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Recipient: Jacques Ouellette, Northern Ontario
Letter: Greetings,
Northern Ontario passenger rail service Here are the results of Beno Insurance Opinion Poll question. We asked..."Are you in favour of having passenger train service return to the North Shore to Thunder Bay and beyond?" (425 responses) 98% said Yes while 2% replied No. Thanks for your response. Thank you .CFNO!
Name Location Date Comment
Cindy Woodworth Labrador City, Canada
2018-09-16 I remember train trips to/from Marathon with my grandparents and they were wonderful! Marathon needs more accessibility.
jacques ouellette marathon, Canada 2018-09-16 Even if you will never take the train think about the people that don't drive or do not drive in bad weather
Bernice Desmoulin Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16 It would be great to have the via rail running again due to the greyhound no longer running
Florinda Christianson Marathon, Canada 2018-09-16 It would be wonderful to have this service in our area
Lori Bertin-Hogue Canada 2018-09-17 I would love to see the train come back to northern superior!
Glenda Wade Brandon, Canada 2018-09-17 Rail service is the history of Canada. Ontario is a huge province that sets the bar for Canada. It’s an opportunity to provide an invaluable service and also to see the beauty of Ontario
Ruth McKillip Toronto, Canada 2018-09-17 I am from Northwestern Ontario and it needs this service. Quit taking away services from the north where they are more than needed.
Inez Lazzari Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-17 I would take the train in a heartbeat if it was still available to Thunder Bay. Such a peaceful and safe way to travel Northern Ontario and beyond.
Stephen Oschefski Geraldton, Canada 2018-09-17 It is a service greatly needed throughout the country
margaret mcmillan White River, Canada
2018-09-17 Train travel is relaxing, a desrination I travel to. All aboard from my community, rates reasonable I presume, hope this option becomes available very soon.
Tammy Bolduc Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17 Tammy Bolduc
charles tossell sudbury, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-17 Northern Ontario deserves better!
Pascale RIVALLAND VARAIZE 17400, France
2018-09-17 Le train est un moyen de transport indispensable, nous voyons petit à petit disparaître nos petites et moyennes lignes. Les trains ont bercé mon enfance. Je suis contre la suppression drastique de toutes ces lignes.
Susan Hirschfeld Marathon, Canada 2018-09-17 We need reliable train service here in northwestern Ontario. We should be able to take a train to Thunder Bay for doctors appts. I would also like to be able to travel to Ottawa and Barrie without overnighting several times and having to go thru Toronto.
Nancy Moisan Tweed, Canada 2018-09-18 Isn't this an essential service for measures of health and security. What the people want is what they need, they live there, consult the people.
Name Location Date Comment
Crystal Michano Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-18 Transportation is needed
edward campbell Mountain, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-18 The North needs this service, both young and old
Susan Webber Marathon, Canada 2018-09-18 I fully support this.,
Mike Morrin Canada 2018-09-18 It's a vital service, and tired of the big corps, getting out of business because of prices they caused, and not getting there share of the beer money
Tania Weigelt Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18 We need to keep and add ways to safely get to appointments etc, Northern Ontario is just as important as Southern Ontario
Wendell Stevens Fort Frances, Canada
2018-09-18 We live in a small town in N.W. Ont. and know how essential these services are too people.
Elizabeth Hynes MARATHON, Canada
2018-09-18 we need more travel options in our area
Wendy O'Connor Murillo, Canada 2018-09-18 Yes, a Budd Car that uses tge existing CP Rail tracks to bridge the gap between Sudbury & Winnipeg sounds ideal. Hardly extravagant! This would provide a vital local & national service.
Gerry Oliphant Dryden, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-18 It's embarrassing that a country the size of Canada doesn't have a rail service. We need it for many reasons, tourism and transporting goods and for Canadians wishing to travel their country and visit family and make it to appointments. We are not all in a hurry to get from A to B and also cannot afford the high cost related to air travel. Bring back our train.
Patricia Desmoulin Heron Bay, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-18 Patricia Desmoulin
Jeff Kutcher Jasper, Canada 2018-09-18 Passenger service can be a vital piece of a community. Just ask the people who rely on the Hudson Bay Railway.
frances brassard Hearst, Canada 2018-09-18 Frances Brassard
Shucai Song ON, Canada 2018-09-18 north need more various accessible transportation tools to make it better place for people to live
Arthur Arnott Canada 2018-09-18 Because it is the right thing to do .
Angela Crupi Schreiber ontario, Canada
2018-09-18 We need this service there are no other options!
Lorna Daoust Canada 2018-09-18 Paul & Lorna DaoustSault Ste. Marie Ont.
Yolanda Camsell Haileybury, Canada 2018-09-18 Need more service from the north for those that don't drive.
Name Location Date Comment
william aho Dryden, Canada 2018-09-18 Always taking away services for us. Its got to stop.
Jeanette Norris Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18 Having our trains is a previledge not a option.
Denise Gaudette Sault Ste. Marie, On, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-18 My family would definitely use this service!!
Blake Plouffe Timmins, Canada 2018-09-18 People need transportation
Glenda Gale Roberts Arm, Canada
2018-09-18 Glenda Gale
Craig Corkum Toronto, Canada 2018-09-18 Would love to be able to travel by rail from Thunder Bay.
Jacky Craig white river, Canada 2018-09-18 This is a vital service!
Doris Sackaney Cochrane, Canada 2018-09-18 I'm from the North
andrea Alba wpg, Canada 2018-09-18 Please bring this back
Lynn Locke Newmarket Ont, Canada
2018-09-18 This service is not a luxury but a necessity.
Edith Gauvreau Kingston, Canada 2018-09-19 I'm signing because convenient, safe transportation is vital to the north, especially considering our aging population.
Sandra Harvey Drayton Valley, Canada
2018-09-19 my niece lives up there too!!
Nancy Cox Gold Hill, Nevada, US
2018-09-19 A lot of people ride the trains, I believe the rail service is needed
M. Harrison Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-19 Nothern Ontario residents are tired of being treated like second class citizens and not having a public accessible rail system. Please bring back our train!!!
Lise Lachapelle New Liskeard, Canada
2018-09-19 It saved me and my son regular trips from the North to Toronto! Bring it back please! �
Suzanne Gilbert Canada 2018-09-19 Many can’t travel without and less transports on our highways...爛�爛�爛�
Marilyn MacLeod Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19 I am a tourist operator and many customers have taken the train and ask if they still can.
Daniel Kott Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-09-19 train travel is one of the safest way to travel during our Northern Ontario Winters!!!
Sue Lachapelle Rayside-Balfour, Canada
2018-09-19 This train is much needed!!!!!
Feathers Ponton Canada 2018-09-19 Melda Ponton
Name Location Date Comment
Nicole Martel Nepean, Canada 2018-09-19 Because it is time to accommodate, after shutting them out by cancelling many transportation services,, northern Ontarians who are also taxpayers..
t bell steinbach, Canada 2018-09-19 bring back our crown corporations. stop selling to private corporations that are not for the people, only incredible profiteering. when CEO's make in one minute what the average worker makes in a year, of course there is a problem with this system.
Sue Vaccher Dryden, Canada 2018-09-19 What a great option
Wade Berglund Sooke, Canada 2018-09-19 I grew up in North Western Ontario and this transportation route is key to small town survival.
Lesley Wood Temiskaming Shores, Canada
2018-09-19 The people of Northern Ontario need a safe and reliable way to travel to Toronto . Our roads are dangerous and unreliable for winter travel .
