
Cheryl Ivany Marathon, Canada 2018-10-07
Nick Paternoster Marathon, Canada 2018-10-07
Sandra Grew Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-07
Elfie GAgne Inuvik, Canada 2018-10-07
Mary Hunter Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-07
Pat Larose Stettler, Canada 2018-10-07
Bunny Hudye-Hoover Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-07
Erika Furney Welland, Canada 2018-10-07
Janet Candido Toronto, Canada 2018-10-07
Brenda Scornaiencki Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-07
Name Location Date
Debra DaDalt Kingston, Canada 2018-10-07
Elaura Turpin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-07
Micheline Joanis Canada 2018-10-07
Daniel Walton US 2018-10-07
Brenda Rodgers Larder Lake, Canada 2018-10-07
Mackenzie Hutching's Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-07
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Zachary Smith Canada 2018-10-07
Lorna Zamora US 2018-10-07
joseph belanger-barnes Bracebridge, Canada 2018-10-08
John Kueppers Canada 2018-10-08
Madison Coutu Canada 2018-10-08
Annik Aubin Timmins, Canada 2018-10-08
Donna Price Shuniah, Canada 2018-10-08
Name Location Date
Bonnie Joseph sault ste marie ontario, Canada 2018-10-08
Beverley Carson-Bader Marathon, Canada 2018-10-08
Al Bader Marathon, Canada 2018-10-08
Trevor Gosling marathon, Canada 2018-10-08
jennie marrero US 2018-10-08
Daniel Hernandez Guadalajara, Mexico 2018-10-08
Denelle Campbell Canada 2018-10-08
Megan Bulger Nepean, Canada 2018-10-08
Jean-michel Morin Temiscaming, Canada 2018-10-08
Brooke Snow Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-08
Chantal Gingras Marathon, Canada 2018-10-08
Joanne Ouellette Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-08
Carol Fayle Shuniah, Canada 2018-10-08
Kelsey Nash-Solomon Kingsclear, Canada 2018-10-08
Deanna ONeill Portage la Prairie, Canada 2018-10-08
Ben Brazuli Canada 2018-10-08
Braeden Plemel Red Rock, Canada 2018-10-08
Teresa Ouellette Saint Thomas, Canada 2018-10-08
Patricia Reuter Rosemere, Canada 2018-10-08
Angela Bombay Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-08
Julian Underwood Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-08
Katie Mosher-Nicholls Canada 2018-10-08
Name Location Date
Brandon Chartrand Gatineau, Canada 2018-10-08
Elaine Wilson RR2 Grand Bend, Canada 2018-10-08
Rosane Stang Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-08
David Kanzeg Strongsville, Ohio, US 2018-10-08
Noah Cook Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-08
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Reg Learn Lindsay, Canada 2018-10-08
Fabrizio Santoro Verona, Italy 2018-10-08
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Norm Payeur Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-08
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Fran Bujold Timmins, Canada 2018-10-09
Name Location Date
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Harry Gow Sorel, Canada 2018-10-09
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Sherry Brust Canada 2018-10-09
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Daniel Perri Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-09
vionne younge Muscatine, Iowa, US 2018-10-09
robert riendeau Canada 2018-10-09
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brian laviolette Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-09
Angela Newman Canada 2018-10-09
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Lilita Boden Canada 2018-10-09
Joelle Constantin Marathon, Canada 2018-10-09
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Pamela Funk Canada 2018-10-09
Richard Brearley Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-09
Johnny Voulgaris Canada 2018-10-09
duncan ward Canada 2018-10-10
Diane Richmond Marathon, Canada 2018-10-10
Margie Giesbrecht Canada 2018-10-10
serge querry Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-10
Maria Hassan Nipigon, Canada 2018-10-10
Dana Rodger Marathon, Canada 2018-10-10
Chris Socchia Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-10
Amiyele Guetitc Canada 2018-10-10
Name Location Date
Nancy Lemay Montréal, Canada 2018-10-10
Lorrie Breese Canada 2018-10-10
Justin Moyou Canada 2018-10-10
MS. RHEA J. ZANIN Canada 2018-10-10
Darlene Smith Chatham-Kent, Canada 2018-10-10
Rose Tomlinson White River, Canada 2018-10-10
Abigale Crisp Canada 2018-10-10
Lawson Gibson Canada 2018-10-10
Jamie Hicks Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-10
Ligma Balls Canada 2018-10-10
True Luv US 2018-10-10
Linda Godal Canada 2018-10-10
rachael h Canada 2018-10-10
Sue Witte US 2018-10-10
Diego gaeta US 2018-10-10
Mitchell Dobrzanski Canada 2018-10-10
Wendy Honey Canada 2018-10-10
Jean Walsh Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-10-10
Noah Lafontaine Canada 2018-10-10
Mitchel Hatton Marathon, Canada 2018-10-10
William Harvey Kilworthy, Canada 2018-10-10
Saira Asim Canada 2018-10-11
Name Location Date
Jim Cherwonick Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-11
Gordon McOuat Toronto, Canada 2018-10-11
Nanci Harvey Collingwood, Canada 2018-10-11
Laura Tailleur Canada 2018-10-11
Dayton mccarville Canada 2018-10-11
Sandberg Clinton US 2018-10-11
Hazel Clare Kilworthy, Canada 2018-10-11
RedTitan yeet Canada 2018-10-11
Robinson Richard Kilworthy, Canada 2018-10-11
Bailey Angell US 2018-10-11
Kaylea Smith US 2018-10-11
Margaret Whited Fremont, Ohio, US 2018-10-11
Karen Frost Ottawa, California, US 2018-10-11
Claudette Margison Canada 2018-10-11
linda landaverde US 2018-10-11
Sean Clare Timmins, Canada 2018-10-11
Tyler B US 2018-10-11
Sharon Harman Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-11
Barbara Weeks Marathon, Canada 2018-10-11
Francine Ladouceur Cochrane ont, Canada 2018-10-11
Betty Bies Orillia on., Canada 2018-10-11
Wade Heedram Barrie, Canada 2018-10-11
Name Location Date
Lucie Genier Cochrane, Canada 2018-10-11
Casey Soble Canada 2018-10-11
Jesse Pace Canada 2018-10-11
Billie Payne Ontario, Canada 2018-10-11
Sharon Peters Canada 2018-10-11
LUELLA GOODWIN Victoria, Canada 2018-10-11
Dawn Tardy Edmonton, Canada 2018-10-11
Joeb Webber Grafton, West Virginia, US 2018-10-11
Ethel Kaludjer Windsor, Canada 2018-10-11
Gordon Warnick Kenora, Canada 2018-10-11
Helen Buckingham Omemee, Canada 2018-10-11
Jane Reid Don Mills, Canada 2018-10-11
Terry Sr. Canada 2018-10-11
Karen Douglas Levack, Canada 2018-10-11
Susan DUVALL Goderich, Canada 2018-10-11
Richard Ziegler Hamilton, Canada 2018-10-11
Dale Phillips St. John's, Canada 2018-10-11
Dave D. uxbridge, Canada 2018-10-11
Des Julian Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-11
Jerry Riddell St.-Charles, Canada 2018-10-12
Debby M.A Burrows Belleville, Canada 2018-10-12
Fran Selinger Welland, Canada 2018-10-12
Name Location Date
Brenda Morrison Harriston, Canada 2018-10-12
Elaine Brown Strathroy, Canada 2018-10-12
Judy Osadec Hurkett, Canada 2018-10-12
Suzanne Groves Marathon, Canada 2018-10-12
Robin Hamlin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-12
Suzanne Peck Newmarket, Canada 2018-10-12
Anwer Ali Karachi, Pakistan 2018-10-12
betty snell new liskeard, Canada 2018-10-12
Maggie Dunn Clarence-Rockland, Canada 2018-10-12
Hugh Cupido Edmonton, Canada 2018-10-12
daniela cipriano Vaughan, Canada 2018-10-12
Keitha Hissa Highland Grove, Canada 2018-10-12
diane parent South Lancaster, Canada 2018-10-12
George Martin North Bay, Canada 2018-10-12
Doug Cockburn Chelmsford, Canada 2018-10-12
Donald MacDonald Timmins, Canada 2018-10-12
Jeanette Pilcher Minden, Canada 2018-10-12
Joanne Blais Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-12
Russell Dunne Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-12
Ray Shaw Port McNicoll, Canada 2018-10-12
Angela Campbell Sturgeon falls, Canada 2018-10-12
Terry Douglas Hanmer, Canada 2018-10-12
Name Location Date
Ryan Penton Toronto, Canada 2018-10-12
Marty Phillion Smiths Falls, Canada 2018-10-12
Michael McIntosh Nobel, Canada 2018-10-12
Shelley Audette Dubreuilville ,Ontario, Canada 2018-10-12
Lorraine (Ouellette) Wysynski Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-12
Sheila Bliesath Wawa, Canada 2018-10-12
KEN HASKELL NIPIGON, Canada 2018-10-12
John Szewczyk Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-12
heather hillie new liskeard, Canada 2018-10-12
angela sayer kirkland lake, Canada 2018-10-12
Deborah Tisdale New Liskeard, Canada 2018-10-12
Peter Symes Winchmore Hill, UK 2018-10-12
Christine Poitras Noelville, Canada 2018-10-12
Pamela Massey Crystal Beach, ON, Canada 2018-10-12
_ Aveyonn _ Canada 2018-10-12
Bill Ackford Camb., Canada 2018-10-12
Colleen J Volpel Grimsby, Canada 2018-10-12
Karen McArthur Orono, Canada 2018-10-13
Tom Vincze Bobcaygeon, Canada 2018-10-13
Louise Lagace Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-13
Mike Matthews Smith Falls, Canada 2018-10-13
Lisa sutherlamd Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-13
Name Location Date
steve daynard Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-13
Donn Bowles US 2018-10-13
Roger Thibodeau Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-13
Jude Levesque Montréal, Canada 2018-10-13
Tim Clement Saskatoon, Canada 2018-10-13
donna griffin ilderton, Canada 2018-10-13
Cheryl Kwissiwa Mobert, Canada 2018-10-13
Kristina Volkmar Canada 2018-10-13
Phyllis Bennett Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-13
bradley starr heron bay, Canada 2018-10-13
richard bigras sturgeon falls,ontario, Canada 2018-10-13
Collette Aubin Winning Manitoba, Canada 2018-10-13
Lyssa Campbell Hamilton, Canada 2018-10-13
julie metcalfe Canada 2018-10-13
jerry andre Heron Bay, Canada 2018-10-13
Mervin Lewis Minneapolis, Minnesota, US 2018-10-13
Callie Pacas US 2018-10-14
Gerald Shaganash Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-14
Bryson Stover Canada 2018-10-14
Nicole Wasberg Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-14
Joan Klatt Canada 2018-10-14
David Crawford North York, Canada 2018-10-15
Name Location Date
Tammy Nutbrown Marathon, Canada 2018-10-15
Peter Christianson Heron Bay, Canada 2018-10-15
Keith Stone Marathon, Canada 2018-10-15
Cliff Huber Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-15
Lisa Morley Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-15
Terry Thomson Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-15
Bev Eade Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-15
Julie Rosenthal Murillo, Canada 2018-10-15
ayla Ludwig Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-15
Karen Rosenthal Toronto, Canada 2018-10-16
Lindsey Lotas Gorham, Canada 2018-10-16
Trilby Kozak Lethbridge, Canada 2018-10-16
Amanda MacIvor Carleton Place, Canada 2018-10-16
Devin Costa Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-16
Pierre Germain Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-16
Marci Nance American Canyon, California, US 2018-10-16
Graham Stuart Canada 2018-10-16
Tabitha Woodcock Wasaga Beach, Canada 2018-10-16
Carly Hanson US 2018-10-16
theresa burk marathon, Canada 2018-10-16
Pat Hackl Shebandowan, Canada 2018-10-16
Kim Mozell Canada 2018-10-16
Name Location Date
Mark Bryan Punta Gorda, Florida, US 2018-10-16
Michael Miller Hamburg, Pennsylvania, US 2018-10-16
susan visser Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-16
Marlene Heitland Vancouver, Canada 2018-10-16
David/Joyce Baxter Canada 2018-10-16
Hope Lemay Canada 2018-10-16
Gail Bouchard Canada 2018-10-16
Nathalie Munro Canada 2018-10-16
Sarah Brown Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-17
Emma Carpenter US 2018-10-17
Jerome McCann US 2018-10-17
Ellen Power Canada 2018-10-17
Debbie Drumm Canada 2018-10-17
Patrick Markowski Windsor, Canada 2018-10-17
Victoria Williston Canada 2018-10-17
Connor Baugh US 2018-10-17
Kathryn Hantjis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-17
Brenda Gamache Canada 2018-10-17
Heather Carlson Canada 2018-10-17
emma varley US 2018-10-17
Robin Abbott Canada 2018-10-17
Ciaran Carson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-17
Name Location Date
Jonathan Olfert Canada 2018-10-18
Klara Sundin Stockholm, Sweden 2018-10-18
Gail Brown Puslinch, Canada 2018-10-18
Lynn Landry-Rody Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-19
Carl Kohls Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada 2018-10-19
Patrick Hickey Codrington, Canada 2018-10-19
Darryl Murray Thunderbay, Canada 2018-10-19
alice herculson Sylvan Lake AB, Canada 2018-10-19
Robert Isleifson Brandon, Canada 2018-10-19
puneet Singh Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-19
John J Redmond Mount Pearl, Canada 2018-10-19
Tara O'Brien-Chabot Thunder Bay ON, Canada 2018-10-20
Robert Lorkowski Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-20
Jeff Schelling Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-20
Lily Ciddio Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-20
Lorna Ormerod sault ste marie ontario, Canada 2018-10-20
ERVIN CHOQUETTE Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-20
Jody Vaillant Burnaby, Canada 2018-10-20
Tahl Mcquillan Labrador City, Canada 2018-10-20
Denyse Johnson Swift Current, Canada 2018-10-20
Betty Lacosse Toronto, Canada 2018-10-20
Dennis Howarth Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-20
Name Location Date
Paulette Landry Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-20
Dylan Cataldo Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-20
Michelle Cataldo Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-20
JAY Michano Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-20
lisa hilderley Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-20
Debbie Beaven Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-20
Mary Ludwig Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-21
Maryanne Carroll Sioux Lookout, Canada 2018-10-21
Jim Boyer Batchewana first nation, Canada 2018-10-21
Marnie Barnes sault ste Marie, Canada 2018-10-21
Gary Baillod Traverse City, Michigan, US 2018-10-21
Mary O’Brien Oakville, Canada 2018-10-21
Vickie Martin Houma, Louisiana, US 2018-10-21
Therese Cerutti Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-21
Trusha Sojitra Canada 2018-10-21
Tyler Hayes US 2018-10-21
Kim Rathwell Mississauga, Canada 2018-10-21
Alexandre Morin Canada 2018-10-21
Lance Crowe Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-22
Nisa Ahmed Canada 2018-10-22
andres venegas el paso, Texas, US 2018-10-22
Eladia Krause US 2018-10-23
Name Location Date
Lauryn Graham Toronto, Canada 2018-10-23
Andrew Rankin Canada 2018-10-23
Adrian Fung Canada 2018-10-23
Louise Chartier Brantford, Canada 2018-10-24
mary hambley north bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Laura Twance Heron Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Dorothy Schrader Collingwood, Canada 2018-10-24
Bob Graham Saint Albert, Canada 2018-10-24
Cathy Demers North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Bill Palangio Grimsby, Canada 2018-10-24
Cheryl Adams Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Len Puukila Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Cheryl Servage Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-24
Pat Boucher Chapleau, Canada 2018-10-24
maynard johnston Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Jean Rivet Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-24
Sean Winter Marathon, Canada 2018-10-24
Bruce Sells ValGagne, Canada 2018-10-24
Fabienne Malenfant Laval, Canada 2018-10-24
Barb Winmill Foleyet, Canada 2018-10-24
dan chartrand Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
cherie mitchell hanmer, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
David Speller Montreal, Canada 2018-10-24
Wally Cheppenko Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Bryant Robinson Gananoque Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
Dorothy Rogers Timmins, Canada 2018-10-24
craig mccoleman chapleau,on, Canada 2018-10-24
scott dzyngel White River, Canada 2018-10-24
Harry Ehlebracht Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Tiffany Cote White River, Canada 2018-10-24
Rhonda Beauvais Canada 2018-10-24
Kyle Durston Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Norm Sponchia Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Lawrence Parent Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
John Kruithof Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-24
Brett MacMurphy Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-24
Donald Roffey Arnprior , On, Canada 2018-10-24
Evelyn Landry Windsor, Canada 2018-10-24
Allison Hauser London, Canada 2018-10-24
Jean Boston McCluskie Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-24
Lise Larocque Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-10-24
Brian Conley Schumacher, Canada 2018-10-24
Jana Hryhorka Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Elizabeth MacKay Atikokan Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