GLORIA EASON New Liskeard, Canada
2018-09-19 ONTARIO NORTHLAND BUS service just does not cut it with a 9 hour trip from NL to Toronto. HIGHWAY #11 corridor is one scary stretch of road for all accidents and closures and rerouting traffic. BRING BACK OUR PASSENGER RAIL. This will reap the revenue generated rewards in so many ways. Tourism, Transportation, Culture, Consumer and Business etc.This valued rail service should have never been removed from our Northern Ontario.
Carol Abraham Temagami, Canada 2018-09-19 Our highways are becoming more dangerous with the heavy traffic especially in the winter months...Besides, such a great way to see our Beautiful Country ☺
Kim MacFarlane North Bay, Canada 2018-09-19 It's an important link for our northern communities.
Dave Frerichs Canada 2018-09-19 Dave Frerichs
Paula Collins Saskatoon, Canada 2018-09-19 We need rail service in Northern ont.A bud car would be a great plan of action.
shona kramer Wellington, New Zealand
2018-09-19 This is a well used and lovely service
Darlene Smith Kenora, Canada 2018-09-19 Due to the distance we are required to go for medical needs on our treacherous highways (240 kms to Winnipeg/520 kms to Thunder Bay)with no bus service this is unequivocally necessary.
Carrie Marsh Winnipeg, Canada 2018-09-19 Access to transportation in the northern half of Ontario is abismal. This is a necessary service for so many.
Bruce Pinkney Virginiatown, Canada
2018-09-19 We need this .
Deborah Cashmore Thunder BAY, Canada
2018-09-19 I care
Name Location Date Comment
Lynne Hueston New Liskeard, Canada
2018-09-20 We desperately need this train, I live in Englehart, so many of us need to travel south for Doctor appointments.
sharon cunningham kirkland lake ontario, Canada
2018-09-20 I am signing because Canada is a great country but it is also a big country and all of the citizens in this country count - transportation is an essential service for everyone not just the for the growing numbers at the southern borders - train service north and south and east and west - just do it!
Philippe Cormier Iroquois falls, Canada
2018-09-20 we need a safe way to travel independantly
Savannah Lobsinger Matachewan, Canada
2018-09-20 I’m signing because I am a resident of northern Ontario, but I am a lover of trains, but most importantly I’m signing because I think that the north shouldn’t secluded just because we don’t have the same population as southern ontario. We are not less important because we are farther, in fact I think having a safe and reliable transportation system is more important for us due to unpredictable weather conditions. When we need to see specialist doctors, have sever illnesses, or have the urge to see a show or play... we have no choice but to travel to the bigger cities. As of right now we only have buses and they are always uncomfortable and dangerous (road conditions). There used to be a train from hearts to Toronto and my family and I would take this all the time, for pleasure and business. It was by far the best and safest way to travel.
Rita Beaudry ont, Canada 2018-09-20 we need the train for travelling for Dr. appoint to Toronto and surrounding area
Jadine Fong New Liskeard, Canada
2018-09-20 people who don't drive or faced with bad driving conditions need alternative modes of travel.
Linda lenart Englehart, Canada 2018-09-20 We very much need this here in the north. We are seeing an increased number of Hwy closures , increasing the bus services does not solve the problem.
Thomas Watson Brechin, Ont., Canada
2018-09-20 I am a remote tourism operator in Northern Ontario and have watched the infrastructure being removed that allows Northerners the opportunity to get from once place to another. This has got to stop! There are people in Northern Ontario that rely on train services, bus services and air services to get them to medical appointments, family gatherings and simply shopping and restocking trips! We need rail service to continue running in Northern Ontario! it seems a little ridiculous that money both Provincially and Federally is being used to ensure that those living in the GTA have plenty of service but none is ther for those living in areas outside of the GTA!
William Baumgart Marshall, Illinois, US
2018-09-20 One year we took the train as part of our trip into/out of our fishing lodge, miss having that option
Butch Arthur Canada 2018-09-20 It was a good service even for all the hunters and trappers who has camps in the middle of nowhere.
Name Location Date Comment
Marge Whittingham Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-20 I don't always want to fly everywhere and would love to get on a train in my city to get to my next destination. With the bus cancelled we have only air travel available and it would be nice to have another option
Joanne Gauthier Canada 2018-09-20 family there...need to keep service
Sylvie Daviau Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 I want my grandkids to be able to come to bisco anytime they want.
Sarah Riordan St Catharines, Canada
2018-09-20 Not everyone can drive or afford to drive. Cutting off so many people to travel is criminal!
Elaine Legace Milton, Canada 2018-09-20 Biscotasing is my Home Town. The Bud Car is the only form of travel some folks have to go see their Dr's and other important meetings. I do believe it is a very important part of living in that remote part of Ontario.
Don Cardwell London, Canada 2018-09-20 Keep the BUD car please. It connects northern communities and is a necessity!
Cindy Lamothe Dowling Ontario, Canada
2018-09-20 My family absolutely loves the bud car and take full advantage of it! Would be very sad and such an inconvenience if we no longer had this service:(
Silvie Forget Temiskaming Shores, Canada
2018-09-20 I'm fed up with services being cancelled to the north.. We also need to bring back the Northlander for people north of Sudbury/North Bay.
Leena Jensen Greater Sudbury, Canada
2018-09-20 Please reconsider as this decision
Monique Noel Coniston, Canada 2018-09-20 I AGREE
David Genereux Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 have many a fine memory of travelling on it to Chapleau to visit my parents and my brother and his family, a beautiful trip in remote country
claire roy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 claire roy
irene kangas hamilton, Canada 2018-09-20 It's an important service for those in Northern Ontario
lori west bruce mines, Canada
2018-09-20 My daughter works for this rail line and loves her job, I want her to be able to continue to enjoy being able to go to work helping people get to where they need to be.
Tim Verge Belleville, Canada 2018-09-20 I’m signing because I believe rail service is essential for remote communities.
April Roy Canada 2018-09-20 Bring it back �it’s that Canadian way to travel and keep our family contacts
Landry, Daniel Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-20 Budd gars are an essential means of transportation in the North
Name Location Date Comment
Joanne Page Peterborough, Canada
2018-09-20 I’m signing because yes our northern roads are really bad with our new Canadians driving like nothing matters. With winter coming it’s only to get worse. I know cause I am a truck driver who drive the northern roads every week and have to deal with those drivers who don’t care how they drive or whose life they put in danger. I’ve had too many close calls to count. There are people that need this transportation they rely on it. So let’s keep it going to places they need. Thanks
Mike Hawk Sioux Lookout, Canada
2018-09-20 We are human beings ffs
Alex Mccharles Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 It’s a good service
Claire Labelle Cobalt, Canada 2018-09-20 I would take the train now that hubby doesn’t drive anymore
Carol O'Donnell Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 CarolO'Donnell
Dottie Niemi sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 this is a service they all need
Kerry Boudreau North Bay, Canada 2018-09-20 Bring back passenger trains to the north!! It's a beautiful, safe way to travel!!
Chantal Guitard val therese, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-20 The train is needed for small town survival
Brant Lafleur Canada 2018-09-20 We need this
David Macmillan Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-20 I love the train.
Carole Ranger Markham, Canada 2018-09-20 The North is beautiful. Let's get the train going to see the beauty.
Terry Piche Chapleau, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-20 This Budd Car Is Very Important - Sometimes The Only Transportation For People Along The Line.
Geraldine Thorburn Sault Ste.Marie, Canada
2018-09-20 l believe
Ron Huywan North Bay, Canada 2018-09-21 Rhuywan
Catherine Smith Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-21 The highways can be dangerous with all the truckers on 2lane highways!!!!
Lynn Kohls Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21 People in northern Ontario should have safe and reliable transportation!
Amamda Marenger Espanola, Canada 2018-09-21 Because it’s a way of transportation for some people.
Jane Fonseca Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21 We need to provide easy access for all.
Frances K. Fasano North Vancouver, Canada
2018-09-21 The North needs rail service.
Name Location Date Comment
Linda Van Doren Hibbing, Minnesota, US
2018-09-21 I’m signing because Brian Dubeck asked me too!
Eugene Bouillon Marathon, Canada 2018-09-21 I believe the train is the best mode of transportation and believe that, the Superior run, is the most scenic route.. with the decline of the bus industry.. we need an alternative... :)
Victoria Wells Schreiber, Canada 2018-09-21 This would be a great idea! We would certainly support and use such a service.
Julie Dequanne Chelmsford, Canada
2018-09-21 Everyone deserves to be able to access transportation
Gregory Mayer Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-09-21 the lives of the men lost building our railways should be kept alive through the passenger rail service if not they did it all for not
Kate Schenck State College, Pennsylvania, US
2018-09-21 This service is needed
Anne Carreiro Brampton, Canada 2018-09-21 Hwy’s #17, #11 and #400 are very dangerous in the winter months (November-April) and you can’t expect these people to be held hostage. Let the trains run !!! These are humans and need our help.
Linda Luszczak Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-21 The North needs public transit. It is certainly a step toward reducing our dependence on vehicles.
Louise Cardinal North cobalt, Canada
2018-09-21 We need it here in northern ontario xo
Yolande Prevost Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21 get that rail service
marlene oleary Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-21 we need it
James Lance De Foa Wawa, ON, Canada 2018-09-21 Weather independent travel options are important.
Marilyn Trumble Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-21 Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada needs this back
Sherri-lynn Morris North bay, Canada 2018-09-21 I think this service is neccessary
Tim Menzies Barrie, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-21 Frequently travel north.
pauline robert Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-21 We need rail service
Phillip Mikkonen Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-09-21 GO TRAINS!!!
jeannette filion moonbeam ontario, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-21 Jeannette Filion
Name Location Date Comment
Michel Boudreau Bathurst, Canada 2018-09-21 Because we need a realible service any were in the country that need to stay crown cooporation own. Stop trusting private compagne for passager bus service they will abandon you the minute they dont make enouff profit.
Leonie de Young Toronto, Canada 2018-09-21 I wholeheartedly support your quest in this important petition for the people of Northern Ontario. I wish you all the very best of luck.
Dan Shannon Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-21 We need it
Shannon Saville Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22 It’s a tradition and important to a lot of people.
Karla Milando Temiskaming Shores, Canada
2018-09-22 We need the service. A lot of people have medical appointments that rely on travel out of the area.
Elli Nelson Canada 2018-09-22 You need it !!!!!
Sharon Telchak Burlington, Canada 2018-09-22 The North Shore needs passenger train service again!
Colin Argyle Toronto, Canada 2018-09-22 Northern Ontario has been ignored for too long. Rail is the only economical link to the rest of on the province especially the South.
Lise Filion Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-09-22 Because i live up north and we need transportation
Brenda Barwell North Bay, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-22 Passenger rail service needs to be a priority in Canada.
Cindy Mikus Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22 Cindy Mikus
Christina Pepin Thunder Bay, Ontario, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-22 With Greyhound closing their business down, the best solution is to bring back rail service along the north shore. The railway brought people to these small communities ... it's time to reconnect them by rail!!! �
Michael SALM Sunderland, Canada
2018-09-22 Please bring more train back
Bev Taylor Gorham, Canada 2018-09-22 I miss train travel!
Francoise Harvey Québec, Canada 2018-09-22 Parce que c'est important
Pauline Boucher Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-09-22 Nice to travel by train, felt safer..especially today in Northern Ontario the roads are not safe to travel during winter and so much more relaxing.especially for older people that can't drive
Jonathan Cornford Moose jaw, Canada 2018-09-22 With Canada being a huge land mass of beautiful scenery then why wouldn't you.
David John-George Calgary, Canada 2018-09-22 I'm signing this petition because all modes of transportation are important to the north. We lack plains n have provincial goverments that cheap out on maintenance programs at the exspence of lives. Busing trains are vital to an aging population.The Northlander n the ACR are important tourist draws also.
Name Location Date Comment
Jacques Menard thunder bay, Canada
2018-09-22 Rail travel is relaxing and fun , bringing it back would be a blessing .
Donovan Nickel Ryley, Canada 2018-09-22 Via is reducing frequency of the three times a week Canadian during the summer to two times a week, why does it seem like our country is going backwards. Governments don’t care about NW Ontario or the west for that matter.
Sandra Weeks Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-09-22 We should bring this back to the Sault & Northern Ontario. It would be good to be able to take the passenger train as apposed to driving or flying everywhere
Rachel Mahaffy Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-22 My family uses this service regularly, we’d be lost without it.
Gerald Bradley Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-22 We don't need more cars on the road!And this mode of travel is safer and better for the air we need to breath!
Tracy Paquette Minnedosa, Canada
2018-09-22 Many people need this service as there is no other service in this small north eastern community, to lose it would be devastating
Sue Knight New Liskeard, Canada
2018-09-22 Sue Knight
Holly-Anne Swain Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-22 I am signing because many people need either train or bus service to attend medical appointments. Without this service, many people simply can't afford to meet with specialists!
Alice Harris Victoria, Canada 2018-09-23 I used to live in the area and still have pals there.
Christopher Tindall Calgary, Canada 2018-09-23 Keep rail service!
Joe Harmatiuk Toronto, Canada 2018-09-23 People need public transportation.
Margaret Coultis Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-23 We need this again
Karl Puiras Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23 I've signed but as said on my share, ppl need to use it or it won't last!
Janice Belanger Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-23 I would like be to see this opportunity for travel reopen it is one of my happiest and fun memories of getting to travel destinations in the north.
Judie Harmer Marathon, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-23 We are 3 1/2 hours from the nearest city centre with many seniors and people who can't drive.....
Harold Gilpin London, Canada 2018-09-23 Long overdue. People WILL use it.
Sherry Lees Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-23 Grew up with train travel. Best way to see the country!
Micheline Beaulieu k Falls, Canada 2018-09-23 Micheline Beaulieu
Name Location Date Comment
Mary Empson Aptos, California, US
2018-09-23 Mary Empson
austin seaton Morton, Illinois, US 2018-09-23 i like trains
Susan Douglas Bonfield, On, Canada
2018-09-23 Living in the north the roads are treacherous in winter, even for buses, rail would be the best way to go!
patrice gravel North Bay, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-23 Conservatives promise!
Donna Sinninghe Rainy River, Canada
2018-09-24 Northern Ontario residents need a safe, reliable way to travel, especially in the winter when the roads can be treacherous.
Bob Bingham Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-24 We need some kind of service.
Patricia L Lecocq Hearst , Ontario, Canada
2018-09-24 Would be great to have traveling accommodation around.
Erika Ryan London, Canada 2018-09-24 I am from the area and Northern Ontario is hard enough to get to. Transportation needs to be a priority.
Susanne Penney Sudbury, Canada 2018-09-24 Rail is a much better way to travel and more accessible.