Sebastien DuGuay Timmins, Canada 2018-10-24
Donna Therrien Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Sylvie Valliere Timmins, Canada 2018-10-24
Tammy Megginson North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Frank De Simon Sault Ste. Marie ON, Canada 2018-10-24
Anna Lindner New Liskeard, Canada 2018-10-24
Doriane Jones Chapleau, Canada 2018-10-24
Catheren Fortune White River, Canada 2018-10-24
Felicia Robinson Burlington ON, Canada 2018-10-24
Estelle Roy-Lafontaine Timmins, ON, Canada 2018-10-24
Gerri Turner Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Denise Casey Dubreuilville, Canada 2018-10-24
Eric Belanger Hearst, Canada 2018-10-24
Katrina Radassao Red Rock, Canada 2018-10-24
Cynthia McDonagh Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Eva Eusebi Eusebi Stratford, Canada 2018-10-24
Johanne Mitron White River, Canada 2018-10-24
Paul Arney Canada 2018-10-24
Thunder Russ Canada 2018-10-24
Maggie Plaunt Bracebridge, Canada 2018-10-24
Helen Wilkinson Hamilton, Canada 2018-10-24
Aleaxandra Ostamus Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
nadia fortin Chapleau, Canada 2018-10-24
Mike Gratton Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
Natosha Roberts Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
Margaret Levesque Montréal, Canada 2018-10-24
Cheryl Clayton North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Ingrid Fournier Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
John Duffenais South Porcupine, Canada 2018-10-24
Diane Poulin Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-10-24
Kylie Swan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Peter Hildebrandt Longlac, Canada 2018-10-24
Courtney beerthuizen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Elizabeth Adams Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
Jane Rohl Airdrie, Canada 2018-10-24
David Delderfield Montreal, Canada 2018-10-24
Tanya Lederer Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
Cullen Elwell Tewksbury, Massachusetts, US 2018-10-24
René Nadeau Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
Tammy Perritt Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-24
Don Kress Glenville, Pennsylvania, US 2018-10-24
Evelyn Smith Canada 2018-10-24
Dona Nystrom Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
John Newstead Sundridge, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
Susan King Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Shirley Warren Canada 2018-10-24
Sylvain Tanguay Val Rita, Canada 2018-10-24
Mary Crooks Victoria. BC, Canada 2018-10-24
Melanie Emmerson Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-10-24
Marielle Levasseur Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-10-24
David Lalonde Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
k hollingshead Owen Sound, Canada 2018-10-24
sheila krahn IGNACE, Canada 2018-10-24
Lois Maunsell North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Norman Lockman Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Jennifer Savela Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
tyler curtis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
James Pedersen Thuneer bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Patricia Dinnes North Bay,, Canada 2018-10-24
Diane Thibault Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
Nicole Bzdell Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
Anne Vaillancourt West Nipissing, Canada 2018-10-24
Barbara King Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
Melanie Zawerucha London, Canada 2018-10-24
Petrina Taylor-Hertzpt Canada 2018-10-24
Ryan Baillargeon Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
Car Groves Cannington, Canada 2018-10-24
Jeannine Tanguay Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-24
Bob Kemp Tampa, Florida, US 2018-10-24
Mona Desforges Red Lake, Canada 2018-10-24
Stuart Rankin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Jocelyne Desrochers Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Sherry Stewart Bancroft, Canada 2018-10-24
Jayme Payge Canada 2018-10-24
Anne Seeley Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Gary Auger Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Mary Tumbach Canada 2018-10-24
Lynn McGrath Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
laura neddow Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-24
Andrea Robinson Waterloo, Canada 2018-10-24
Frances Russell Geraldton, Canada 2018-10-24
Louis Kotlarek Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Tracy Van Norman Strathmore, Canada 2018-10-24
Chantelle Walmsley London, Canada 2018-10-24
Peter Ohlhoff Saint Catharines, Canada 2018-10-24
Darleen smith Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-10-24
Adam Boczek Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Richard Auger Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
Sabrina Danuk Kreiner Wiarton, Canada 2018-10-24
Stewart Roberts Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Liz Kirke Petawawa, Canada 2018-10-24
Rick Burnell Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Daniel Boucher Tottenham, Canada 2018-10-24
Ernie Lewis US 2018-10-24
Kristina Selbie Timmins, Canada 2018-10-24
Will Trembley Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Tonia Brown Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-24
Linda Baziuk Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-24
Barbara Van Norman Belle River, Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
Joseph Jannuzzi Portland, Oregon, US 2018-10-24
Sierra bellefeuille-playford London, Canada 2018-10-24
Esther Ludgate Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
Kathy Christiansen Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2018-10-24
Rosie Kathy Szentirmai Italy 2018-10-24
Pat Hart Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-10-24
Linda Drouillard Windsor, Canada 2018-10-24
Doig Burton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
B Pesola Dryden, Canada 2018-10-24
Jo-Anne Tait Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Justin Migliazza Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
christmas norris Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Denise Viau Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Cloudia LePrieur Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Marlene Verburg Welland, Canada 2018-10-24
Susan Button Dorion, Canada 2018-10-24
Kelsie Demontigny Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Jamie Chiasson Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
Tony Alexander Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-24
Owen Mccullough Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Beth Scott TERRACE BAY, Canada 2018-10-24
Mildred Aspegren Sault St. Marie, Canada 2018-10-24
Carol DAngelis Seattle, Washington, US 2018-10-24
Suzy Hager Calgary, Canada 2018-10-24
Sebastian Leszczynski Mulmur, Canada 2018-10-24
anna christie Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-24
Helen Zawacki Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Susan Wagenhals Buffalo, Minnesota, US 2018-10-24
Michelle Giroux-Scott Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
Brandon parsons Marathon, Canada 2018-10-24
Carolyne Phillips Vaughan, Canada 2018-10-24
Ken Boychuk Marathon, Canada 2018-10-24
Thérèse Gendron Belleville, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
Lavinea Hancock IGNACE, Canada 2018-10-24
Gail Lewis Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-24
RUBY chester Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Lori Levesque Dryden, Canada 2018-10-24
Deborah Labdry Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-24
Laurs Patten Amherstburg, Canada 2018-10-24
Laura Leblanc Cambridge, Canada 2018-10-24
David Dunkley North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Devin Cherneske Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
cindy fluet Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Elgin Snider Dryden, Canada 2018-10-24
Donna Visneski Mont-royal, Canada 2018-10-24
Barbara Woolner Ignace. Ontario, Canada 2018-10-24
Betty St.Amand IGNACE ONTARIO, Canada 2018-10-24
PelletierLucie Pelletier Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-24
Pauline Von Rhedey Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
SANDRA BIGGER Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada 2018-10-24
Lloyd Clayton Brockville, Canada 2018-10-24
Trudy Stroupe Toronto, Ohio, US 2018-10-24
Keenan Hutka Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Mary Lou Black Valleyfield, Canada 2018-10-24
Leslie King North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
Suzanne Guerra Gatineau, Canada 2018-10-24
Katie Efthymiou Montréal, Canada 2018-10-24
beth mouratidis barrie, Canada 2018-10-24
Barbara Eifler North Vancouver, Canada 2018-10-24
Ken Waller North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Shannon Mirray Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-24
Eric Christiansen Sault Ste Marie On, Canada 2018-10-24
Teresa Bagyan Newburgh, Ont. formerly from Larder Lake., Canada
Tuesday St. Amand Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
Loralee Aldercotte Morin-heights, Canada 2018-10-24
Kristin Osiecki Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-24
Heather Murray Timmins, Canada 2018-10-24
penelope spragg Ignace on, Canada 2018-10-24
Ralph Ohlhoff Dundas, Canada 2018-10-24
bryan Morgan Haileybury, Canada 2018-10-24
Lovato Fred Naha, Japan 2018-10-24
Bruce Danuk Valley East, Canada 2018-10-24
David scarcello Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Darlene Lewis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
sarah leprieur Marathon, Canada 2018-10-24
Nicole Mark Montréal, Canada 2018-10-24
Name Location Date
William Terrick Dowling, Canada 2018-10-24
Jodi Robinson Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-24
Natalie Lelievre Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Caitlin Robillard Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24
Daniel Bortolussi Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Margaret's Carter Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24
Gail Byberg Brampton, Canada 2018-10-24
Sam B Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-24
Natacha Lelievre White River, Canada 2018-10-24
April Gregory Welland, Canada 2018-10-25
mike Terrick sudbury, Canada 2018-10-25
Diane Langevin Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-25
Donovon Lelievre Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Craig Latta Saint-félicien, Canada 2018-10-25
Amanda Robinson Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-25
Natalie Gagnon Toronto, Canada 2018-10-25
Terry Cole Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Henryk Marcinkowski Milton, Canada 2018-10-25
Carmela Sheehan Courtice, Canada 2018-10-25
Dawn Runesson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Tara Terrick Saint Catharines, Canada 2018-10-25
Roger Langevin Noranda, Canada 2018-10-25
Name Location Date
Ron Lapointe Timmins, Canada 2018-10-25
Tiziana Pauluzzo Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Annie Bobyk Quesnel, Canada 2018-10-25
Doris Therrien Woodbridge, Canada 2018-10-25
Jennifer Fleurent Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-25
Sinclair Williams Kashechewan, Canada 2018-10-25
Rick Chevrier Marathon, Canada 2018-10-25
Todd Moore Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Madison Giasson Val-Rita, Canada 2018-10-25
Bryan Robinson Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-25
Kimberly Hertz Swift Current, Canada 2018-10-25
Hugette Caron Canada 2018-10-25
Paul Chartrand Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-25
Earl Knipple Manitouwadge, ON, Canada 2018-10-25
Martine Gauthier Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Simone Remers Remscheid, Germany 2018-10-25
Claudia McNabb Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Paul Conroy Guelph, Canada 2018-10-25
Caroline Duguay Timmins, Canada 2018-10-25
Ashleigh Phillips Val-rita, Canada 2018-10-25
Becky Deforge Timmins, Canada 2018-10-25
Luke Etherington South Porcupine, Canada 2018-10-25
Name Location Date
lynzie major marathon, Canada 2018-10-25
Gord McRobie Chicago, Illinois, US 2018-10-25
Warren Pearen Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
kim krause schreiber, Canada 2018-10-25
Marina du Toit Cape Town, South Africa 2018-10-25
Krystal Baoonon Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Laura Hazlitt Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-25
lorraine johnson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Stella Pichette Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-25
Julie Morrison Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-25
Jean Ann Robinson Hanoi, Canada 2018-10-25
Chantal Lelievre Cobourg, Canada 2018-10-25
pamela lambe Goulais river, Canada 2018-10-25
Sareesh Kunjappan Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Matthieu Villeneuve Timmins, Canada 2018-10-25
william focht ignace, Canada 2018-10-25
Evelyn Skunk Pickle Lake, Canada 2018-10-25
Donna Perreault perreault st charles, Canada 2018-10-25
Pat Leadbeater wHITE rIVER, Canada 2018-10-25
Charles Laforge Erin, Canada 2018-10-25
carole ferland Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-25
Carol Clements Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-25
Name Location Date
Phillip Irving Burlington, Canada 2018-10-25
Sonya Colucci Canada 2018-10-25
Joan Wilson Canada 2018-10-25
Andre Cote Sainte-marie, Canada 2018-10-25
ethan syslak Canada 2018-10-25
Don legault Toronto, Canada 2018-10-25
Nicole Rukavina Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-10-25
Jeffrey Streck US 2018-10-25
Bev Kilgour Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-25
mary white renton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-26
JIAN ZHANG marathon, Canada 2018-10-26
Claire Therrien Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-26
Diane Gendron Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-10-26
Silvana Huckson Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-26
Christine Endres Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-26
jackie jeffery Jeffery Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-10-26
Vicky Evans Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-26
Robert DeBellefeuille Cornwall, Canada 2018-10-26
Allan Fournier Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-26
arlene mccorry Marathon, Canada 2018-10-26
Charles Pinnell Cobourg, Canada 2018-10-26
Brenda Walsh Gorham, Canada 2018-10-26
Name Location Date
rick kuzma Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-26
Tammy Chalat Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-26
Wouldn't u like to know Hello Thunder bay district, Canada 2018-10-26
Jeannine Bourgelas Val Rita, Canada 2018-10-26
Randy Bolan Toronto, Canada 2018-10-26
Jeff Leask Sault ste marie, Canada 2018-10-26
Brenda St-Aubin Hearst, Canada 2018-10-26
Gordon Gilbart Ignace, Canada 2018-10-26
Corinne Steininger Calgary, Canada 2018-10-26
kathleen vanderlinden Canada 2018-10-26
nivea esparza Fairplay, Colorado, US 2018-10-26
Jill Whitelaw Canada 2018-10-26
Mike O'Keefe Canada 2018-10-26
Parynaz Mohebzadeh Canada 2018-10-26
Wendy Eadie Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-10-27
Scott DeVries Trail, Oregon, US 2018-10-27
Nancy Simmons Hearst, Canada 2018-10-27
Robeena Khan Canada 2018-10-27
Suzanne Golden Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-27
Timothy Irish Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-27
Alan Benton Tillsonburg, Canada 2018-10-27
Larissa Satten Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-27
Name Location Date
Allan Kowan Pickering, Canada 2018-10-27
Donna Diva Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-10-27
Tiffany Keating Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-27
Victor Grigorian Kitchener, Canada 2018-10-27
Leo Revzin Toronto, Canada 2018-10-28
Chelsi Bridgewater US 2018-10-28
Corinne Vortsman Canada 2018-10-28
richie law Scarborough, Canada 2018-10-28
Doris Charpentier Lavergne Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-28
Solange Mondor Chapleau, Canada 2018-10-28
B Haywood Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-10-29
Pauline Guindon Hearst, Canada 2018-10-29
Yvan Tremblay Val des Bois, Qc, Canada 2018-10-29
Bertrand Fortin Granby, Canada 2018-10-29
Julie Lemieux Timmins, Canada 2018-10-30
Shirley Stopyra Marathon, Canada 2018-10-30
Terry C Mississauga, Canada 2018-10-31
Donna Stone Marathon, Canada 2018-10-31
sandra Brooks Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-10-31
Dean Spencer Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-10-31
Guylene Theberge Dundas, Canada 2018-10-31
Ivy Strom Goulais River, Canada 2018-11-01
Name Location Date
Anita Desmoulin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-01
Pamela Goretzki Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-01
Patricia Hodgson Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-11-01
Jason Bennett Kenora, Canada 2018-11-01
Tyler Kisch White River, Canada 2018-11-02
Samantha LaBelle Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-02
Chantal Lavoie Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-02
Dominique Lafrance Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-02
RJ Major Marathon, Canada 2018-11-02
Devan Lavallee White River, Canada 2018-11-02
Matthew Wilson Erin, Canada 2018-11-02
Stephanie McAlister Toronto, Canada 2018-11-02
Chris Sato Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-02
Diane Lafrance Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-02
Jennifer Hansen-Pinion Marathon, Canada 2018-11-02
Michel Begin Marathon, Canada 2018-11-02
Sally Ten Hoeve Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-02
Beau Vidal White River, Canada 2018-11-02
kathy taylor Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-02
angie duguay geraldton, Canada 2018-11-03
Carey Mossman Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-03
Nellie Mitchell chapleau, Canada 2018-11-03
Name Location Date
Louise Henderson Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-03
Joslin Boissoneau Canada 2018-11-03
Sarah Drouin Toronto, Canada 2018-11-03
Tammy Ferreira Hamilton, Canada 2018-11-03
Shirley Goheen Chapleau Ontario, Canada 2018-11-03
Sirpa Huhta Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-03
Barbara Day Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-03
Laura Corbiere Vienna, Canada 2018-11-03
Lorraine Measor Moonbeam Ontario, Canada 2018-11-03
colette cantin Warreb, Canada 2018-11-03
Frances Koning Jellicoe, Canada 2018-11-03
Ruth Fisher Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-03
larry knott Bracebridge, Canada 2018-11-03
Tasha Simmons North Bay, Canada 2018-11-03
Gary Bevilacqua Dryden, Canada 2018-11-03
Joe Knott Kitchener, Canada 2018-11-03
John Brewer Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-03
Carol Rochon Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-03
Kelly Adams Kitchener, Canada 2018-11-03
Joyce Lanigan Canada 2018-11-03
Carla Danard Atikokan, Canada 2018-11-03
Trudy LePage Latchford, Canada 2018-11-03
Name Location Date
Karen LePage New Liskeard, Canada 2018-11-03
Shelley Wyatt Orillia, Canada 2018-11-03
Gilles Mathieu Timmins, Canada 2018-11-03
Bob Mcartney Cobalt ON, Canada 2018-11-03
Denis Becker Nipigon, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-03
Karleen Keith Red Rock, Canada 2018-11-03
Sharlene Lance Windsor, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-03
Margaret Kiemele Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-11-03
Carolyne Jamieson Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Canada 2018-11-03
Doug Middaugh Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-04
Arlene Wawia Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-04
Sandra Hastie-Black Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Marla King Dawson Creek, Canada 2018-11-04
Andy Atloookan Aroland Ont, Canada 2018-11-04
paul levasseur hearst on., Canada 2018-11-04
Anne Ouellette Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-04
Maxine Wahl Etobicoke, Canada 2018-11-04
Jim Forbes Hilton Beach, Canada 2018-11-04
Colleen Halcro Fort Mcmurray, Canada 2018-11-04
dana velgado Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
raymond CYR iroqois falls a, Canada 2018-11-04
Lynne Richardson Timmins, Canada 2018-11-04
Name Location Date
Marlo Sarrasin Langley, Canada 2018-11-04
Marilyn Steinberg Wawa, Canada 2018-11-04
Georgina Shubrook Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-04
Ray Picard South Porcupine, Canada 2018-11-04
William Andruniak Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-04
chantal vieno Timmins, Canada 2018-11-04
Barbara Landry Canada 2018-11-04
Jocelyne Grenier Lachine, Canada 2018-11-04
Claire Boudreau Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-04
Jeannine Lavoie Toronto, Canada 2018-11-04
Tarja Berthelot Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-04
Katie Brice Newmarket, Canada 2018-11-04
Emilie Clatworthy Kapuskasing ontario, Canada 2018-11-04
Patricia Stoyka Toronto, Canada 2018-11-04
Jacqueline Broderick Toronto, Canada 2018-11-04
Molly Taylor Hamilton, Canada 2018-11-04
Patrick Morissette Haileybury, Canada 2018-11-04
Wallace Cooper Canada 2018-11-04
Christine Parise Wawa, Canada 2018-11-04
Aleksey Bedenko Philadelphia, US 2018-11-04
Ryan Cory Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
gilles bouchard Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-04
Name Location Date
Anne Marie Gionet Hanmer, Canada 2018-11-04
Carl Salmon Salmon Orleans, Canada 2018-11-04
Jennifer Ormston Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-04
Jenny Gorges Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-04
Ginette Forgues Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-04
Ruth Nenonen Porcupine, Canada 2018-11-04
Gisele Depatie Azilda, Canada 2018-11-04
Carol Robillard Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-04
Alice Whiting Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-04
denise landry Lively, Canada 2018-11-04
Charlene Schintz Marathon, Canada 2018-11-04
Abhishek Bhardwaj Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Micheline Daigle Daigle Timmins, Canada 2018-11-04
Debra Young North Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Michele Timms Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-04
Linda Williams Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Walter Mccarl Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-04
karen Annett chelmsford, Canada 2018-11-04
Mariann Madge Schreiber, Canada 2018-11-04
Shannon Milley Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
jennifer wesley Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-04
Gaëtane Côté Normétal, Canada 2018-11-04
Name Location Date
Sandra Ruffo Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-04
peter aitken Dryden, Canada 2018-11-04
Graham Alexander Iron Bridge, Canada 2018-11-04
Remi jr Ayotte Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-11-04
Denise Corbeil North Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Marie McGuirk Marathon, Canada 2018-11-04
Madeline Busch Brampton, Canada 2018-11-04
Margaret Abran Norwich, New York, US 2018-11-04
Beverly Martin Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Mike Milley London, Canada 2018-11-04
Cathryn St Louis Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Karen Seguin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Irene Drouin Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-11-04
randy asselin Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-04
ANNMARIE PETROCCO sault ste. marie, Canada 2018-11-04
Nathalie Kireef Toronto, Canada 2018-11-04
Mallory Mann Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-04
Marilyn Adams London, Canada 2018-11-04
Cathy Fenton Auckland, New Zealand 2018-11-04
Donna Kroocmo Fort Frances, Canada 2018-11-04
Liala Tarnai Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-04
Angela Saunders Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-04
Name Location Date
Madelyne Ordenana Flushing, US 2018-11-04
Surat Animashaun Washington, US 2018-11-04
Janet Gobeil Marathon, Canada 2018-11-04
margaret curtis curtis London, Canada 2018-11-04
julia taylor London, UK 2018-11-04
sheila dubray thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Trish Deboer Canada 2018-11-04
Lisa Winters Thunder Bay District, Canada 2018-11-04
Marion Robertson North Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Kristy Garito Timmins, Canada 2018-11-04
Bailey Couture Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
Tyler Thibodeau Goulais river, Canada 2018-11-04
alex jilka US 2018-11-04
Rosemary May Ruberto Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Liliane Tessier Azilda, Canada 2018-11-04
Tanis Dawson Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
Jessica Lavigne Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
Rosemary Bostrom Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
robert Williams Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-04
Robert Bailey Newmarket, On., Canada 2018-11-04
Lauren Orzeck Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Mary Ann Evans Innisfil, Canada 2018-11-04
Name Location Date
Chantal Legresley Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
Trudy Campbell Marathon, Canada 2018-11-04
Keeley McMillan Houston, US 2018-11-04
Deborah Smith Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
Peter Gobeil Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Diane Bouchard Hearst, Canada 2018-11-04
Marilyn Smith Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-04
elsie lytle arnprior. ontario, Canada 2018-11-04
Paul Corbeil North Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Evelyne Baca Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-04
Paul Breton Vaughan, Canada 2018-11-04
L Pitt Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-04
Breanna Ross Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-04
malerie Turner Shuniah, Canada 2018-11-05
Aimee Langlais Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
C.J. Lavoie Montréal, Canada 2018-11-05
Catherine Wawia Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-05
Tim Ormston Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Jeff Thingstad Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Lisette Despres Hearst, Canada 2018-11-05
Vicki Whitlock Collingwood, Canada 2018-11-05
Kate Fair Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
Name Location Date
Rachel Maxwell London, Canada 2018-11-05
Jennifer Felix Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-05
Lisa Jomphe Manitouwadge, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-05
Elizabeth Watts Lynbrook, US 2018-11-05
Bev Ivimey Killaloe, Canada 2018-11-05
Eric Allaire Cornwall, Canada 2018-11-05
Brad Gordon North Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Sharon Scero Timmins, Canada 2018-11-05
Anita Larocque Canada 2018-11-05
Rick Hanna Trenton, Canada 2018-11-05
Judy Mayhew Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-05
Pamela Chevrier Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
John Moulton Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
Paul Dorval White River, Canada 2018-11-05
Melanie Douglas Thamesford, Canada 2018-11-05
John Redins Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05
Jessica Nesh Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-05
Sandra Lira Los Angeles, US 2018-11-05
Anna Thyer Nelson, Canada 2018-11-05
Mary Wilson Red Lake, Canada 2018-11-05
Alain Larocque Prince Albert, Canada 2018-11-05
Eric R Veilleux North Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Name Location Date
Gerald Seguin Toronto, Canada 2018-11-05
N A Kamloops, Canada 2018-11-05
Solange Hache Pointe-Verte, NB, Canada 2018-11-05
Ekpreet Multani hamilton, Canada 2018-11-05
Kim Dorval Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-05
Charlene Vaudrin Thunder Bay ontario, Canada 2018-11-05
Destiny Greene Terrace, Canada 2018-11-05
Jean Pope Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-05
James Adduono Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Linda White Fredericksburg, US 2018-11-05
kim champagne MARATHON, Canada 2018-11-05
robert parenteau kingston, Canada 2018-11-05
Michelle Jodrey Falmouth, Canada 2018-11-05
Kathy Rhodes Council Bluffs, US 2018-11-05
Margaret North Stcatharines, Canada 2018-11-05
Jj Hardin Antioch, US 2018-11-05
Susan Irvine Meaford, Canada 2018-11-05
Rumbidzai Tanyanyiwa Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 2018-11-05
allen michaud Hearst, Canada 2018-11-05
Ted Greenwood White River, Canada 2018-11-05
Judy Tourout Manitouwadge,on, Canada 2018-11-05
Lois Reid Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
Name Location Date
Amy Christianson Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
Cathy Moreau Midland, Canada 2018-11-05
Ronalda payeur Hearst, Canada 2018-11-05
Jeannot Dube Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
Lucy Bignucolo Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-05
Joanne Clark Boston, Massachusetts, US 2018-11-05
Sylvie Dorval Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-05
Tracey Bingham Hornepayne Ontario, Canada 2018-11-05
Mireille Groleau Orléans, Canada 2018-11-05
julie vendette Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-05
Leslie Parenteau Elginburg, Canada 2018-11-05
Kim Mizuguchi Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-05
Jesse Kenny Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05
Pascal Arseneau Toronto, Canada 2018-11-05
Maxine Bland Cocoa, Florida, US 2018-11-05
Nathalie Bouvier Hearst, Canada 2018-11-05
Lissa Dorval White River, Canada 2018-11-05
Micheline Groulx Coniston, Canada 2018-11-05
Louisette Parent Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-05
Rose Payeur Winisk, Canada 2018-11-05
Frances Pitkin Cambridge, Canada 2018-11-05
Hector Halloran Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-05
Name Location Date
Kristen Vidlak Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-05
Gayle Archer Beaverlodge alberta, Canada 2018-11-05
Jim Killingbeck Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-05
Brent Humphrey Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05
Bruce Golden Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-05
Danielle Alary Nestleton Station, Canada 2018-11-05
Cynthia Goodchild Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Norman Guillemette Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-05
Rick Dupuis Hanover, Canada 2018-11-05
Marlene Belanger Hearst, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-05
Suzanne Dube Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-05
gaetan dorval hearst, Canada 2018-11-05
Nancy Hepting Azilda, Canada 2018-11-05
Gaetan Garneau Mattice, Canada 2018-11-05
Gilles Groleau Hearst, Canada 2018-11-05
Arnold Arcand Canada 2018-11-05
Presley Belhumeur Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-05
June Potts North Bay On., Canada 2018-11-05
Jo-ann Nairn Little Britain, Canada 2018-11-05
Tammy Lanktree Hanmer, Canada 2018-11-05
lise st jean Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-05
Rachel Belanger Chelmsford, Canada 2018-11-05
Name Location Date
James Poirier Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-05
Corey Lemieux Mattice, Canada 2018-11-05
Cherie Zaiser-Banting Temagami, Canada 2018-11-05
Guylainee Lamontagne Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-05
Diana Stansell Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Sharon Miskimins Canada 2018-11-05
Chantal Bois Chénéville, Canada 2018-11-05
Mark Shaddock Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
Anne McMahon Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-05
James Coombs Barrie, Canada 2018-11-05
Jane Lebydowicz Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-05
Theresa Isley Fergus, Canada 2018-11-05
Noel Boucher Canada 2018-11-05
Lois Auger Nanaimo, Canada 2018-11-05
CECILE COLLIN Acton, Canada 2018-11-05
linda Hay Halton Hills, Canada 2018-11-05
Lynn Taylor Tilden Lake, Canada 2018-11-05
Samuel Pervais Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-05
Joanne Thibault Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-05
Angela Burton Saint Charles, Illinois, US 2018-11-05
Akanksha Phukan Toronto, Canada 2018-11-05
Helen Arcand Canada 2018-11-05
Name Location Date
Darryl Chabot Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-05
Arnold Arcand Barrie, Canada 2018-11-05
Simone Duval Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05
Rita Vandenberg Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05
Garry Weisflock Hilton Beach, Canada 2018-11-05
Sandra Adam Mattice, Canada 2018-11-05
Diane Trochymchuk Hornepayne,Ont, Canada 2018-11-05
Hazel Moore Wasaga Beach, Canada 2018-11-05
Michael Martin Surrey, Canada 2018-11-05
Felix Krapf Austin, US 2018-11-05
Sylvie Falardeau Timmins, Canada 2018-11-05
charmaine boucher Kingston, Canada 2018-11-05
Sharon Cuillerier LUCKNOW, Canada 2018-11-05
Ernie Pearce Utterson on, Canada 2018-11-05
Lynn Perrier Callander, Canada 2018-11-05
Russell Holdsworth Orillia, Canada 2018-11-05
Dawna Boyer-Witty Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2018-11-05
Laureen Duclos Marathon, Canada 2018-11-05
David Claridge Orillia, Canada 2018-11-05
Skylar Christianson-Joy Marathon, Canada 2018-11-06