Camille Ducharme Oshawa, Canada 2018-09-24 We need this to continue.
Tony Prichard Sault ste Marie , Ontario., Canada
2018-09-24 Tony Prichard
Jo Ann Pardy Levack, Canada 2018-09-24 we need this
Pierrette Secord Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-24 Because we need a different mode of communication with the east and west. So we need the rail system!!!
Sarah Hester Moosonee, Canada 2018-09-24 That was an excellent rail service...At least the elderly can stretch, and the little children too...Bus service not for everyone...I took this often...Cochrane to Toronto
Joan Halliday Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-09-24 Joan.Halliday
Barbara Buckingham Que, Quebec, Canada
2018-09-24 People will be stranded
Christopher Roy Marathon, Canada 2018-09-24 Because we need a travel system in the north, as Greyhound will no longer be offered in the north.
valerie love North Bay, Canada 2018-09-25 I go to Toronto a lot. It costs money for parking. In the winter would take the train. Also people who need medical appointments.cheaper on gas.
Bernie Dumanski Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-09-25 Bernie Dumanski
Name Location Date Comment
Terry Fox Marathon, Canada 2018-09-25 We need the transportation.
Elaine Sinclair Cambridge Ont, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-25 i have driven to Hearst in the winter and it can be a deadly trip Removing public transportation to this area is wrong. We spends tons of money on cities but not enough in rural areas
Edna Oleksiuk Selkirk, Man., Canada
2018-09-26 People need public transport - not everyone drives their own vehicle. Plus weather sometimes prohibits personal transport.
Anik Chouinard Kirkland Lake, Canada
2018-09-26 Train is safer
Shirley Kaukinen Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-27 I’m signing because I think this would be an awesome and much needed service to Northwestern Ontario.
Robert Sundell Richmond, Canada 2018-09-28 Because Thunder Bay is geographically isolated and transportation options to owning a car have become virtually nonexistent and our government is obligated to address regional disparities in this country
Spring Bachmeier Hamilton, Canada 2018-09-29 I cannot imagine not having proper public transportation. This is not okay.
Anne Yarrow Temagami, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-29 I live in Temagami and need this service badly for medical reasons.. it just has to be reinstated.... Thanks
John Jordan Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-29 John jordan
Carole Girard timmins, Canada 2018-09-29 For some of us who do not drive long distances!
Tanner Harris Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-29 Thunder Bay is the largest community in Northwestern Ontario and rail service can allow for easy commutes to and from other communities along the north shore and area. Especially now with Greyhound bus service gone. Bring it back!
Mike Desmoulin Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-29 I need a ride
Leonie de Young Toronto, Canada 2018-09-30 We who live in the Cities complain if our transit is late. I am sure many people living in Northern Ontario towns and cities would welcome transit of any description. The winters are more severe in the north and not everybody can afford a car or if they do have a vehicle they may be unable to drive due to extreme weather. Our Northern residents need transportation desperately and the government needs to step in and assist. I wish you all the luck in the world.
Joshua Gleiberman Whitby, Canada 2018-09-30 We need to keep our lines of communication open.
Harold Norman Grayston
Gorlitz, Sk., Canada 2018-09-30 I'm signing the petition because rail can move more people at lower cost. In Western Canada, we have seen the demise of bus transportation as a means of connecting small rural communities to the larger urban centers, where most of the specialist medical care is available.
Name Location Date Comment
Suzanne Steed Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-30 We need passenger rail back in Thunder Bay. We have the rail lines. Armstrong is way to far away on a very bad narrow highway.
sue winters Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-30 It will definitely help people who can't drive make it to appointments. Highways in winter months are closed a lot due to weather condition, no other way to get out.
Mary Jane Handy-Zamudio
Mississauga, Canada
2018-09-30 Public transportation options from Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay have been cut too much. My own mother-in-law was unable to keep visiting her son in Schreiber at one point.
James Bannon London, Canada 2018-09-30 Northern Ontario NEEDS rail service!
Lynda & Artie Cooper Marathon, Canada 2018-09-30 We desperately need this service in Northwestern Ontario. Terrible winter road conditions make it impossible to get to doctor appointments etc.
Mike Rocnik Moncton, N.B., Canada
2018-09-30 The populatuon of Thunder Bay and the vast distances in between the other 2 major cities in Canada..Winnipeg and Sudbury should be serviced by rail, winter travel isn't fun in Northern Ontario. I believe both rail lines should have at least an every other day service between Winnipeg and Sudbury on CN and Winnipeg Thunder Bay and Sudbury on the CP. I've signed many petitions when I lived in Thunder Bay in the mid to late 90's.
Jamie Rakowski Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-09-30 Miss riding the rails.
Jackie Hayton Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Canada 2018-09-30 I miss taking the train to Thunder Bay. Seems like a necessity to me.
Carol Martin Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-09-30 Passenger rail is cleaner, more efficient, more comfortable and just better in every way than travel by road. It should be a no-brainer.
Gilbert Boyer Terrace Bay, Canada
2018-09-30 We need this service.
Jonathan Sutherland Toronto, Canada 2018-09-30 No Ontario Northland, Toronto to Cochrane...which is also should be included for this petition.
moe bergeron Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
2018-09-30 I'm signing because the govt wasn't there when VIA left the north, then the Greyhound left the north. Should we get horses or will the govt a govt that will help the people from the north to be able to see medical service that are required.
Barb Martin Owen Sound, Canada
2018-10-01 I wish the railroad was still here
Shirley Major Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-01 I TOTALLY agr5
Brian Noyes Ajax, Canada 2018-10-02 my mom who is 86 desperately requires suitable transportation to southern parts of the province
Name Location Date Comment
Kevin Lebreton Canada 2018-10-02 We depend on its service for medical blood tests to be shipped and other medical tests in rural comunities
Sharon LaBelle Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-02 Sharon LaBelle— Continue our rail service!!!
cathy colucci innisfil, Canada 2018-10-02 it is a necessary service
Gale Verrill Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-02 Now that there is no bus service we need an alternative. Well kept secret but there are a lot of people living here that need transportation.
Betty Clark Canada 2018-10-03 So right love to visit my son too long a drive for me
Marie Fortier Canada 2018-10-03 My daughter come to White River from Sudbury, so it would be very sad if they took it away.
Michael Kennedy Millbrook, Canada 2018-10-03 Steve asked and we need this service
Breanne Olsen Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-03 I would love to see this happen
Nadine Robinson Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-10-04 Rail built this country and can sustain it.
Linda Savory Gordon Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-04 we urgently need modern, fast, accessible passenger train service, not just freight rail, on the existing tracks in Northern Ontario.
Paul Langan Cambridge, Canada
2018-10-04 we need passenger trains
Michael Barry Carleton Place, Canada
2018-10-05 Because its the right thing to do!!
Suzanne Weiss Haileybury, Canada 2018-10-05 We really need to reinstate this rail service to Northern Ontario.
Jocelyne Rivard Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-05 I'm originally from New Liskeard. I need public transportation fro m Winnipeg (which is where I live) to Northern Ontario: Sudbury, North Bay and New Liskeard.
Suzanne michaud Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-05 Northern Ontario needs to be more connected
Cindy Boyd North York, Canada
2018-10-05 Its something that would greatly benefit this area!
Edith Benoit North Bay, Canada 2018-10-06 This service is needed and never should have been discontinued!
Scott Gibbons Thompson, MB, Canada
2018-10-06 Rail service is vital to Northern Ontario, with the loss of bus service even more so. Budd car service should be retained & expanded to include travel to Thunderbay at a minimum, Service to Winnipeg should also be added.
michael Melanson Marathon, Canada 2018-10-06 I think this service is vital to the area.