Miranda Welsh Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Joan Gaffney Spruce Grove, Canada 2018-11-06
Name Location Date
Harley Witty Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-06
Steven Lee North York, Canada 2018-11-06
Kaiya Morriseau-Ferguson Pays Plat, Canada 2018-11-06
Lynne Quinlan Cambridge, Canada 2018-11-06
Manisha Gupta Toronto, Canada 2018-11-06
natashia zatorski rutherglen, Canada 2018-11-06
Joanne Cutler Pefferlaw, Canada 2018-11-06
Manon Langlois Canada 2018-11-06
Joanne C. Carriere Chelmsford, Canada 2018-11-06
Gayle Cividino Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-06
Jashdeep Riar Toronto, Canada 2018-11-06
Kathryn McLaren Cobden, Canada 2018-11-06
Wendy Milford Carleton Place On, Canada 2018-11-06
Ryan Dunn Grande prairie, Canada 2018-11-06
Paul Langdon Cobalt, Canada 2018-11-06
Kathy Brockton Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-06
Joseph Wheeldon Lively, Canada 2018-11-06
Jamie Rosenkranz Oakhurst, US 2018-11-06
Julie Hegge Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Rachel Adduono Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Derrick Fast Lebanon, US 2018-11-06
Richard Males New Liskeard, Canada 2018-11-06
Name Location Date
Granville Lee Baileyville, Maine, US 2018-11-06
Gayle Skelton Lansdowne Ontario, Canada 2018-11-06
Christie Jardine Toronto, Canada 2018-11-06
Lorraine Labranche Katrine, Canada 2018-11-06
Aaron Thom Kelowna, Canada 2018-11-06
Donna Brisson Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-06
Grace Stgeorge North Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Rikel Wirkkunen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
linda kirkey Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-06
Diane Hakkarainen Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-06
Robert Merritt Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
BJ BOLTAUZER Huntsville, Canada 2018-11-06
enlightened One Pomona, US 2018-11-06
Katie Griffith Chester, US 2018-11-06
Byron Jr Wawia nipigon, Canada 2018-11-06
Adele MacAskill Uxbridge, Canada 2018-11-06
mitch boulanger geraldton, Canada 2018-11-06
Velma Wortman Regina, Canada 2018-11-06
Deanna Smith Nanaimo,B.C., Canada 2018-11-06
Amily Stlouis Toronto, Canada 2018-11-06
ethan lee Rockville, US 2018-11-06
Mary Mischeaux Chicago, US 2018-11-06
Name Location Date
Dean Selby Calgary, Canada 2018-11-06
Eleni San Greer, US 2018-11-06
Kara Craig Hamburg, US 2018-11-06
Jill Thurston Toronto, Canada 2018-11-06
Janet Gagne Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-11-06
Jo-Anne Gordon Toronto, Canada 2018-11-06
Susan Patterson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Dylan Braun Lethbridge, Canada 2018-11-06
Barry Smith Sherwood Park, Canada 2018-11-06
Sarah Watson Smithville, Canada 2018-11-06
Ty Calliou Hinton, Canada 2018-11-06
Marion Marsh Elm Grove, US 2018-11-06
Shania Ross Canada 2018-11-06
Donna Dunnett Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Kathleen Dmytruk Chilliwack, Canada 2018-11-06
brenda smith Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-06
Janice Tremblay Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-06
wendy mccausland Orangeville, Canada 2018-11-07
Brian Twyne Victoria Harbour, Canada 2018-11-07
Linda Osiecki Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-07
Laurie Isaacs Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-07
Rachel Loyst Canton, US 2018-11-07
Name Location Date
Tabatha Hamel Marathon, Canada 2018-11-07
Ariana Vargas San Jose, US 2018-11-07
David Yarkie Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-07
Judy MacLeod Innisfil, Canada 2018-11-07
Dee Roe New Castle, US 2018-11-07
Gail Deslauriers Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-07
Connor Mills Calgary, Canada 2018-11-07
MARK JIN North Vancouver, Canada 2018-11-07
Jeannine Norman North Bay On, Canada 2018-11-07
pierrette carriere Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-07
jackie jessup Campbell, US 2018-11-07
Jana Springer Champaign, US 2018-11-07
Mike Durocher Temagami, Canada 2018-11-07
Nicole Elizabeth Canada 2018-11-07
Cheryl Martini Canada 2018-11-07
s labatte Forest, Canada 2018-11-07
Stephanie King Hamilton, Canada 2018-11-07
Wayne Thompson Calgary, Canada 2018-11-07
destinee pfirsching Altoona, US 2018-11-07
Joe Foley Langley, Canada 2018-11-07
Christine Bellamy Burnaby, Canada 2018-11-07
Lincoln Ciemny Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-07
Name Location Date
Dominique Lynch Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-07
Fred Fall Cherry Hill, New Jersey, US 2018-11-07
Shelley Miller-Irving Waterloo, Canada 2018-11-07
Rob Cutbush Gorham, Canada 2018-11-07
Angel D. Mobert, Canada 2018-11-07
Darlene Greenhough Quinte West, Canada 2018-11-07
Rob Eunson Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-07
wilburn felix Prince George, Canada 2018-11-07
N A Vancouver, Canada 2018-11-07
Billy Roberson Houston, US 2018-11-07
debbie baron Haileybury, Canada 2018-11-07
Maria Baez Modesto, US 2018-11-07
Jennifer Reandeau bernhards bay, US 2018-11-07
reba Kirkpatrick Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-07
Fran Pallah Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-07
Ja’lacia Taylor Vidor, US 2018-11-07
Brandon Schneider Port Colborne, Canada 2018-11-07
Carole Forcier Saint-John, Canada 2018-11-08
Alan Nanders Kitchener, Canada 2018-11-08
Della Harel Manitoba, Canada 2018-11-08
Veronica Evans Kenora, Canada 2018-11-08
Jessica Fields Reno, US 2018-11-08
Name Location Date
Loruin Russell Ladysmith, Canada 2018-11-08
LYNNE WICKMAN Keewatin, Canada 2018-11-08
David Chiasson Breynat, Canada 2018-11-08
Sean Lukas Arlington, US 2018-11-08
N. R.Paul Corbeil North Bay, Canada 2018-11-08
Ryan Leroux Kenora, Canada 2018-11-08
Patricia Plumpton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-08
Kathleen Kunka Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-08
Karen Brown Kitchener, Canada 2018-11-08
Aliomar Mattos Calgary, Canada 2018-11-08
Karly Spence Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-08
Tristan Weise Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-08
Sandy Stechlinski Burnaby, Canada 2018-11-08
Kyle Zabloski Kenora, Canada 2018-11-08
Johan Scheeres Richmond Hill, Canada 2018-11-08
Nancy Larocque La Sarre, Canada 2018-11-08
Joe Stonehouse North Vancouver, Canada 2018-11-09
Laurie Bunyan Belleville, Canada 2018-11-09
Douglas R. Moses Pays Plat, Canada 2018-11-09
Curtis Clarke Corbyville, Canada 2018-11-09
Tina Boulerice Marathon, Canada 2018-11-09
norm hynne Newmarket, Canada 2018-11-09
Name Location Date
Carolyn Brumpton Markham, Canada 2018-11-09
Elissa Williams Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Jolyne Currie-Lopez Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Karren Donald Grand Forks BC, Canada 2018-11-09
sara firouzi Toronto, Canada 2018-11-09
Florend Bajrami Prishtina, US 2018-11-09
Gerry Wheeldon New Liskeard, Canada 2018-11-09
Larry Pedersen North Cobalt, Canada 2018-11-09
Bill Akin Duarte, US 2018-11-09
Brenda Folkema Mt forest,Ontario, Canada 2018-11-09
Brooklyn Allen London, Canada 2018-11-09
Colleen Haley Port Hope, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-09
Lina Paquette New Liskeard, Canada 2018-11-09
Isaiah Plascencia San Diego, US 2018-11-09
Gerd Krogmann Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-11-09
Hilton Mushquash Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Virginia Roach oshawa, Canada 2018-11-09
Peter Ross Collingwood, Canada 2018-11-09
Glenda Brillinger Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Shel Wilson Barrie, Canada 2018-11-09
Herb Sanderson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Wendy E HIMES Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Name Location Date
Jo Boivin’ Timmins, Canada 2018-11-09
Paul Nichols Stony Plain, Canada 2018-11-09
Alexandre Stuart Montréal, Canada 2018-11-09
Larry Taylor Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Fred Zebruk Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-09
Jennifer Cutmore Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada 2018-11-09
Greg Marsjall Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-09
Nick Acciavatti Qualicum Beach, Canada 2018-11-09
Matthew Erwood Markham, Canada 2018-11-09
jason jongen Kilworthy, Canada 2018-11-09
Jim McColl Mississauga, Canada 2018-11-09
Richard Smith Sault, Canada 2018-11-09
Cindy Guenette Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-09
Kirk Ransom Hanmer, Canada 2018-11-09
Jeanine Aleksander Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-09
Kessa Chaschuk Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Dan Sayers Sr. Sault Ste Marie Ont., Canada 2018-11-09
William Needham Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Kieran bradshaw st Albert, Canada 2018-11-09
Scott Sauder Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
olivia barnard Boiling Springs, US 2018-11-09
Dedra Browne Salt Lake City, US 2018-11-09
Name Location Date
jackson paavola Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-09
Amanda Novak Downey, US 2018-11-09
Jon Eddington Toronto, Canada 2018-11-09
Laurie Dart Mount Albert, Canada 2018-11-10
Linda Penrose Angus, Canada 2018-11-10
Rosalyn Dowhos Neebing, Canada 2018-11-10
dave cao brampton, Canada 2018-11-10
Lisa Dewsberry Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Bill Lovegrove Bowser, Canada 2018-11-10
James Cotnam Hornepayne, Canada 2018-11-10
Rob Boyechko Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Sabrina Fenton North Bend, US 2018-11-10
Alex Noble Guelph, Canada 2018-11-10
Jaimie-Lynn Repo Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Augustina Timchuk Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
William Veniot Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-10
matthew england west sussex, US 2018-11-10
Mina Yzd Toronto, Canada 2018-11-10
Gary Hagan Albert st w, Canada 2018-11-10
Claude Rou Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-10
Rose Therrien Neebing, Canada 2018-11-10
Alain Couture Antigua & Barbuda 2018-11-10
Name Location Date
alrzaw sofi Toronto, Canada 2018-11-10
Jules Rene Guillotte Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-10
Allissa Lemaire Val Rita, Canada 2018-11-10
Eric Dalton Toronto, Canada 2018-11-10
katherine nerit Toronto, Canada 2018-11-10
Colleen Edwards Spring Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Jill Sealey Courtenay, Canada 2018-11-10
Jeannine Groleau Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-10
michel brousseau Hearst, Canada 2018-11-10
NICOLE PERCY Barrie, Canada 2018-11-10
Tanice Mackenzie Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Deborah Hamilton Oakville, Canada 2018-11-10
Lorraine Ouellette Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-11-10
Lise Tremblay Cochrane, Canada 2018-11-10
Kevin Brown Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Grace Courchaine Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-10
Kim Ermitano Mississauga, Canada 2018-11-10
Catherine Stone Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-10
Lance Brizard Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Sarah Fischer Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Randy Major Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Sandra Schanck Brampton, Canada 2018-11-10
Name Location Date
Gene S UBRIACO Melrose Park, Illinois, US 2018-11-10
Colin Webster Gabriola, Canada 2018-11-10
Sean Hall Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Doris Losier Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-10
Roland Fransson Stockholm, Sweden 2018-11-10
Olivia Émelie Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-10
judith dumont kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-10
Linda Delski Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-10
Gilberte Grzela Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-10
Carole Losier Kingston, Canada 2018-11-10
Sylvie Timm Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-10
Norm Leclerc Orleans, Canada 2018-11-10
Ginette Genier Allentown, Pennsylvania, US 2018-11-10
Jennifer O’Shaughnessy Portland, Maine, US 2018-11-10
Huguette/ Gilbert Courchaine Crysler, Canada 2018-11-10
Alison Karl-Lafortune Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-10
Mary Akis Neebing, Canada 2018-11-10
Renaud Bourgon Timmins, Canada 2018-11-10
Lise Lapierre Rockland, Canada 2018-11-11
Carole Swain Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-11
Julia Meze Toronto, Canada 2018-11-11
Melannie Lang Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-11
Name Location Date
Janet Gilbart thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-11
helene migneault Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-11
Eveline Fischer Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Jo-Ann Dozois Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-11
lorna foran London, Canada 2018-11-11
Jo-Anne Charette New Liskeard, Canada 2018-11-11
Jennie Pyc Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-11
Jim Bergerson Thornhill, Canada 2018-11-11
Cheryl Mohring Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
elaine berger Timmins, Canada 2018-11-11
Nadern Breukelman Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Brian Cronk Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Jennifer Davis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Albert Van Lith North Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Thomas Parsons Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Louise Alary Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-11
Nicole Reukl Manitouwadge, On., Canada 2018-11-11
eric leduc hearst, Canada 2018-11-11
Farrah Forest Timmins, Canada 2018-11-11
Gail Lankshear Blind River, Canada 2018-11-11
Conrad Pretorius Pretoria, South Africa 2018-11-11
Donna Jo Dyer Nanticoke, Canada 2018-11-11
Name Location Date
karyn maciver blind river, Canada 2018-11-11
Debi Donovan Campbell River, Canada 2018-11-11
Doris Picard Kapuskasing ont.., Canada 2018-11-11
Martha Duncalfe Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-11
yvonne marsh Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Pamela Gallant Marathon, Canada 2018-11-11
Meladina Hardy Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-11
Arden Fantham Fauquier, Canada 2018-11-11
allison sutcliffe montreal, Canada 2018-11-12
Jonathon Couchie Orillia, Canada 2018-11-12
Terri Wilson London, Canada 2018-11-12
Wendy Walker Stoney Creek, Canada 2018-11-12
Nancy Randle Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-12
Smiljana Piksiades Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-12
Laurette Beaulieu Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-11-12
Lise Lauzon Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-12
Lenore Black Markham, Canada 2018-11-12
Brenda honan marathon, Canada 2018-11-12
Logan Hegna Marshalltown, US 2018-11-12
Jason Depotier Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-11-12
Natalie Paternoster Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-12
Sharyn Emond North Bay, Canada 2018-11-12
Name Location Date
Frances Wesley Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-12
Joan McLeod Haileybury, Canada 2018-11-12
James Collins Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-12
Dominik Wijas Calgary, Canada 2018-11-12
Josh Friday Stoney Creek, Canada 2018-11-12
april tangie Sault ste marie, Canada 2018-11-12
lisa neveau batchewana first nation, Canada 2018-11-12
Chad St.Goddard Calgary, Canada 2018-11-12
Joan McKinnon Marathon, Canada 2018-11-12
Jaredmicah M Toronto, Canada 2018-11-12
Yolanda Cruz Lynnwood, US 2018-11-12
Melissa Mcwatch Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-12
Joanne Lawrence Parksville, Canada 2018-11-12
Dian Acciavatti Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-12
Erika Waite Hamilton, Canada 2018-11-12
Christine Drake Marathon, Canada 2018-11-12
Denis Néron Montréal, Canada 2018-11-12
Fran Heath Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-13
Shaun Lee London, Canada 2018-11-13
Evangeline Assin Kenora, Canada 2018-11-13
Tylia Sou San Leandro, US 2018-11-13
Name Location Date
Malia Tuamoheloa Oakland, US 2018-11-13
Stacey Froman Mississauga, Canada 2018-11-13
Adam Rickard Marathon, Canada 2018-11-13
Mitchell Malek Chicagomacomb, Michigan, US 2018-11-13
Lisa-Mae Fowler Spences Bridge, Canada 2018-11-13
Kelly Lavoie Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-14
Krin Asselta Corinth, Texas, US 2018-11-14
Sandra Darrel Rohnert Park, US 2018-11-14
Rosane Baril Canada 2018-11-14
Ashley Pike Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-14
Denise Wandler Alliston, Canada 2018-11-14
Nicole Robin Cochrane, Canada 2018-11-14
Nei Eaton Kingston, Canada 2018-11-14
Henry Gerth Montréal, Canada 2018-11-14
Marlene McQuaker Emo, Canada 2018-11-14
William Eaton Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-11-15
Mona Therriault Listowel, Canada 2018-11-15
Linda Eaton North Bay On, Canada 2018-11-15
Peter Jones Toronto, Canada 2018-11-15
Sylvie Ziegler Cambridge, Canada 2018-11-16
Marc Damours Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-16
Trevor Oliveira Calgary, Canada 2018-11-16
Name Location Date
Lauren Griffin Cobalt, Canada 2018-11-16
Jan Hilliard Astorville, ON, Canada 2018-11-16
Shaun Cameron Embrun, Canada 2018-11-16
Danny Talbot Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-16
timothy byce sault ste marie, Canada 2018-11-16
Michael Verney Vancouver, Canada 2018-11-16
raymond delaat Ajax, Canada 2018-11-16
Cheryl Ivany Marathon, Canada 2018-11-16
Andre Blanchard Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-16
Stephane Dumais Toronto, Canada 2018-11-16
Francine Laflamme Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-16
Traey Lasook Dorion, ONTARIO, Canada 2018-11-16
Gunther Panthel bolton, Canada 2018-11-16
Trinh Tran Antioch, US 2018-11-16
Allyssa Reeves Modesto, US 2018-11-16
George Davenel Howard Beach, US 2018-11-16
Hungarian Prince West Hartford, US 2018-11-17
Angelina DaSilva Methuen, US 2018-11-17
Gord Walker Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-17
Adam Sullivan Prince George, Canada 2018-11-17
Juhwan Lim Toronto, Canada 2018-11-17
Seal hyun Lee Coquitlam, Canada 2018-11-18
Name Location Date
Brody Laprise Meadow Lake, Canada 2018-11-18
Shawn Hewitt Morgan Hill, US 2018-11-18
Insun Park Coquitlam, Canada 2018-11-18
Trevor Heshka Nanaimo, Canada 2018-11-18
Keven Donohue Fernley, US 2018-11-18
Ilya Dasdar Dollard-des-ormeaux, Canada 2018-11-18
Jennifer Banks London, Canada 2018-11-18
Paycie June Jasper, US 2018-11-18
Sabrina Salazar Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-18
Zhang Zhe San Francisco, US 2018-11-19
Jill Hampson London, Canada 2018-11-19
Dave Smelser Port Dover, Canada 2018-11-19
Audrey Lai Daly City, US 2018-11-19
Elisa Lopez Fresno, US 2018-11-19
Denise Dubosq Hearst,ontario, Canada 2018-11-19
Yedidya Hirschhorn flushing, US 2018-11-19
beeep nerd Fremont, US 2018-11-19
Corinne Wilcox Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Renee Rochon Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-19
Ron Regimbal Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Matthew Stone Wawa, Canada 2018-11-19
terry wojick North Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Name Location Date
susan cobb Cambridge, Canada 2018-11-19
Tom Wilson Portland, US 2018-11-19
Carole John McDonald Canada 2018-11-19
James Haskell Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-19
Evelyn Larstone Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-11-19
cory sky Fort Frances, Canada 2018-11-19
Tricia Verreault Toronto, Canada 2018-11-19
Gary Jene London, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-19
Chris Scott Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Devon Bourguignon Schreiber, Canada 2018-11-19
John Hoyle Deep River, Canada 2018-11-19
Debbie Renaud Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-19
Carole Legault Astorville, Canada 2018-11-19
Bruce Morrison Hartley, Iowa, US 2018-11-19
Cody Lozier Thailand 2018-11-19
Serafina Mauro Thunder Bay, On, Canada 2018-11-19
Amy Bouchie Richmond Hill, Canada 2018-11-19
Rob Rea Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Zechariah Starks Porter, US 2018-11-19
Sylvie Breton Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-11-19
Sharon Corston Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Janelle G Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-19
Name Location Date
Brenda Clapp Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Andrew McLaren Canada 2018-11-19
Lynn Gray Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
donna butler Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Karen Armstrong Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Laura Fortier Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-19
jackie jory Courtenay, Canada 2018-11-19
Sylvain Montpellier Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19
Matt Rancourt Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19
Lianne Vipond Sault ste Marie, Canada 2018-11-19
Lise Montpellier Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
J. Greene Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-19
Stacey Simon Opasatika, Canada 2018-11-19
Caroline Piquette Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Marc Greene Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-19
Pauline Larocque Val Therese, Canada 2018-11-19
Rick Dampier South Porcupine, Canada 2018-11-19
Rebecca Haskell Glace Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Claire Aubin Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Susin Dilschneider Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Michelle Gonneau Montréal, Canada 2018-11-19
Monique Bourget Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Name Location Date
Nathan Koesveld-King St. Albert, Canada 2018-11-19
Robin Ramdas Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19
Jocelyne Levesque Guelph, Canada 2018-11-19
Curtis Schramm Harwood, US 2018-11-19
Joe Bertrand Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Donna Fortier Little current, Canada 2018-11-19
Brett Redden Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19
Ben Kuzmich Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Ruth Marcella Smooth Rock Falls, On, Canada 2018-11-19
Anne Ross Boudreau Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
sandra smith bruce mines, Canada 2018-11-19
Tina Augustin Saint Paul, Minnesota, US 2018-11-19
Marie-Josee Yelle Borden, Canada 2018-11-19
Rebecca Merritt Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19
Mickey Leblanc Guelph, Canada 2018-11-19
Huguette Cotton Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-19
Richard Eberhardt Dryden, Canada 2018-11-19
lisa coulouris Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
Avian Prince Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-19
Jeannette Dinelle Timmins, Canada 2018-11-19
Carole Rancourt Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
sue Lampinen Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19
Name Location Date
Matt Senkus Timmins, Canada 2018-11-19
Sherry LeDrew Brampton, Canada 2018-11-19
Sebastien Bourgoin Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-11-19
Michele Lajeunesse Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19
Gaurav Mahant Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-19
Tristan Oliver Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-19
Eddy Therrien Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-11-19
BonnieLee Schram Hudson, Canada 2018-11-19
brad osborne Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-19
ken lang Toronto, Canada 2018-11-19
Rollande Hahn Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-11-19
norman Pike Nolalu, Canada 2018-11-19
Lynne Scarsellone Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-20
Monique Brunet Fauquier, Canada 2018-11-20
Yvonne Harbinson Thunder bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Richard Graham Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Carol Struyk Welland, Canada 2018-11-20
Barb Carter Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Ruby Marlow Timmins, Canada 2018-11-20
Hayley Rose Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-20
Shukri Abdi Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-20
Nathan Kelly Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Name Location Date
Steve Kean Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Jamie Soave Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Tracy Brewer Shuniah, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-20
Kim Harvey Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-20
Thomas Falls Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-20
Lorraine Thomson Belleville, Canada 2018-11-20
Eva Charsley Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-11-20
Mike Braido Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-20
William Nickson Saint John, Canada 2018-11-20
John Leppinen Deep River, Canada 2018-11-20
larry ward Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Robert Hunter Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-20
William Mazur Port Coquitlam, Canada 2018-11-20
QianZi Wang Berkeley, US 2018-11-20
Jeannine Rhéaume Hearst, Canada 2018-11-20
Amandda Davis Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-20
Denise Rocheleau Sarnia, Canada 2018-11-20
Doris Jackson Vernon, Canada 2018-11-20
James veltri Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
brooklyn valentino Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-20
Kelly Haney Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Brooklyn Stewardson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Name Location Date
Char Saranpaa Kenora, Canada 2018-11-20
John Condo Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-20
Shaun Bouchard Pays plat first nation, Canada 2018-11-20
Sabitree Ramdas Cambridge, Canada 2018-11-20
Larry Gagnon Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
michelle koski Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Lexie Saranpaa Canada 2018-11-20
Paula DeCorte Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Aloysia LeFeuvre Canada 2018-11-20
Vita Matis Burlington, Canada 2018-11-20
Catherine Russell Chicago, US 2018-11-20
Timothy Scott Uxbridge, Canada 2018-11-20
Gerald Landry Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-20
Kim J London, Canada 2018-11-20
Brooke Jeaurond Wasaga Beach, Canada 2018-11-20
Frank LeFeuvre Orillia, Canada 2018-11-20
Laurie Walker Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-11-20
Sandzisile Makhanya Mbabane, Alabama, US 2018-11-20
Lynda Taylor Orleans, Canada 2018-11-20
Denis Mallette Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-20
Lynn Black Guelph, Canada 2018-11-20
Marilou Patricia Canada 2018-11-20
Name Location Date
Patrick Burns Langley, Canada 2018-11-20
Tania Beaudry Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-20
Guy Gingras VAL CARON, Canada 2018-11-20
Richard Lacroix Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-11-20
Chantal Beauparlant Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-20
Nicole Lemay Laverlochère, Canada 2018-11-20
June Harris Parry Sound, Canada 2018-11-21
adam keshvari Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-21
Denise Stewart Kitchener, Canada 2018-11-21
Maxime Vizier Montréal, Canada 2018-11-21
Tom Campbell Vancouver B.C., Canada 2018-11-21
Juyii Chiu Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-21
Belal Rahall Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-21
Brandon Moore Saskatoon, Canada 2018-11-21
Louise Goulet Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-21
Monique Langlois Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-21
Janine Wheeler Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-21
Linda Boyle Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-21
Cesar Hurtado Oakville, Canada 2018-11-21
Roxanne Mallette Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-21
Jessica Bodson Hanmer, Canada 2018-11-21
Lynne Guidotti Canada 2018-11-21
Name Location Date
Nicole Vézina Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2018-11-21
Jochanan Davis Des Moines, US 2018-11-21
Birch Cappetta Minneapolis, Minnesota, US 2018-11-21
Ric Lamb Toronto, Canada 2018-11-21
Nicole Larouche Marathon, Canada 2018-11-21
Angel Cadena Denver, US 2018-11-21
SALLY NISBETT ont, Canada 2018-11-21
Kathy Olson Mississauga, Canada 2018-11-21
Rj Sedore Toronto, Canada 2018-11-21
Véronique Piquette Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-22
Lynne Guerin Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-22
Michelle Robichaud Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-22
Shanelle Bisaillon Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-22
Sylvie Montpellier Azilda, Canada 2018-11-22
Carla Warren Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-22
Tyler Soderberg Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-22
Jeff Bell Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2018-11-23
William Harvey Kilworthy, Canada 2018-11-24
Shirley Ranger White River, Canada 2018-11-24
Jeanie Boynton London, Canada 2018-11-24
Ann Louise Etter Chapleau, Canada 2018-11-24
Ryan Demir Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-25
Name Location Date
Paul Tremblay Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-25
Katherine Stewart Georgetown, Canada 2018-11-25
Betty Mack Surrey, Canada 2018-11-25
Maureen Colpitts Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-11-25
payam mayeli Toronto, Canada 2018-11-25
Vanessa Artindale Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-25
Caroline Przybysz Saugeen Shores, Canada 2018-11-25
Karen and Paul Allard Cochrane, Canada 2018-11-25
Xeina Jamal Surrey, Canada 2018-11-26
zakariyya mahmood Edmonton, Canada 2018-11-26
Greg Blewett Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-27
Christine St-Pierre Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-27
Mary Ann Doucette Cranbrook, Canada 2018-11-27
Tammy Drombolis Neebing, Canada 2018-11-28
Jim Deluce Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-11-28
Eva Aubertin Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-11-29
Ronald Lachance Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-12-03
Ken Beadman Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-03
Joan Klatt Kingwood, West Virginia, US 2018-12-03
Philip Cybolsky Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-12-04
JaQuan Allen Hamden, Connecticut, US 2018-12-05
Michael Cunningham Toronto, Canada 2018-12-05
Name Location Date
Will Murphy cobourg, Canada 2018-12-05
Ryan Cates Vermilion Bay, Canada 2018-12-05
Jason Kennedy Deep River, Canada 2018-12-05
Gabriel Jee Windsor, Canada 2018-12-05
Bill Holmes Dunchurch, Canada 2018-12-05
Ian Down Tillsonburg, Canada 2018-12-05
Patrick Kelly Barrie, Canada 2018-12-05
Jeremiah McNeil Huntsville, Canada 2018-12-06
Tyler Tilford Sutton, Canada 2018-12-06
Lucas Mcmaster Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK 2018-12-06
Bailey Reid Waterloo, Canada 2018-12-06
John Wilson Brantford, Canada 2018-12-06
Nick Marshall Barrie, Canada 2018-12-06
Debbie Lauzon Leamington, Canada 2018-12-06
Kailyn Marshall Oro-Medonte, Canada 2018-12-06
Martin Guardia Welland, Canada 2018-12-06
Richard S Desjardins Timmins, Canada 2018-12-06
Michael Turcotte North Bay, Canada 2018-12-06
Christian Peaker Toronto, Canada 2018-12-06
Ryan Muir New Liskeard, Canada 2018-12-06
John Hird Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-06
Randy Gleave Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-12-06
Name Location Date
liz french New Liskeard, Canada 2018-12-06
Brenda Faulkner Thamesville, Canada 2018-12-06
Sally White Orillia, Canada 2018-12-06
Larry Pedersen North Cobalt, Canada 2018-12-06
Janice Durst Toronto, Canada 2018-12-06
André Vigneault Montréal, Canada 2018-12-07
Karin Ostler Timmins, Canada 2018-12-07
Ed Visser Caledonia, Canada 2018-12-08
Alonso Anaya Brantford, Canada 2018-12-08
Theresa Savoie New Liskeard, Canada 2018-12-08
Peter Elliottt Mount Pearl, Canada 2018-12-08
Reina Landry-Hogue Marathon, Canada 2018-12-08
Lloyd Walton Port Carling, Canada 2018-12-08
DoAnna Costa Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-08
Jeff Oliver North Bay, Canada 2018-12-08
claude senécal Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-08
Patricia Mercer St. John's, Canada 2018-12-08
Jack Greer Fredericton, Canada 2018-12-08
Ruoyu Wang North York, Canada 2018-12-08
Joe Culp Belleville, Canada 2018-12-08
James Swalwell Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-08
Adam Lass Marathon, Canada 2018-12-08
Name Location Date
john ryan sydney mines, Canada 2018-12-08
Nicko Stewart Bathurst, Canada 2018-12-08
David Watson Pontypool, Canada 2018-12-08
Judi Megarity St. Catharines, Canada 2018-12-08
Daniel Barnes Ajax, Canada 2018-12-08
Robert Pena Trenton, US 2018-12-08
Barb Aiken niagara falls ON, Canada 2018-12-08
Sandra Paavilainen Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-09
Joel Levis Haliburton, Canada 2018-12-09
Daniel Richardson London, Canada 2018-12-09
Jesse Gilbert Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Jim Berry Bobcaygeon, Canada 2018-12-09
Hal Beatty Powassan, Canada 2018-12-09
Cristopher Farfan Sunnyvale, US 2018-12-09
Fergus Ducharme TORONTO, Canada 2018-12-09
Bob Dickson Beaverton, Canada 2018-12-09
Tom Atchison North bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Amanda Crabb Ajax, Canada 2018-12-09
Laurie DelPino Grand Blanc, Michigan, US 2018-12-09