Name Location Date Comment
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-06 There has never been a greater need for this service. If there was a Budd Car running from North Bay to Sudbury, Ontario and then on through to Hearst - the revenue it would generate, would make it sustainable. Incorporate courier/package delivery service, and it would be totally sustainable. The outfitter camps north of Sault Ste. Marie would flourish again. This could also ensure connector train service to the East/West train for communities between North Bay and Hearst, and White River, and Winnepeg. With the recent bus service cancellations, what choice do people have? Regional air service, like Air Canada Jazz? This is not always viable - or affordable. This country was built by rail; Sir John Alexander Macdonal had a dream - and it's time to reboot that dream. Canada needs a dedicated passenger rail line, separate and distinct from CP or CN. The income, employment, and spin-off wealth this would create could go a long way to bolster a faultering economy. The big question now: Will Queen's Pa
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-06 Sir John Alexander Macdonald - typo, apologies.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-06 If you think about "the big picture," it would be a "win" scenario, all around.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-06 There has never been a greater need for this service. If connector Budd Car service ran from North Bay to Hearst via Sault Ste. Marie, connecting is Sudbury with the east/west train and on to to Winnipeg via White River and Thunder Bay - people would use it. The buses have beenn all but cancelled. Air Canada Jazz? That's fine to a larger center, but very seldom cost effective. This service would reinvigorate the economy, create employment, and provide safe and effective transportation to outfitter tourist operations, north of Sault Ste. Marie. Now, this is where the steel wheels hit the rails; we have to do our part and share, share, share. Get the word out. Most of all, Let Queen's Park hear our voices, loud and clear: "Bring back back Budd Car service to these routes!"
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-06 Bring back connector service, for the east/west train in Winnipeg and Sudbury. The routes could run from North Bay to Hearst via Sault Ste. Marie; Sudbury to Winnipeg, via White River and Thunder Bay. With recent transportation cancellations, this service would be used. Please share and get the word out - Queen's Park needs to hear our voices. Bring back passenger Budd Car service to Northern Ontario!
Carol Mascardelli London, Canada 2018-10-06 I think it would benefit the area
norma gresham marathon ontario, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-06 It's so needed up here in the woods :)
Eldonna Waddell Canada 2018-10-06 We need to keep these public transportation modes.
Denise Ruedl Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-06 Denise Ruedl
Barbara Da Dalt Ottawa, Canada 2018-10-06 It’s ridiculous we have no train service especially with problems on the highways, high fuel costs and of course isolation yet you have to
Name Location Date Comment
go through Sault Ste. Marie to get west or east of Canada! Bring it back and people will use it to travel.
Tracy Johnson , BA Psy, ECE
Windsor, Canada 2018-10-06 Northern Ontario is becoming more and more isolated as there are fewer options for transportation with Greyhound pulling out and rail service being scaled back dramatically. If I want to travel from Windsor to Sault Ste. Marie to visit family I can get a bus to Detroit and up to Sault Ste Marie Michigan and take a bridge bus across the border but through Canada I can only get as far as Toronto.
Peter Åsman Timmins, Canada 2018-10-06 A well developed and functional passenger rail network in Northern Ontario will make the area even more attractive to live in and to visit.
Brenda Rodgers Larder Lake, Canada
2018-10-07 Our Nothern Communities desperately need our Train Service back without loosing any of our services.
Roy Rissanen Halifax, Canada 2018-10-07 There needs to be more (affordable) travel options to N. Ont.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-07 I found a full copy of the route map at another forum; unfortunately, I can't post it here. Let's not forget the North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie, via Sudbury. Greyhound bus service is set to be or has already been cancelled, through this corridor. Public transit - even a single RDC car running twice a week, would be used. I will share the picture of the route map, elsewhere.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-07 I found a full copy of the route map at another forum; unfortunately, I can't post it here. Let's not forget the North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie, via Sudbury route. Greyhound bus service is set to be - or has already been cancelled, through this corridor. Public transit - even a single RDC Budd Car running twice a week, would be used. I will share the picture of the route map, elsewhere. If you travel to this region, please mention this in your posts. Thank you!
Donna Price Shuniah, Canada 2018-10-08 It's important to have a mode of transportation accessible by many towns/cities and what better way to travel than by train,, I would love to travel from Thunder Bay to the east and west coast on the train
Bonnie Joseph sault ste marie ontario, Canada
2018-10-08 People need the rail service
Stacey Punch Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-08 The people in Northern Ontario need to stay connected and some areas are so remote they have no other options for year round access/travel
Harry Gow Sorel, Canada 2018-10-09 We need more environmentally safe travel options. Rail and bus service provide them, and Thunder Bay and other communities on the CPR line need them.
Blanche Huehn Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-09 There is a real need for this service.
Wendy Murray Ontario, Canada 2018-10-09 it is a much needed service
Name Location Date Comment
Connie Yrjola Belleville, Canada 2018-10-09 Some services are necessary, like train service in remote areas. Please keep it rolling!!!!
Désirée Eisner Chapleau, Canada 2018-10-09 I am signing because I remember how terrible it was to get around when I was involved in provincial events in high school. Students up North shouldn't have to move away from home like I did to be able to have the opportunities others get elsewhere in the province.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-09 Almost 2,000 signatures. This is critical mass time. Could everyone who has signed this petition, please share it within their social media networks - not public, but perhaps to contacts who would be interested in this service, and in supporting this petition?
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-09 2,000+ signatures and growing - now that's amazing! To ensure that the momentum of this petition keeps going, could everyone who has signed please share the link, in social media? Or, if it's more convenient, copy and paste the link in an email, and send it to your contacts who might be interested in using this service, and supporting the petition? 2,500 signatures are required; it's almost there. Many thanks to those who have (or will) take the time to share this at social media, and/or email. It's long overdue to bring affordable public transportation, back to Northern Ontario residents - and those of us who travel to the region on a regular basis!
Nancy Lemay Montréal, Canada 2018-10-10 I think its a shame we need something for people who cant drive
Darlene Smith Chatham-Kent, Canada
2018-10-10 Having lived in Northern Ontario, I understand and fully support the need for passenger rail service.
Rose Tomlinson White River, Canada
2018-10-10 Of the same reasons mentioned by others.
Jean Walsh Niagara Falls, Canada
2018-10-10 Please extend the Budd car from white River to Thunder Bay and beyond to Winnipeg . And implement a Bud Car route North Bay To Hearst .
Nanci Harvey Collingwood, Canada
2018-10-11 I believe we need to keep the trains running! A lot of people still use these trains for a lot of reasons. To lose the train service it will be a great loss for a lot of people!
Hazel Clare Kilworthy, Canada 2018-10-11 Hazel Clare
Francine Ladouceur Cochrane ont, Canada
2018-10-11 Francine Ladouceur
LUELLA GOODWIN Victoria, Canada 2018-10-11 Why not have it!
Terry Sr. Canada 2018-10-11 We need all the public transportation we can get in the north . this isn't Toronto .
Debby M.A Burrows Belleville, Canada 2018-10-12 I don't live up North but i have family that does ands they NEED this.! You have no Idea how many people count on safe travel, Maybe start asking the the people that matter !
Name Location Date Comment
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-12 2,101 signatures - only 399 more signatures to go! Time for the "steel wheels to hit the rails." Sign, share in social media, email, please keep this train going . . . � Will you spread the word? Many thanks to those who have (or will) take the time to sign the petition and share at social media, and/or email. It is long overdue to bring affordable public transportation, back to Northern Ontario residents.
John Szewczyk Sturgeon Falls, Canada
2018-10-12 I have been hoping that this service would be back sooner. I have friends that would use it, as would I
Karen McArthur Orono, Canada 2018-10-13 Badly needed
Gerald Shaganash Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-14 To help those in need
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-14 Only 351 more signatures to go - amazing, let's keep this train going. The sooner this petition reaches 2,500 signatures, the sooner it can be presented to Queen's Park . . . .
Julie Rosenthal Murillo, Canada 2018-10-15 Taking the train in the US has been one of the highlights of my travel experiences. This could be an iconic experience for tourism, as long as it is well managed and designed as an EXPERIENCE... include partnerships with local food caterers to offer a "taste of the north" on the menu, plan the route so that the most spectacular views can be seen during the day time. Link with seamless transportation links to attractions and accommodations at the destination stations.
Karen Rosenthal Toronto, Canada 2018-10-16 I would love to go by rail!
Amanda MacIvor Carleton Place, Canada
2018-10-16 I have thought this important for more than 20 years. Rail is a great asset in a huge province and country!
Lynda & Artie Cooper Marathon, Canada 2018-10-16 We need this mode of transportation, especially for seniors.
Kim Mozell Canada 2018-10-16 The absolute best way to travel!
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-16 Yes, that's a very good point about making the northern Ontario connector service "an experience." The Budd Cars could have courtesy food carts (smaller ones) like they do on the VIA Passenger trains, as well as snack bars/ticket booths in the whistle stop stations, along the way. I have enjoyed some amazing train travel experineces in the US. One trip in particular - I took the shuttle bus from Lake Havasu, AZ to Blythe, CA and then boarded the Amtrak, through the continental divide. The train ride ended at home in southwestern, ON Canada. It was the "trip of a lifetime," and I would do it again - in a heartbeat!
susan visser Welland, Canada 2018-10-16 I believe that train travel is a safe and relaxing travel mode one that would help get some cars off the highways also.
Lois Todd Brandon, Canada 2018-10-19 The people NEED and WANT the train option from Thunder Bay. It is the most scenic route around the lake which is no longer being enjoyed by the residents of our great Country. A public service for both necessity and pleasure. Please, bring the train back!
Name Location Date Comment
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-19 I wonder if there could be 2,250 signatures by Monday morning? Please share at social media platforms, email, word of mouth . . . 2,500 votes are needed to take this to Queen's Park. 2,200+ Amazing! Let's keep this train going!
John J Redmond Mount Pearl, Canada
2018-10-19 It's part of or History
Jody Vaillant Burnaby, Canada 2018-10-20 If we want tourism and business to grow we need more transportation options
Betty Lacosse Toronto, Canada 2018-10-20 I’m signing this because this would be a great ideal. This is a need for this since Grey Hound is closing there doors.
Paulette Landry Manitouwadge, Canada
2018-10-20 I'm signing because I feel it would benefit our northwest residences
JAY Michano Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-10-20 Im signing cause it was a great way to travel as a kid.
lisa hilderley Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-10-20 We no longer have greyhound so now your gonna take away railroad I have a sick grandson and need a way to Toronto this is horrible
Maryanne Carroll Sioux Lookout, Canada
2018-10-21 Yes bring back & improve transcontinental rail passenger service#����
Mary O’Brien Oakville, Canada 2018-10-21 This is a ver important issue for Northwestern Ontario
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-22 The petition is 14 signatures short of 2,250. If you have left a comment, will you please consider sharing this with your friends and family - including those who travel from southern Ontario, to the north on a regular basis. Taking the train would be so much better than driving the I-75 through Michigan, or the 401/402, and 400 north . . . and a lot less stressful.
Louise Chartier Brantford, Canada 2018-10-24 Service needs to continue in the north
Fabienne Malenfant Laval, Quebec, Canada
2018-10-24 This is really needed in Northern Ontario. Not every one can drive this far
Wally Cheppenko Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-24 I want Passenger service to Northern Ontario Their is no reason it cannot return.
Dorothy Rogers Timminso, Canada 2018-10-24 we need the train, sorry it left Timmins. Seniors and people who have DR. appointment on Toronto.
Brett MacMurphy Winnipeg, Canada 2018-10-24 The North especially northwestern Ontario needs proper public intercity transit
Evelyn Landry Windsor, Canada 2018-10-24 It's a must when you can't travel long distances by car . Love this way to travel
Jean Boston McCluskie
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-10-24 we need some reliable way of travelling in the north and since Greyhound will no longer be running we need some way to travel
Name Location Date Comment
Brian Conley Schumacher, Canada
2018-10-24 Northern Ontario needs passenger rail service
Catheren Fortune White River, Canada
2018-10-24 we need the train my friends family lives in manatoba if there is no train he will not be able to see his family
Felicia Robinson Burlington ON, Canada
2018-10-24 Im from northern ontario and have family up there & i miss this option of transportation
Cynthia McDonagh Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24 I’m signing because northern need one major means of transportation that’s safe and accessible. Cars and planes are not affordable for all. Living remotely is difficult but not having accessible transportation for health etc is a violation of our human rights.
Cheryl Clayton North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24 Accessibility for those who can't drive to medical apts is important. And, it's a wonderful and less stressful way to travel especially in winter months.
John Duffenais South Porcupine, Canada
2018-10-24 It`s needed!
John Newstead Sundridge, Canada 2018-10-24 This is an essential service!!
k hollingshead Owen Sound, Canada
2018-10-24 Rural northerners have enough difficulties --having rail service means jobs, tourism, transportation etc...it just makes sense
sheila krahn IGNACE, Canada 2018-10-24 same reason as we did to stop Final Spike !!
Jennifer Savela Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-24 This gives me another option for travelling. I was able to ride the train from Toronto to Thunder Bay the year before they discontinued the route. It was a great trip!
Barbara King Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-24 I want this back!
Melanie Zawerucha London, Canada 2018-10-24 It’s needed!!! Transportation is a must to keep people connected to family, for appointments, for every daynecessities. For all the people that don’t drive, can’t drive, poor conditions etc., they need this!!
Petrina Taylor-Hertzpt Canada 2018-10-24 I think this is a great service and my family has used it for many years to get to camp from white river. This would be great further north west!!
Jeannine Tanguay Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-10-24 It is easier for me to get to Hornepayne to take the Via or if they have one from Hearst to Northbay then Northbay to Sudbury
Stuart Rankin Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-24 Because these communities deserve to have an affordable way to reach larger centers.
Sherry Stewart Bancroft, Canada 2018-10-24 We lived up north and used it. Not everyone has a car and not everyone wants to drive that dangerous road in the winter.
Name Location Date Comment
Anne Seeley Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24 I would love to be able to travel on VIA Rail to Thunder Bay. I love travelling on your trains between Toronto and Montreal and Quebec City.
Mary Tumbach Canada 2018-10-24 Mary Tumbach - Done!
laura neddow Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-24 This would be a great service offered to the people of the north Shore again . It's very much missed.
Andrea Robinson Waterloo, Canada 2018-10-24 Would like to go back and visit via train as I don’t drive.
Frances Russell Geraldton, Canada 2018-10-24 That would be wonderful I will sign for sure.