Matthew Parkes stockbridge, Massachusetts, US 2018-12-09
Trisha Cayabyab Palm Springs, US 2018-12-09
Gerard Stack Guelph, Canada 2018-12-09
Name Location Date
Robin Scott Hamilton, Canada 2018-12-09
Juan Hernandez San Antonio, US 2018-12-09
Tyler Allison Kenora, Canada 2018-12-09
Marie Leeney Espanola, Canada 2018-12-09
Ron Butterworth CPPO Peterborough, Canada 2018-12-09
Linda Kelly Ocala, Florida, US 2018-12-09
Marco Estrada Wichita, US 2018-12-09
Hope Poulson Little Britain, Canada 2018-12-09
Wayne Davis Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
John Kabacinski Redford, Michigan, US 2018-12-09
Brenda Major Marathon, Canada 2018-12-09
ken towner Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Dakota Jacko Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Justin Doran Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Betty Smythe Winnipeg, Canada 2018-12-09
Judi Hassen Saskatoon, Canada 2018-12-09
Don Hayward Dundalk, Canada 2018-12-09
Samantha Hill Cold Lake, Canada 2018-12-09
Barbara Mckelvey Canada 2018-12-09
Donna Glousher Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Lynne Dvorak Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-09
Brandi Sillery Kenora, Canada 2018-12-09
Name Location Date
erin shine Kenora, Canada 2018-12-09
Kevin Adam Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Lauren MacKay Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Cathy Lund Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Terttu Viitasaari Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Norine Jelly Toronto, Canada 2018-12-09
Todd Merke Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Yvon Gosselin Opasatika, Canada 2018-12-09
Christopher Cawte Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-09
Violet Baglien Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Ghislaine Damboise Hearst, Canada 2018-12-09
Jamie Porter Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-09
Trenton Moore Hornepayne, Canada 2018-12-09
cheyanne vanderlind Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Mary Trottier Webbwood, Canada 2018-12-09
Alan Clark Minden, Canada 2018-12-09
Mark Douglas Surrey, Canada 2018-12-09
Diane Slowgrove Brampton, Canada 2018-12-09 Lesley Zhang 北温哥华, Canada 2018-12-09 micheline patenaude Chesterville, Canada 2018-12-09
Doug Mclean Kakabeka Falls, Canada 2018-12-09
Louise Seguin Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-09
Name Location Date
Ari Stucky Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Kristy Nelson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Dianne Bradley Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-09
Hélène Haché Moonbeam, Canada 2018-12-09
Rick Reeve Burks Falls, Canada 2018-12-09
Brenda Wood Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Marnie Woods Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-09
vicki allard Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-09
Colton Chynoweth Tooele, US 2018-12-09
Loretta Blackwell Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-09
Ralph Halverson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-09
Sylvia Schaffler Kenora, Canada 2018-12-09
Andrew Petrozzi Vancouver, Canada 2018-12-09
Terry Walsh Canada 2018-12-10
Young Chris Nanaimo, Canada 2018-12-10
Dianne Everett Canada 2018-12-10
Lise Leblanc Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-10
tracy smith blue mountain, Canada 2018-12-10
Randilynn Kennedy Saskatoon, Canada 2018-12-10
Daniel Odette St. Catharines, Canada 2018-12-10
Star Nope Richmond, Canada 2018-12-10
Cheryl Pajamaki Creemore, Canada 2018-12-10
Name Location Date
Dave Huskinson Stayner, Canada 2018-12-10
Linda Forgrave Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, US 2018-12-10
Brian Berringer Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-10
Keith Sato Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-10
April Desmoulin Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-10
Eray Ginik Etobicoke, Canada 2018-12-10
Melanie Kurlicki Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-10
James Kiviaho Gore Bay, Canada 2018-12-10
Deb carmichael thunder bay, Canada 2018-12-10
Keenan Menard Barrie, Canada 2018-12-10
Margo taylor Sechelt, Canada 2018-12-10
Branko Mesaros Berlin, Germany 2018-12-10
Ian Elder Scarborough, Canada 2018-12-10
Theresa Petcoff Durham, Canada 2018-12-10
Darcy Dick Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-10
Monika Doryn Thunderbay, Canada 2018-12-10
Janet Cafieux London, Canada 2018-12-10
Denise Moorehead Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-10
Colm Mackay Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-10
Jim Hagen Ayr, Canada 2018-12-10
Elaine Rody Canada 2018-12-10
Yvon Piche Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-10
Name Location Date
Kathryn Greenidge Sudbury, ON, Canada 2018-12-10
Audrey Andrews Edison, Canada 2018-12-10
Robert J. Falconi Beeton, Canada 2018-12-10
Dennis Livingstone Moncton, Canada 2018-12-10
Lynn Malette Verner, Canada 2018-12-10
Alison Hotte Peterborough, Canada 2018-12-10
Paul Jackson Parksville, Canada 2018-12-10
Earl Minnis Belle River, Canada 2018-12-10
John Deviney Toronto, Canada 2018-12-10
Isabella Koch Geneva, US 2018-12-10
Jan Gratton North York, Canada 2018-12-10
Jacques Patenaude Chesterville, Canada 2018-12-10
Rita Castonguay Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-10
Donna Waboose Longlac ont, Canada 2018-12-10
scott worden Brampton, Canada 2018-12-10
Loretta Worden Hoyt, Canada 2018-12-10
Stephen Harper Brockville, Canada 2018-12-10
Willard Worden HOYT, Canada 2018-12-10
Bruce Mair Corunna, Canada 2018-12-10
Kat James Hamilton, Canada 2018-12-10
Nicolle Pothier Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-12-10
Carol Wagner Beadman Peterborough, Canada 2018-12-10
Name Location Date
Ashley Bjorlin Elk River, US 2018-12-11
Judith Duguay Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-11
Monique Cloutier Timmins, Canada 2018-12-11
Chantal Drisdelle Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-11
Scott Machay London, Canada 2018-12-11
Marguerite Beaudoin Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-12-11
Mike psaila longlac, Canada 2018-12-11
Ernie Lafontaine Kapuskaskng, Canada 2018-12-11
Berniece blair Peterborough, Canada 2018-12-11
Ashley Roy Marathon, Canada 2018-12-11
Sophie Blier Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-11
Susan Leduc Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-12-11
Bill McAuley Bracebridge, Canada 2018-12-11
Patrice Duguay Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-11
Candace Ryan Thunder Bay District, Canada 2018-12-11
Brian McInnes Thunder Bay Ont., Canada 2018-12-11
Charles Brendon Las Vegas, Nevada, US 2018-12-11
Doug Ross Barrie, Canada 2018-12-11
Brandon Evangelista Hamilton, Canada 2018-12-11
Felipe Galindo luna Edmonton, Canada 2018-12-11
Mary Ross Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, US 2018-12-11
Chantal Giroux Barraute, Canada 2018-12-11
Name Location Date
Desiree Larosa Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Ronald Schirm Waterloo, Canada 2018-12-11
Alain Paquet Sherbrooke, Canada 2018-12-11
Carolle Beaulieu-Pitre Wawa, Canada 2018-12-11
Mark Kelly Marathon, Canada 2018-12-11
Denise lapalme brunette Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Elizabeth Cahill Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Sandy Lester Greater Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Tracy Ross Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Louis Leblond Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-11
Jean Lupien Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-11
Tristan Durie Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-11
Travis Burke Coniston, Ontario, Canada 2018-12-11
Patti Fitzgerald Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Jules Joly Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-11
john cunningham john Bowmanville, Canada 2018-12-11
Bruna Larizza Canada 2018-12-11
Roger Pilon Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Friedemann Brauer Halifax, Canada 2018-12-11
Jane Hale Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
kate deacon Owen Sound, Canada 2018-12-11
Miranda Desruisseaux Hornepayne, Canada 2018-12-11
Name Location Date
Mike Scoyne Canada 2018-12-11
Jack Gray Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-11
Rick Ranta Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11
Amy Bellmore Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-12-11
Lori Mcfarling Manitouwadge, Canada 2018-12-11
Savannah Upton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-11
Jo Sel Guelph, Canada 2018-12-11
Jane Rodrigues Coniston, Ontario, Canada 2018-12-11
Tyler beaulne Marathon, Canada 2018-12-11
Jared Tremblay Marathon, Canada 2018-12-11
Jason Lovering St.Marys, Canada 2018-12-12
Olivia Willow Buchan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Lee Matson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Micheline Lacroix Orleans, Canada 2018-12-12
Sup Ham Canada 2018-12-12
Vince Pagetto Fort Myers, Florida, US 2018-12-12
Mackenzie Ball Orillia, Canada 2018-12-12
Carolyn Cameron Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-12
Eric Staples Hamilton, Canada 2018-12-12
Raymond Kennedy Toronto, Canada 2018-12-12
Shelley-Lynn Ross Espanola, Canada 2018-12-12
Ione Chikoski Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Name Location Date
Shaun Hennessy Oshawa, Canada 2018-12-12
Rameen Saberi-Yekta Thunder bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Nasek Shalef Toronto, Canada 2018-12-12
Michelle Bouchard Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
briana aguilar Renton, US 2018-12-12
Ersilias Shermsn Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Dale Edwards Aylmer, Canada 2018-12-12
YVETTE BOYLAN Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Lisa Lankinen Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Corlin Bauhofer Schenectady, New York, US 2018-12-12
Anna Huynh Garden Grove, US 2018-12-12
warren stuart longlac, Canada 2018-12-12
Villeneuve Julie Belcourt, Canada 2018-12-12
Mike Donio Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Lisa Julien Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Jessica Burns Chilliwack, Canada 2018-12-12
Rheal Twance Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Sylvie D'Ettorre Thunder Bay, ON, Canada 2018-12-12
Samantha Lavallee Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Kaitlyn steinke Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Fatima Javaid Houston, US 2018-12-12
Jackie Boucher Hearst, Canada 2018-12-12
Name Location Date
Danny Andru Toronto, Canada 2018-12-12
Wendy Mclean Neebing, Canada 2018-12-12
Andy Kemp New York, US 2018-12-12
Guylaine Ouellette Leblanc Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-12
Derek McNabb North York, Canada 2018-12-12
Prisca Campbell Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-12-12
Lynn Ingram Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-12-12
Pam Carnrite Lively, Canada 2018-12-12
Chuck Deraiche Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-12-12
Diane Brown Ste Marthe, Canada 2018-12-12
Donna Chenier Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-12-12
William Christie Fort Myers, Florida, US 2018-12-12
Chris Priddle Victoria, Canada 2018-12-12
AJ Hart Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Butch C. Harris Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
chris zachary Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
conrad burns burns sudbury, Canada 2018-12-12
Joel McQuay Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Lichelle Van Ness Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Patty Hanley Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Amanda Wierikko Thunder bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Sherry Burak Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-12
Name Location Date
Jeremy Sgambelluri Canada 2018-12-12
Julie McGowan Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Ashley Higham Toronto, Canada 2018-12-12
Nancy Simoes Brampton, Canada 2018-12-12
yvette kenyon Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Mariah Pretulac Canada 2018-12-12
Autumn Stevens Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Jean Doherty Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-12
Joe Dickenson Brigden, Canada 2018-12-12
David Hunt Waterloo, Canada 2018-12-12
Susan St Louis Terrace Bay, Canada 2018-12-13
Monique Paasila Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-13
Lynn Nadeau Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-13
Stephanie Fortin Beardmore, Canada 2018-12-13
Shauna Willis Canada 2018-12-13
Sylvie Millette Timmins, Canada 2018-12-13
Kim Lee Tucson, Arizona, US 2018-12-13
George Podnar Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-13
Anne Thomson Geraldton, Canada 2018-12-13
Cody Hall Keewatin, Canada 2018-12-13
Leanne Rioux Geraldton, Canada 2018-12-13
Beth Rollins Oshawa, Canada 2018-12-13
Name Location Date
kerrie mazinakouskang thunder bay, Canada 2018-12-13
Pierrette St Louis Jemseg, Canada 2018-12-13
Verna Bedford Cambridge Narrows NB, Canada 2018-12-13
helene tailleur Saint-Anicet, Canada 2018-12-13
Vanessa Megan Sande Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-13
Sharon McLaughlin Kingston, Canada 2018-12-13
Lorraine Hachez Moonbeam, Canada 2018-12-13
Gary Eckensweiler Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-13
Zac Cunningham Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-13
Brian Barker Georgina, Canada 2018-12-13
Mireille Fortin Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-13
Sylvie Dalton Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-13
Sara Baillie Oakville, Canada 2018-12-13
Norm Bizier Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-13
Denis Beaulieu Smooth Rock Falls,Ont, Canada 2018-12-13
Melody Dalton Canada 2018-12-13
Shelley Gagnon Val caron, Canada 2018-12-13
Luc Janson Timmins, Canada 2018-12-13
Yves St Amant Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-13
Dave Palangio Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-13
Ed Baumann Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 2018-12-13
Mark Faubert Chilliwack, Canada 2018-12-14
Name Location Date
Joanne Leblanc Canada 2018-12-14
Johanne Bourgon Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-14
Daniel Blais Gatineau, Canada 2018-12-14
lola lapierre Hamburg, New York, US 2018-12-14
Diane Potts Brantford, Canada 2018-12-14
Christian Schmitz Bertrange, Luxembourg 2018-12-14
Lucille Larue North Bay, Canada 2018-12-14
Darlene Niemi Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-14
Leona Morin Hamilton,, Canada 2018-12-14
Jennifer DeBernardi North Bay, Canada 2018-12-14
marlene bivins thunder bay, ontario, Canada 2018-12-14
Tanis Dereski Port Elgin, Canada 2018-12-14
Jennifer Betts Marathon, Canada 2018-12-14
Jaclyn Rokebrand North Bay, Canada 2018-12-14
Jennifer Solomon Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-14
Jean m Gauthier North Bay, Canada 2018-12-14
Andi Chuckry Toronto, Canada 2018-12-14
Christine Keller Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-14
Cam Charbonneau Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-14
Bill McLaren Mitchell, Canada 2018-12-14
Hugh McGoldrick Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-14
Christine Rae St. Catharines, Canada 2018-12-14
Name Location Date
Catherine Rutherford Opasatika, Canada 2018-12-14
Maurice Drolet Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-14
Peter Robinson Tokyo, Canada 2018-12-14
Pauline Richard Strickland, Canada 2018-12-15
Daniel Trepanier Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-15
Elizabeth Garside Dubreuilville, Canada 2018-12-15
houston thomson Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-15
Lyne Ratté Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Ann Spekking Canada 2018-12-15
Brooke Pirson Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Donna Furlong Timmins, Canada 2018-12-15
Sylvie Mousseau Hearst, Canada 2018-12-15
Frédéric Potvin Canada 2018-12-15
Michelle Scott North Bay, Canada 2018-12-15
Edith Gendron Victoriaville, Canada 2018-12-15
Simonne Pouliot Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Louise Picard Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-15
Doris Duguay Geraldton, Canada 2018-12-15
Gisele Allard Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Line Crickard Innisfil, Canada 2018-12-15
Philippe MacDonald Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-15
ken raymond kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Name Location Date
Lise Ward Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Chris Pouliot Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-15
gilbert breton Chapleau, Canada 2018-12-15