Ernie Lewis US 2018-10-24 This is gateway to connect community together. When no bus service best economic for travel
Joseph Jannuzzi Portland, Oregon, US
2018-10-24 At 82 years of age, how else could I visit Northern Ontario.
Suzy Hager Calgary, Alberta, Canada
2018-10-24 There is a need for many for this route!
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-24 I couldn't agree more. And now, with the cancellation and/or reduction of Greyhound Bus service, that's another option that's gone!
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-24 Wow, this train has sure picked-up some steam. Amazing!! Please keep on sharing, emailing, and spreading the word about this petition. The more signatures that are taken to Queen's Park and to the other stakeholders involved, the better! If you have a change, please consider sending an email to your new or, re-elected Mayor; your MPP; and your MP. Also, please send your personal testimonials about "How, Why, When, Where," etc., that the cancellation of the passenger train service impacted your life, your health, well-being, etc. These testimonials are very important for Mr. Ouelette to Queen's Park, and the other stakeholders. Thank you everyone - this RDC car is approaching 80 km/h.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-24 Amazing, everyone! Please keep on sharing, emailing, and spreading the word about this petition. The more signatures that are taken to Queen's Park and to the other stakeholders involved, the better. Also, please consider sending an email to your new or, re-elected Mayor; your MPP; and your MP. Your personal testimonials about "How, Why, When, Where," etc., that the cancellation of passenger train service impacted your community, life, health, well-being, etc., are very important for Mr. Ouelette to Queen's Park, and the other stakeholders. Thank you everyone - this RDC car is approaching 85 km/h!
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-24 Amazing, everyone! Please keep on sharing, emailing, and spreading the word about this petition. The more signatures that are taken to Queen's Park and to the other stakeholders involved, the better. Also, please consider (if your time permits) sending an email to your new or, re-elected Mayor; your MPP; and your MP. Your personal testimonials about "How, Why, When,
Name Location Date Comment
Where," etc., that the cancellation of passenger train service impacted your community, life, health, well-being, etc., are very important for Mr. Ouelette to take to Queen's Park, and to the other stakeholders. Thank you everyone - this RDC car is approaching 85 km/h!
RUBY chester Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-24 i love the train
Lori Levesque Dryden, Canada 2018-10-24 My mom aunt kids n cousin went from Dryden to Sudbury on train kids loved the experience!
Laura Leblanc Cambridge, Canada
2018-10-24 Rail dies offer a comfortable option to travel in the north where weather issues often impede travel.
David Dunkley North Bay, Canada 2018-10-24 Return travel to Toronto on a daily basis would be great for me and my business.
SANDRA BIGGER Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
2018-10-24 I was born in Timmins and many of my family still live there. My friends and family rely on this service!
beth mouratidis barrie, Canada 2018-10-24 Trains are such a great way to travel. The more available trains are, the less cars on the road. With less cars, there's less pollution, less accidents and less conjestion. I used to take the train from Swastika to London as a college student. It was the best way to travel
Barbara Eifler North Vancouver, Canada
2018-10-24 It’s important for this community to have regular rail service. This is Canada, NOT some backward 3rd World country. We support poor countries, but let’s start „at home“ where it’s needed.
Teresa Bagyan Newburgh, Ont. formerly from Larder Lake., Canada
2018-10-24 The mines of Northern Ontario, sustained many people even during the Great Depression and they are coming back. The Ontario government needs to stop treating the north like a poor relation and start helping to get the north up and running again... if only to help out the city folk who flock there to buy cheap cottages. The North needs decent, regular and economical access to the amenities other Ontarians enjoy.
William Terrick Dowling, Canada 2018-10-24 This is the only way a lot of people can get to their doctor's appointment in places like Sudbury.
Jodi Robinson Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-10-24 I used the railService before it was cancelled and loved it, and now I have children away at college that could really use the service.
Caitlin Robillard Toronto, Canada 2018-10-24 I’m signing because my family and myself use this service and we have already lost the greyhound bus service and this would leave us with nothing
Margaret's Carter Ignace, Canada 2018-10-24 First we are losing the greyhound after via rail pulled out of thunder bay and surrounding hwy 17 route. Now pepile have to go to Sioux lookout kr savant lake to catch it. 1. 1/2 hours away north. We have no transportation to get there either. Not right especially seniors.
Hugette Caron Canada 2018-10-25 we really need this method of travel for people in northern Ontario.
Name Location Date Comment
Paul Chartrand Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-25 It’s important
Paul Conroy Guelph, Canada 2018-10-25 Trains should be a vital link throughout Canada and given proper funding.
mary white renton Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-26 I would Love a train from Sault Ste Marie to Thund Bay. Greyhound is no longer...can't always fly!!! Scenery would be breathtaking!
Pierre Duval Manitouwadge on, Canada
2018-10-26 Pierre Duval, it’s neededfor the people of the north
Silvana Huckson Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-10-26 I want to travel by train!
Brenda Walsh Gorham, Canada 2018-10-26 I think the train is awesome transportation and alot safer than most ...never got to ride 1 ever before they took away ...this wud be great if we can have this service back...!!
rick kuzma Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-10-26 I've been waiting years for the train to travel to thunder bay. I would like to use the train at a reasonable rate.
Jeannine Bourgelas Val Rita, Canada 2018-10-26 I would like to see that train on the rail again.This is being missed by many people.
Victoria Wells Schreiber, Canada 2018-10-26 Particularly with Greyhound pulling out - this is now more necessary than ever! I support this idea wholeheartedly!
Alan Benton Tillsonburg, Canada
2018-10-27 Rail service is important!
Allan Kowan Pickering, Canada 2018-10-27 Transportation is a necessity
Doris Charpentier Lavergne
Sudbury, Canada 2018-10-28 The people of northern region have the wrights to have reliable services . They pay taxes and services are reduced and gas prices are gauging!
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-10-28 Thank you, everyone for your support! Please keep on sharing, emailing, and spreading the word about this petition. Also, please consider (if your time permits) sending an email to your new or, re-elected Mayor; your MPP; and your MP. Your personal testimonials about "How, Why, When, Where," etc., the cancellation of passenger train service impacted your community, life, health, well-being, etc., are very important for Mr. Ouelette to take to Queen's Park, and to all of the other stakeholders. Thanks again - let's keep this RDC car going!
Dean Spencer Terrace Bay, Canada
2018-10-31 I am signing this petition because it seems that everyone has forgotten about us citizens in northern Ontario.
Jason Bennett Kenora, Canada 2018-11-01 It would be good for local economy and reduce emissions by reducing vehicles with single occupancy driving up and down the roads. The infrastructure is already in place. I would definitely ride it
Chris Sato Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-02 we need this service
Name Location Date Comment
Diane Lafrance Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-02 The current service is inadequate and always runs hours late.
angie duguay geraldton, Canada 2018-11-03 We need rail service here in Greestone
colette cantin Warreb, Canada 2018-11-03 I’m born and raised in the North and have taken the budd car several times. Please keep this train going!
Joyce Lanigan Canada 2018-11-03 I am a senior and driving is hectic in the winter. This would solve a lot.
Carla Danard Atikokan, Canada 2018-11-03 Its definitely needed. Tried to take the train in Marathon many times & couldn't because it was full, next thing they cancelled the run. Sad.
Arlene Wawia Nipigon, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-04 We need transportation.
Marlo Sarrasin Langley, Canada 2018-11-04 Traveling by rail is the only way to this beautiful country of ours
Barbara Landry Canada 2018-11-04 Greyhound has left people high and dry and I believe that it will be a welcome travel source.