Gordon Davis North Bay, Canada 2018-12-15
M. Phair Carrying Place, Canada 2018-12-15
Ron Semeniuk South River, Ont., Canada 2018-12-15
Milan Zupan Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-15
Lise Lavoie Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Gloria Cote Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-15
Judy Belanger Clearwater, Florida, US 2018-12-15
Dale Duquette Burk's Falls, Canada 2018-12-15
Mariette Upton Thunder Bay, Canada 2018-12-15
Shirley Dumais Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-16
kim aide Barry's Bay, Canada 2018-12-16
Shawn Carpenter Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-16
Kim Solomon Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-16
Robert Hewitt Smiths Falls, Canada 2018-12-16
Viviane Gendron Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US 2018-12-16
Nidia Paquette Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-16
Linda Pon Gatineau, Canada 2018-12-16
Sandra Petrikowski London, Canada 2018-12-16
Shane Wilson Smiths Falls, Canada 2018-12-16
Name Location Date
Monique Plourde Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-16
Gaston Guenette Calgary, Canada 2018-12-16
Mike Homann Marathon On., Canada 2018-12-16
Lise Girard White River, Canada 2018-12-16
Richard Allard Moose Factory, Canada 2018-12-16
Roxanne Vandal Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-16
Mitch de Blois Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-16
Catherine Duquette Borden, Canada 2018-12-16
Mariebeth bonfield Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-16
Chris Young ottawa, Canada 2018-12-16
Barb MacIver Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-16
Jen Vachon Larder Lake, Canada 2018-12-16
Mariette Romain Englehart, Canada 2018-12-16
SYLVIE GERVAIS Dubuisson, Canada 2018-12-16
Charles Maltby Woodstock, Canada 2018-12-16
Chris Pierce Toronto, Canada 2018-12-16
Aaron Ploughman Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-16
liliane ethier Haileybury on, Canada 2018-12-16
Karen Beland North Cobalt,, Canada 2018-12-17
Estelle St-Cyr Val-d'or, Canada 2018-12-17
Kevin Ascott North Cobalt, Canada 2018-12-17
Name Location Date
Joyce Dupuis Pelley North Bay, Canada 2018-12-17
Laura Kennedy Peterborough, Canada 2018-12-17
Lynda Boudreau Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-17
theresa smith Cranbrook, Canada 2018-12-17
Art Bennett Bruce Mines ON, Canada 2018-12-17
Denise Thomas Toronto, Canada 2018-12-17
Rachel Riopel Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-17
Fernand Huet Timmins, Canada 2018-12-17
Susan Furlong Hilton Beach, Canada 2018-12-17
William MacLatchy Mission, Canada 2018-12-17
Solange Lachance Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-17
Linda Rody Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-17
Rose-Lyne D'Aoust-Messier Krklk, Canada 2018-12-17
brenda batisse haileybury, Canada 2018-12-17
Sandra McIntyre Heron Bay, Canada 2018-12-17
claudette ethier new liskeard ont, Canada 2018-12-17
Napoléon Gaignard Granby, Canada 2018-12-17
MIke M. New York, New York, US 2018-12-17
elizabeth Bradbury Brantford, Canada 2018-12-17
Mike Rody Toronto, Canada 2018-12-17
Francine Shortt Canada 2018-12-17
Bruce MacDonald Fenelon Falls, Canada 2018-12-17
Name Location Date
Muriel Lang Etobicoke, Canada 2018-12-17
Cristina La Fratta Niagara Falls, Canada 2018-12-18
Ian Johnston Toronto, ON, Canada 2018-12-18
Sean Rody Kitchener, Canada 2018-12-18
Natalie Tourigny Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-18
Marcia Brasch Iroquois Falls, Canada 2018-12-18
rita fortin Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-18
Gustavo Casteo Nacogdoches, US 2018-12-18
Suzanne Asselin Timmins, Canada 2018-12-18
Bobby Lane Calgary, Canada 2018-12-18
Ryley Anderson Arroyo Grande, California, US 2018-12-18
Denise Guindon Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-18
Jocelyne Grzela Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-18
Cam Ladner Staten Island, US 2018-12-18
Luc Arseneault Saint-Hubert, Canada 2018-12-18
sylvio gagnon Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-18
Nigel Allen Toronto ON, Canada 2018-12-18
John Scalena Oshawa, Canada 2018-12-18
Glenn Todd Innisfil, Canada 2018-12-18
sandhya rambol HYDERABAD, US 2018-12-18
Amber Maestas Espanola, US 2018-12-18
Pattie Fair Alix, Canada 2018-12-18
Name Location Date
Tom Ritter Mokena, US 2018-12-18
Donald Blue Miramichi, Canada 2018-12-18
Alain Labonte Timmins, Canada 2018-12-18
Yeduh Elumba Canada 2018-12-18
Bill Hodgson Toronto, Canada 2018-12-18
Philip Jago Toronto, Canada 2018-12-19
Mark Walton Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-19
Glenn Wallman Fernie, Canada 2018-12-19
Kathrine Short Rocky Mountain House, Canada 2018-12-19
Joe Arguello Riverside, US 2018-12-19
Alexander Poirier Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-19
Marilyn Woodley Langley, Canada 2018-12-19
Pat Gagne Ajax, Canada 2018-12-19
Michael White Carrollton, Kentucky, US 2018-12-19
Glen Harris Navan, Canada 2018-12-19
Carl Ménard Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-19
Clarke Christopher Toronto, Canada 2018-12-19
Nicole Lachance Kapuskasing, Canada 2018-12-19
nate harris Ridgewood, US 2018-12-19
Crista O'Connor Burlington, Canada 2018-12-19
Shivender Sidhu MISSISSAUGA, Canada 2018-12-19
Marcelin Meunier New Liskeard, Canada 2018-12-19
Name Location Date
Jo Anne Young Caledonia, ON, Canada 2018-12-19
Marilyn Hew Toronto, Canada 2018-12-19
Barbara Mullally Pauly Clayton, Canada 2018-12-19
Helene Julia Fulton Timmins, Canada 2018-12-19
Lise Paquette Timmins, Canada 2018-12-19
Karen Riches Clayton, Canada 2018-12-20
Sylvie Bilodeau Timmins, Canada 2018-12-20
Donna Smith Wilmington, North Carolina, US 2018-12-20
Rick Carriere Val Rita, Canada 2018-12-21
Geraldine Toomey Okotoks, Canada 2018-12-22
Leslie Gagnon Smooth rock falls, Canada 2018-12-22
Denise Lavoie Strickland, Canada 2018-12-22
Roman Borowski Kirkland Lake, Canada 2018-12-22
Tim Wilcox Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2018-12-22
Francine Gagnon Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-22
Lucette Leveque Canada 2018-12-22
Gail Cyr Chapleau, Canada 2018-12-22
Jeannette Cloutier Timmins, Canada 2018-12-22
Shereen Mertz Coombs, Canada 2018-12-22
Louise Niquet Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-22
Maureen Taylor Minden, Canada 2018-12-22
Rob Trembinski Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-22
Name Location Date
Karen Werzun Vancouver, Canada 2018-12-22
Michelle Montgomery Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-22
Francine Filion Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-22
Dawn Breault Stevensville, Canada 2018-12-22
Adela Lefort Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-22
Kate Davies Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-22
David Frederick Payson, Arizona, US 2018-12-22
Biglow Linda New Liskeard, Canada 2018-12-22
Viviane Gravel New Liskeard, Canada 2018-12-23
Glenna Carmichael Smoothrock Falls Ontario, Canada 2018-12-23
Suzanne Patrick Oakville, Canada 2018-12-24
Suzanne Boivin Smooth Rock Falls, Canada 2018-12-24
Claire Jordan Brockville, Canada 2018-12-24
SudanE. Douglas Mullet Marathon, Canada 2018-12-24
James Gosselin Timmins, Canada 2018-12-25
Donovan Gignac Gatineau, Canada 2018-12-26
Dan Schaffer Timmins, Canada 2018-12-26
Alex Gil Trois-rivières, Costa Rica 2018-12-26
Yanick Boudreau Terrebonne, Canada 2018-12-26
Josée Mailhot Mont-saint-hilaire, Canada 2018-12-26
Rachel Boudreau Repentigny, Canada 2018-12-26
Susan Diprey Smooth rock falls, Canada 2018-12-26
Name Location Date
William Annett Caledonia, Canada 2018-12-26
Olivier Tremblay Longueuil, Canada 2018-12-27
Jason Potvin Sainte-julie, Canada 2018-12-27
Mackenzie Larochelle Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-12-27
Christopher Pileggi Saint-jérôme, Canada 2018-12-27
Lana St. Jean Belleville, Canada 2018-12-27
Barbara Mathieu Oakville, Canada 2018-12-27
Audrey Hazelwood Ear falls, Canada 2018-12-27
Malcolm Rennie Dartmouth, Canada 2018-12-27
francis mayer Mirabel, Canada 2018-12-28
Diane Perrier Gatineau, Canada 2018-12-28
C. Dimitriu Toronto, Canada 2018-12-28
William Fry London, Canada 2018-12-28
Kimberly Fisher Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2018-12-29
Robin Powley Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-29
Joni Darnbrough Bradford, Canada 2018-12-29
Angel Dawdon Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-29
Amanda Stewart Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-29
Jaedyn Senden Thunderbay, Canada 2018-12-29
Leeanna Halonen Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2018-12-31
Amanda O'Connor Red Lake, Canada 2018-12-31
Brenda Thyer Cambridge, Canada 2018-12-31
Name Location Date
Rosanne Ouellette Longlac, Canada 2019-01-02
FAYE LOGAN Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-03
Maria Vasanelli Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-04
Heather Thomas Bright's Grove, Canada 2019-01-04
Paul O’Neil Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-05
James Ferguson Marathon, Canada 2019-01-05
tara gusola THUNDER BAY, Canada 2019-01-05
Daisy Cavazos Lutz, US 2019-01-05
Leonard Lucas Sanford, US 2019-01-05
Taya Tory Sherwood Park, Canada 2019-01-05
Michael Carter Barrie, Canada 2019-01-05
Setrak Kalpakian Vancouver, Canada 2019-01-05
Asma Rasheed Chicago, US 2019-01-05
Suzanne Carey Little Bras D'or, Canada 2019-01-05
dave hartison Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-05
Kim Murphy New Liskeard, Canada 2019-01-05
Dianne Richardson Barrie, Canada 2019-01-06
Irene Tretjakoff Pierrefonds, Canada 2019-01-06
Adele Mabley Toronto, Canada 2019-01-06
Gen Lozada Mississauga, Canada 2019-01-06
Opeyemi Olaniran Red Deer, Canada 2019-01-06
Gabriel Morin Montmagny, Canada 2019-01-06
Name Location Date
Tsianina Bohn Renton, US 2019-01-06
Philémon Beaulieu Canada 2019-01-06
Jasdip Dhanoa Abbotsford, Canada 2019-01-06
James D Urban Dallas, Texas, US 2019-01-06
Alexi Khezri New York, US 2019-01-06
Lori Fisk Uniontown, Ohio, US 2019-01-06
Elke Bradford Barrie, Canada 2019-01-06
aleksandra cekic London, Canada 2019-01-06
kelley burnett Mukwonago, US 2019-01-06
Alexei Audoinovich Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Canada 2019-01-06
Anthony Gagné Victoriaville, Canada 2019-01-06
Gaye McLennan Calgary, Canada 2019-01-06
J B Canada 2019-01-06
Laurie-Edwidge Cardinal Rimouski, Canada 2019-01-06
Maureen Huot Regina, Canada 2019-01-06
Aiden S Brooklyn, US 2019-01-06
Alexander Berkutov Donalds, US 2019-01-06
Jennifer Bates Rensselaer, US 2019-01-06
sheila massoni hackensack, New Jersey, US 2019-01-06
Sujani Dudi Langley, Canada 2019-01-06
David Mortimer york, UK 2019-01-06
Raymond Hammond Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-06
Name Location Date
George Powrie Tauranga, New Zealand 2019-01-06
Christopher Calla Toronto, Canada 2019-01-07
Joe Hill Sarnia, Canada 2019-01-07
Bruce Jones Foster, Canada 2019-01-07
Knealie Talada Denver, US 2019-01-07
Aldo Gallone richmond hill, Canada 2019-01-07
David Chu Vancouver, Canada 2019-01-07
Rob Conway Snohomish, US 2019-01-07
Marcie Boroughs Vacaville, US 2019-01-07
Julian Mosses West Drayton, UK 2019-01-07
Linsey peterson Halifax, Canada 2019-01-07
Jayden Park Burnaby, Canada 2019-01-07
Sony Jhawar Surrey, Canada 2019-01-07
Treshaun Perry Windsor, Canada 2019-01-07
Zsolt Kresenes Oakville, Canada 2019-01-07
Lucie Albert FAUQUIER, Canada 2019-01-07
Jj Martin Brechin, Canada 2019-01-07
Noddinlas Noddin St. Andrews, NB, Canada 2019-01-07
Michael Boykas Allentown, US 2019-01-08
Stu Sylver Ingersoll, Canada 2019-01-08
Seth Miles Marathon, Canada 2019-01-08
Thomas Thekkethil Sajan Toronto, Canada 2019-01-08
Name Location Date
Anonymous Anonymous Batesville, US 2019-01-08
Danielle Landry Levack, Canada 2019-01-08
Lorraine St Pierre Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-08
Claybourne Denne Toronto, Canada 2019-01-08
Nirmal Singh Punny Winnipeg, Canada 2019-01-08
Ryan Gillespie Beaconsfield, Canada 2019-01-08
David Trayhorn York, UK 2019-01-08
James Strawser Lyndhurst, US 2019-01-08
Brittney Maynard Niagara Falls, Canada 2019-01-09
Jeftah Quilpa Oakland, US 2019-01-09
Elias Ortega Highland, US 2019-01-09
Yarima Borrego San antonio, Texas, US 2019-01-09
Trish Emery Cypress County, Canada 2019-01-09
Vikram Chahal Calgary, Canada 2019-01-09
Martin Echtner Calgary, Canada 2019-01-09
Lisa Svedlund Calgary, Canada 2019-01-09
Eduardo Quijano Canada 2019-01-09
Kevin Pollock London, Canada 2019-01-09
Sibin Scariah North York, Canada 2019-01-09
Jithesh Kumar TORONTO, Canada 2019-01-09
Elcy Alias Toronto, Canada 2019-01-09
Adam Jackson Parry Sound, Canada 2019-01-09
Name Location Date
Michele LaPorte Hoffman Estates, US 2019-01-09
Chad Dzaman Grande Prairie, Canada 2019-01-09
Jason Grant Calgary, Canada 2019-01-09
David Furlong Saint John, Canada 2019-01-09
Abbey Hall Port Hope, Canada 2019-01-09
Denise Bliss Kapuskasing, Canada 2019-01-09
Sooraj Raveendranpillai Sunithakumari
Burlington, Canada 2019-01-09
Sinto Antony India 2019-01-10
Dhanya Paul Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-10
Krissy Harling North Bay, Canada 2019-01-10
Melinda Coughlin North Bay, Canada 2019-01-10
Cecile Gallagher Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-11
Tina Harling North Bay, Canada 2019-01-11
Ronda Huston Grove City, Ohio, US 2019-01-13
F. Forest Goulais River ON, Canada 2019-01-13
Madelaine Fischer Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada 2019-01-13
Ian Speicher Huntsville, Canada 2019-01-14
Mark Schwartzentruber Parry Sound, Canada 2019-01-14
Subscribe To Pewdiepie Waynesboro, US 2019-01-14
Dupinderjit K Sangha Nanoose Bay, Canada 2019-01-14
Manpreet Kaur Surrey, Canada 2019-01-14
Name Location Date
simrat singh bhullar Toronto, Canada 2019-01-14
Brigitte St Jean Fredericton, Canada 2019-01-14
Kuldeep Singh’s Vancouver, Canada 2019-01-14
Ron Trickey Winkler, Canada 2019-01-14
Nessa Taylor Brampton, Canada 2019-01-14
Mel Major Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-14
Ron Lake Ponte Vedra, Florida, US 2019-01-14
Joe Spreeman Metamora, Michigan, US 2019-01-14
Michael O'Hara Three Rivers, Michigan, US 2019-01-14
Ron wilmers Manton, Michigan, US 2019-01-14
Richard Schlaud North Branch, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Rebecca Stimson Midland, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
VICTORIA MARJI Toronto, Canada 2019-01-15
Amarveer Kaur Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-15
Gurpreet Singh Surrey, Canada 2019-01-15
Connor Jones Cuyahoga Falls, US 2019-01-15
Fatemeh Hosseini Hyattsville, US 2019-01-15
Caleb Rutledge Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Gurvinder Khosa Surrey, Canada 2019-01-15
Theodore Seymour Harbour round, Canada 2019-01-15
Deborah Mousseau Mount Brydges, Canada 2019-01-15
Gurjeet chahal mission, Canada 2019-01-15
Name Location Date
Evelyn Salazar Spring Branch, US 2019-01-15
Mary Powers Green Valley, Arizona, US 2019-01-15
Chuck Dixon Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Saniya Simmons Upper Marlboro, US 2019-01-15
Kyree Shaw Hyattsville, US 2019-01-15
brooke fillmann Annandale, US 2019-01-15
Melany Sanchez Herndon, US 2019-01-15
mark palmer Washington, US 2019-01-15
Tristen Twomey Woodbridge, US 2019-01-15
Jhonatan Coreas Laurel, US 2019-01-15
Doug Black Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-15
Karla Sanchez Manassas, US 2019-01-15
Robert Miller Saugatuck, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Baljit Sandhu Brampton, Canada 2019-01-15
Jatinder Sidhu Etobicoke, Canada 2019-01-15
Melba Sanchez Calexico, US 2019-01-15
Tarek Koudmani Calgary, Canada 2019-01-15
Sandy Parrish Canada 2019-01-15
Barb Effenberger Larder Lake, Canada 2019-01-15
Ron Starking Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Joe Smith Madison Heights, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Rohit Jassal Delta, Canada 2019-01-15
Name Location Date
Des Har Washington, US 2019-01-15
Jass Brar Richmond, Canada 2019-01-15
Sukhminder Lotay Winnipeg, Canada 2019-01-15
Gurdeep Singh Dhaliwal Ontario, Canada 2019-01-15
Steve starking Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Navdeep Sidhu Surrey, Canada 2019-01-15
Baljunder Kang Brampton, Canada 2019-01-15
Amandeep Dhaliwal Surrey, Canada 2019-01-15
Gurjit Singh Brampton, Canada 2019-01-15
Juliana Doyle Marshall, US 2019-01-15
ERIKA COSTER Saginaw, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Andrea Sinclair Massachusetts, US 2019-01-15
Navneet Kaler Kelowna, Canada 2019-01-15
Harman Sidhu Aldergrove, Canada 2019-01-15
Sukhwinder Judge Abbotsford, Canada 2019-01-15
Parminder Brar Winnipeg, Canada 2019-01-15
Kamalpreet Dhaliwal Timmins, Canada 2019-01-15
Charles Ruckle Philadelphia, US 2019-01-15
Ama Bekoe Halifax, Canada 2019-01-15
Simarjit Singh Toronto, Canada 2019-01-15
sukhjot grewal delta, Canada 2019-01-15
Rose Van Hemmen NA, Canada 2019-01-15
Name Location Date
Dhadda Ajitpal Barrie, Canada 2019-01-15
noah mcdik Sydney, Canada 2019-01-15
LINDA HAMSTRA MONROE, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Divyeshkumar Patel St. John's, Canada 2019-01-15
Sukhpreet Singh Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-15
Ganinder Chouhan Oakville, Canada 2019-01-15
Duane Canady Logan, US 2019-01-15
Harpreet Singh Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-15
Richard Meyers Coquille, US 2019-01-15
Meredith Cordes Davison, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Becky Brown Dryden, Canada 2019-01-15
Faith Rowley Vassar, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Erin O’Hara Waterford, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Kate Hammond Lansing, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Kim Cole Jackson, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Nicholas Rood Lansing, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Keith Marsh Dimondale, Michigan, US 2019-01-15
Mike Mercier Dryden, Michigan, US 2019-01-16
Mary Groves Lupton, Michigan, US 2019-01-16
Taylor Rutledge Columbiaville, Michigan, US 2019-01-16
Angela Major Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-17
Matthew Dillon Columbiaville Mi, Michigan, US 2019-01-17
Name Location Date
James Schoenherr Lansing, Michigan, US 2019-01-17
Francine Gassi Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2019-01-17
Carolyn Maciuk-Brunette Caledon East, Canada 2019-01-17
David Maciuk Lake Villa, Illinois, US 2019-01-17
John Chiappetta Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-17
Bill Mcdougall Glace Bay, Canada 2019-01-17
Cara N Dave Canada 2019-01-17
Michael Shiffman US 2019-01-17
ginny peever north bay, Canada 2019-01-17
John Hill Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-17
Randy Fountain Brampton, Canada 2019-01-17
Joan & Nick Buconjic Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-17
Martha Payne Muncie, Indiana, US 2019-01-17
joe-anne helferty sault ste. marie, Canada 2019-01-17
Thana Khosa Calgary, Canada 2019-01-17
Charlene Hird Victoria, Canada 2019-01-17
Parminder Singh Brampton, Canada 2019-01-17
Kelly Cairns Burlington, Canada 2019-01-17
Susan taylor sault ste marie, Canada 2019-01-18
Abdul Bashir Brampton, Canada 2019-01-18
Deja Yew Woon Kingston, Canada 2019-01-18
Terri Fensom Lansing, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Name Location Date
Rose Esposito Austin, Texas, US 2019-01-18
Tony Cizinoski Canada 2019-01-18
Marissa Hall Ellijay, US 2019-01-18
Karanjot Singh Surrey, Canada 2019-01-18
Bradley Matthews Charlottetown, Canada 2019-01-18
Polly Anna Krombel Lake Ariel, US 2019-01-18
Mount Pleasant Village Concerned Residents
Canada 2019-01-18
John Lade Oshawa, Canada 2019-01-18
Lindsay Mercer Toronto, Canada 2019-01-18
Tessie R Bowie, US 2019-01-18
Jim Bresnahan Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2019-01-18
Darla Dixon Columbiaville, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
LaRonda Velaga Clio, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Kendra Coates Carrier Mills, Illinois, US 2019-01-18
Amanda Dixon Mount Pleasant, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Kurtis Qualman Omaha, Nebraska, US 2019-01-18
Joy Coates-Brown Carrier mills, Illinois, US 2019-01-18
Beth Kozma Lake Orion, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Deanna B Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Kathryn Sontag Vassar, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Kaitlynn Tuckey Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Name Location Date
Julie DeWitt Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Tammy Viaene Almont, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Donald Wiggert Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Neil St. Clair Windsor Ontario, Canada 2019-01-18
Susan Stroman Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Scott DeWitt Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Margaret Willey Davison, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Jack Anderson Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Canada 2019-01-18
Dennis Keen Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Lori Pope Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Julie Coats Huntersville, North Carolina, US 2019-01-18
Amy Mcphearson Saginaw, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Elaine Machuga Royal Oak, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Jessica Page thunder bay, Canada 2019-01-18
Cara Capizzo Saint Johns, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Constance Peterman Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
James Nicolson waterloo, Canada 2019-01-18
Jason Nicholes White Lake, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
William Pyke Scarborough, Canada 2019-01-18
Chris cutway Clarkston, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Lisa Grote Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Lora Preston Troy, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Name Location Date
Kelly Walker Winfield, Illinois, US 2019-01-18
Jim Griffin Markdale, ON, Canada 2019-01-18
Miranda Strawser Manchester, Tennessee, US 2019-01-18
Lauren Young Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Michael Sebastian Cambridge, Canada 2019-01-18
chamari Fernando Southfield, US 2019-01-18
K F Canada 2019-01-18
Satwinder Dhillon Toronto, Canada 2019-01-18
Deb Barber Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Mr Bean Brampton, Canada 2019-01-18
Karamjit Randhawa Mississauga, Canada 2019-01-18
Linda Lombardo Utica, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Katherine Hansen Attica, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Traci Brusen Ortonville, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Elizabeth Swoish North Branch, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Emma Brown Halifax, Canada 2019-01-18
Erin Byron Brantford, Canada 2019-01-18
Abby Neahusan Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Kayla Dewitt Columbiaville, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Brandon Barber Columbiaville, Michigan, US 2019-01-18
Carli Muloin Dorion, Canada 2019-01-18
Jasneet Mander Vaughan, Canada 2019-01-18
Name Location Date
Richard Dilley Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 2019-01-19
Dawn Williams Davison, Michigan, US 2019-01-19
Carla Forteau Cobourg, Canada 2019-01-19
Nou Vang Kitchener, Canada 2019-01-19
Christina Boonstoppel Grunthal, Canada 2019-01-19
Kaitlyn Snook Canada 2019-01-19
cara gorgerat trenton, Canada 2019-01-19
Ryan Beaulieu Kapuskasing, Canada 2019-01-19
Ayesha Khan Brampton, Canada 2019-01-19
Bill Ferrier Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-19
Nick Rankin Sturgeon Falls, Canada 2019-01-19
Amanda Smith lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-19
Charanjeet Singh Auckland, New Zealand 2019-01-19
An v. Brussel R'veer, Netherlands 2019-01-19
Amanda Rogers Davison, Michigan, US 2019-01-19
Deborah Rubino Schaumburg, US 2019-01-19
Lois Mosher Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-19
Cheryl Buchanan Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-19
Garnet Stencill Moncton, Canada 2019-01-19
Chloe Nicholes Redford, Michigan, US 2019-01-19
Thomas Golson Lapeer, Michigan, US 2019-01-19
Paul-Guy Raymond Blainville, Canada 2019-01-19
Name Location Date
Brian Magaton Castlegar, Canada 2019-01-20
Patty Rutkowski Lombard, Illinois, US 2019-01-20
Caleb Terkovics Mississauga, Canada 2019-01-20
Danielle Koehn Toronto, Canada 2019-01-20
Elise Ondet Toronto, Canada 2019-01-20
Cathy Malloch Georgetown, Canada 2019-01-20
Monika Skarratt Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-20
Adelaide Brown Canada 2019-01-20
Murray Stevens Canada 2019-01-20
Charleen Mackett Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 2019-01-20
Kerry Morden Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-20
Sukhi Chahal On, Canada 2019-01-20
Debra Gilbert Bowmanville, Canada 2019-01-20
varinder SINGH Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-20
Kevin Brown Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-20
Alaynna Sloan Upper Sandusky, US 2019-01-20
Gursewak JOHAL Brampton, Canada 2019-01-20
Karamjit SIVIA Brampton, Canada 2019-01-20
domenic della ventura hamilton, Canada 2019-01-20
Marianne Smolders Canada 2019-01-20
Nick Warkman Red Deer, Canada 2019-01-20
Manjeet singh Gill Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-20
Name Location Date
Joshua Chen Markham, Canada 2019-01-20
Cameron Bulger Ajax, Canada 2019-01-20
Attar Dhaliwal Abbotsford, Canada 2019-01-20
Khaleel Hamilton Windsor, Canada 2019-01-20
Donald Sowden Port Hope, Canada 2019-01-20
yuppers yuppers US 2019-01-20
alyssa goodrham mclaine Toronto, Canada 2019-01-20
Payal Patel Brampton, Canada 2019-01-20
Harjoban Kahlon Surrey, Canada 2019-01-20
Karlee Pinkerton Winfield, US 2019-01-20
Beneluke Park Centreville, US 2019-01-20
Luke Bin San Diego, US 2019-01-20
Ashley Leduc Toronto, Canada 2019-01-20
surjit hayre scarborough, Canada 2019-01-20
Tyler Davis Marathon, Canada 2019-01-20
Harleen Gill Surrey, Canada 2019-01-20
Gurmit singh Tamberh Brampton, Canada 2019-01-20
Navpreet Kaur Etobicoke, Canada 2019-01-20
Emily Clare Bowmanville, Canada 2019-01-20
Angelia Spithourakis Pitt Meadows, Canada 2019-01-20
Eric Shergold Stoney Creek, Canada 2019-01-20
Amritpal Singh Sidhu Medicine Hat, Canada 2019-01-20
Name Location Date
Richard Acker Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-20
Gurpreet Kahlon Chestermere, Canada 2019-01-20
John Cena Santa Cruz, US 2019-01-20
Barry Upiter Oakville, Canada 2019-01-20
Alex Davies Surrey, Canada 2019-01-21
Mel Noble Surrey, Canada 2019-01-21
Chante Levene Toronto, Canada 2019-01-21
Ken Mwaniki Scarborough, Canada 2019-01-21
Chloé Arsenault Lamèque, Canada 2019-01-21
Kirsten Lea Ottawa, Canada 2019-01-21
Kevina Simons Straffordville, Canada 2019-01-21
Colin Ireland Longmeadow, US 2019-01-21
Adam Mujahid Milton, Canada 2019-01-21
Parm Tiwana Victoria, Canada 2019-01-21
Gerlie Cangson Thornhill, Canada 2019-01-21
Nick V Guelph, Canada 2019-01-21
Christine Yurgaites Vero Beach, Florida, US 2019-01-21
Rebecca Carefoot Meaford, Canada 2019-01-21
Holly Glabb Toronto, Canada 2019-01-21
Amiee Gibson Guelph, Canada 2019-01-21
Sarah Newell Hamilton, Canada 2019-01-21
Kevin Brown Pineville, US 2019-01-21
Name Location Date
Andrew L US 2019-01-21
Tirzah Moore Magnolia, US 2019-01-21
Victoria Alline Mandeville, US 2019-01-21
PRISCILLA Garcia Round Rock, Texas, US 2019-01-21
Preet Kaur Canada 2019-01-21
Jonathan Gutierrez Scarborough, Canada 2019-01-21
Budh Singh Brampton, Canada 2019-01-21
Tony Kumar Houston, US 2019-01-21
Knox Collura Covington, US 2019-01-21
Zachary Rivero Miami, US 2019-01-21
Muhammad Khan Oakville, Canada 2019-01-21
D’Nyla Graham New Orleans, US 2019-01-21
Blake Hallam Washington, US 2019-01-21
Sarah Bartkoski Lenexa, Kansas, US 2019-01-21
John King Knoxville, US 2019-01-21
Amanda Richards Gallup, US 2019-01-21
Jennifer Richard Billodeau US 2019-01-21
MARSHALL Allen Oklahoma City, US 2019-01-21
Shonna Onysyk Fort Saskatchewan, Canada 2019-01-21
Devin Bernal Lumberton, US 2019-01-21
Doug Kendall Oneonta, New York, US 2019-01-21
John Clark Smyrna, US 2019-01-21
Name Location Date
Jenna Nguyen Collingswood, US 2019-01-21
Summer Eltaji Oakville, Canada 2019-01-21
Chester davis Donaldsonville, US 2019-01-21
Lynnette Metts Pearl River, Louisiana, US 2019-01-21
Conroy Bean Atlanta, US 2019-01-21
Todd Carter New Orleans, US 2019-01-21
Rajandeep Shergill Winnipeg, Canada 2019-01-21
Terrell Hunter Fort Washington, US 2019-01-21
Shelley Raymond Cambridge, Canada 2019-01-21
Travis Holmes Killeen, US 2019-01-21
Mary Matty Woodbridge, Canada 2019-01-21
branden breaux marrero, US 2019-01-21
Lionel Johnson Atlanta, US 2019-01-21
Aminata McClow New Orleans, US 2019-01-21
michael Wonderham Calgary, Canada 2019-01-21
Sash Case Pickering, Canada 2019-01-21
LaQuinta Gordon Kenner, US 2019-01-21
Sonya Robson Kamloops, Canada 2019-01-21
Makayla Williamson York, Canada 2019-01-21
Kyle acuna Calgary, Canada 2019-01-21
Jamie Terrell Fort Worth, Texas, US 2019-01-21
Ryan Kertis Laporte, Indiana, US 2019-01-21
Name Location Date
Claude D’Amours Riverview, Florida, US 2019-01-21
Lucien Brunet Toronto, Canada 2019-01-21
edith lepage crete dayton, Ohio, US 2019-01-21
Ted Comeau Timmins, Canada 2019-01-21
Jean-Guy Poisson Timmins, Canada 2019-01-21
Roland Cloutier Kapuskasing, Canada 2019-01-22
Diane St-amour kapuskasing ontario canada, Canada 2019-01-22
John Deviney Toronto, Canada 2019-01-22
Barbara OToole The Pas, Canada 2019-01-22
Amandeep Gill Surrey, Canada 2019-01-22
Bill Koivisto Kitchener, Canada 2019-01-23
Geraldine Witzell Mobert, Canada 2019-01-24
Derek LeBlanc Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-25
Kristine Mikus Schreiber, Canada 2019-01-25
Bob Sherwood Mine Hill, New Jersey, US 2019-01-25
Tristan Smith Schreiber, Canada 2019-01-25
martin telford Fauquier, Canada 2019-01-25
Marcello Cuglietta Etobicoke, Canada 2019-01-25
Leah Clapham Canada 2019-01-25
Kathy Whitton Terrace Bay, Canada 2019-01-25
Al Bauman Minneapolis, Minnesota, US 2019-01-25
ERIKA BROWN Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2019-01-25
Name Location Date
Renee J Kapuskasing, Canada 2019-01-25
Karson Mackie North York, Canada 2019-01-25
Susan Lindstedt Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-25
Doug Williams Cambridge, Canada 2019-01-25
Lori Reed Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2019-01-25
Sara Ryan Winnipeg, Canada 2019-01-25
Maxie Blalock Marietta, Georgia, US 2019-01-25
Kaija Breton Echo Bay, Canada 2019-01-25
paul and jane pellerin Desbarats, Canada 2019-01-25
Paulette Hamilton Canada 2019-01-25
Debbie Woods Echo Bay, Canada 2019-01-25
Leopold Freedman Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, US 2019-01-25
Sharon Black Winnipeg, Canada 2019-01-25
Ivana Pucci Ottawa, Canada 2019-01-25
Ron Uhryn Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-25
Evelyn Miller Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-25
Liisa George Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-25
Jaime Miller Calgary, Canada 2019-01-25
Don Elliott North York, Canada 2019-01-25
Mike Patriquin Batchawana bay, Canada 2019-01-25
Gina Sleeper Duncan, Canada 2019-01-25
Kimberly Nelson Canada 2019-01-25
Name Location Date
Ellen Smith Edmonton, Canada 2019-01-25
Vince Massier Terrace Bay, Canada 2019-01-25
Rosalee Laurin Toronto, Canada 2019-01-25
Jennifer Tremblay North Bay, Canada 2019-01-25
Myra Lehtinen Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-25
Rachel Levesque Longlac, Canada 2019-01-25
Greg Cameron Kingston, Canada 2019-01-26
Sheila lafleur Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-26
Chantal Fyfe Warren, Canada 2019-01-26
Angie Nesbitt Terrace Bay, Canada 2019-01-26
Lisa Miller Sault Ste Marie, Canada 2019-01-26
Carol Lebrun Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-26
Cinthea Rehel Whitton Marathon, Canada 2019-01-26
george maguire Fredericton, Canada 2019-01-26
Linda Lee Vancouver, Canada 2019-01-26
lara lee Vancouver, Canada 2019-01-26
Gisele Poliquin Leduc, Canada 2019-01-26
Gayle Miller Sault Ste. Marie, Canada 2019-01-26
Siobhan Malashewski McCreary, Canada 2019-01-26
John Pierman Kenosha, Wisconsin, US 2019-01-26
michel demers Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-26
Denise Fiaschetti Longlac, Canada 2019-01-26
Name Location Date
Gerald Bouchard Pays Plat, Canada 2019-01-26
Brenda Harris Terrace Bay, Canada 2019-01-26
alan tharp Lynnwood, Washington, US 2019-01-26
Ralph Piercey Deux-Montagnes, Canada 2019-01-26
Cecilia Mcwatch Pic Mobert, Canada 2019-01-26
Karen Deschatelets Timmins, Canada 2019-01-26
Paula Lloyd Burton-on-Trent, England, UK 2019-01-26
Kerri Lindsay Terrace Bay, Canada 2019-01-26
Rachel Gervais Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-26
Bernard Babin Lévis, Canada 2019-01-26
Dana Nirkkola Manitouwadge, Canada 2019-01-26
Pierre Lassonde Shawinigan, Canada 2019-01-26
Lynn Gilbert Hearst, Canada 2019-01-26
Luise Nikodem Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-26
Mike Fister Cambridge, Canada 2019-01-26
Stephen LaCroix Formosa, Canada 2019-01-26
Amanda Wells Marathon, Canada 2019-01-26
Peter Korschefsky Huntsville, Canada 2019-01-26
Randy Gollmer Thunder Bay, Canada 2019-01-26
Lorraine Malette Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-26
Norm Rippon Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-26
Name Location Date
Beverly Godin Sault Sainte Marie, Canada 2019-01-26
prabhjot aulakh Terrace Bay, Canada