Claire Boudreau Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-04 I would like to travel to thunderbay from Ottawa
Wallace Cooper Canada 2018-11-04 the people of this region really need this service
Christine Parise Wawa, Canada 2018-11-04 I've used this service.
Gisele Depatie Azilda, Canada 2018-11-04 Gisele Depatie
Linda Williams Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-04 I am signing because wagon trains and canoes are not always possible. If you have no car, no license to drive, there is no bus, you cannot afford to fly (even if you could get to an airport) just how does Canada expect people to see family? Search for jobs? Seek medical attention? I guess everyone outside of Ottawa or the GTA etc is of no consequence. Shameful.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-04 Canada - and Ontario, need a strong passenger rail connector sesrvice, to the east/west and north/south regional trains. As you've noted, wagon trains and canoes are not always possible!
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-04 For those of you who have signed the petition - please (if your time permits) share the link to this petition in your social media feeds. Also, (if your time permits), please consider contacting your Mayor, MPP, and MP. Passenger and connector regional rail service through Northern Ontario isn't a "pipe dream;" it could be a reality, but we all have to raise our voices - and be heard!
Irene Drouin Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-11-04 Transportation is needed for all.
Janet Gobeil Marathon, Canada 2018-11-04 I would like to see rail service between Sault Ste. Marie and Winnipeg
julia taylor London, England, UK
2018-11-04 Noerthern ontario needs good transportation links
Name Location Date Comment
Chantal Legresley Hornepayne, Canada
2018-11-04 Isolation in sm community is an issue
elsie lytle arnprior, on, Canada
2018-11-04 this train is absolutely necessary
C.J. Lavoie Montréal, Canada 2018-11-05 Il est important pour ces gens d'avoir accès a ce mode de transport dans les plus brefs délais.
Catherine Wawia Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-05 I’m signing because this great nation of ours lost an icon when the passenger trains stopped running from coast to coast.
Bev Ivimey Killaloe, Canada 2018-11-05 I've never road on one..but would love to..dinning car and all..on bucket list
Anita Larocque Canada 2018-11-05 We need passenger trains to continue in the north.
kim champagne MARATHON, Canada
2018-11-05 Kim champagne
Susan Irvine Meaford, Canada 2018-11-05 We need more train service
Cathy Moreau Midland, Canada 2018-11-05 I think it’s a great � I’ll use it.
Mireille Groleau Orleans, Canada 2018-11-05 Les ressources du Nord financent les projets de routes partout en Ontario. On a droit à des réseaux routiers et ferroviaires. C'est le minimum!
Leslie Parenteau Elginburg, Canada 2018-11-05 The North needs this service
Jesse Kenny Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05 I'm signing because the Ontario government needs to focus on the north more. It is embarrassing that this was cut but we can build high speed rail to windsor.
Maxine Bland Cocoa, Florida, US 2018-11-05 That is a great and necessary idea
Hector Halloran Manitouwadge, Canada
2018-11-05 hector halloran
Joanne Bird Winnipeg, Canada 2018-11-05 With no more Greyhound service, I have no way to go from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay now unless I drive. Driving that route for 8 or 9 hours is becoming more and more difficult for me and I don't fly. I would love to be able to travel by train.
Nancy Hepting Azilda, Canada 2018-11-05 it is needed...don't take away!!!!
Gilles Groleau Hearst, Canada 2018-11-05 We need that sey
Corey Lemieux Mattice, Canada 2018-11-05 Yes
Guylainee Lamontagne
Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-05 This is such a great ride and helps a lot
Sharon Miskimins Canada 2018-11-05 This transportation is essential to and for our area!
Name Location Date Comment
Jane Lebydowicz Manitouwadge, Canada
2018-11-05 need safe reliable transportation is a necessity in the North
Dona Nystrom Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-05 Via is essential to serve our needs!
Angela Burton Saint Charles, Illinois, US
2018-11-05 William pike. Lov e to see the rail service returned to Thunder Bay
Rita Vandenberg Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-05 Northern Ontario is isolated and not everyone has a vehicle or drives for travel plus roads can be bad especially in winter! This route has the most majestic views of Lake Superior which can introduce more tourism and other means of travel besides vehicle or bus. Train service also is an enjoyable experience. The connection with North and South is a must!
Ernie Pearce Utterson on, Canada
2018-11-05 I want to help Mary Jane . Other than that we need rail service throughout all of Canada.
Dawna Boyer-Witty Sault Ste Marie, Canada
2018-11-05 Dawna Boyer-Witty
David Claridge Orillia, Canada 2018-11-05 I believe increasing and improving passenger rail service is necessary to families living in northern Ontario and also a meaningful way of lowering emissions. We have list ground with public transport infrastructure and the result is we are isolating people without economic means to access medical service nd maintain connections with family living in the north
Manon Langlois Canada 2018-11-06 I’m signing because nobody should be taken away from their family.... ever
Julie Hegge Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-06 We need it
Grace Stgeorge North Bay, Canada 2018-11-06 Just because
linda kirkey Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-06 I like the idea of there being an option for travel within Canada and to the states. I love trains and they are safer than driving a car sometimes.
Byron Jr Wawia nipigon, Canada 2018-11-06 via rail service rocks
Dean Selby Calgary, Canada 2018-11-06 Dean Selby
Donna Dunnett Thunder bay, Canada
2018-11-06 I really enjoyed travel by rail
Judy MacLeod Innisfil, Canada 2018-11-07 Judy MacLeod
Jeannine Norman North Bay On, Canada
2018-11-07 We need the train ..this is not Toronto and Ottawa!
pierrette carriere Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-11-07 pierrette carriere llove to see keep there job plus the customer need
Name Location Date Comment
s labatte Forest, Canada 2018-11-07 recently the reality of no passenger service around the country is affecting many. I have given up driving from 2 reasons, price and global warming. I moved to a smaller community, only to find out I am totally isolated here.. no bus no trains.. most of my family live either north or west. we are not cut off from everyone, at a time when cars are no longer good for the environment and collective travel makes more sense now than ever.
Joe Foley Langley, Canada 2018-11-07 I never got to take the train east of Thunder Bay along the lake before Mulroney scrapped it. It’s time to right a wrong!
Rob Cutbush Gorham, Canada 2018-11-07 We desperately need it.
Darlene Greenhough Quinte West, Canada
2018-11-07 Northern Ontario requires transportation services to Thunder Bay
Elissa Williams Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-09 Train service would be amazing for this part of Ontario.
Jolyne Currie-Lopez Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-09 I believe in the second most efficient mode of transportation. I took 6 kids to London economy class but had to drive three hours to catch the train. The way back with the construction and fog I wasn't sure that we would make it back home.
Gerry Wheeldon New Liskeard, Canada
2018-11-09 It is a necessity for the North!
Colleen Haley Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-09 People in the north need transportation other wise emergency services, healthcare costs will go up, which budget shall we spend?
Paul Nichols Stony Plain, Canada
2018-11-09 This is a vital service that needs to be restored!
Richard Smith Sault, Canada 2018-11-09 It's vital for the Sault.
Dan Sayers Sr. Sault Ste Marie Ont., Canada
2018-11-09 For a good cuase
Rosalyn Dowhos Neebing, Canada 2018-11-10 It’s about time this area regained this much needed transportation link. We lost passenger service in 1980’s and recently lost Greyhound bus connections as well. We’re limited in our options and not everyone can afford to fly or drive.
Gary Hagan Albert st w, Canada 2018-11-10 Yes please bring it back, We really could use it
Grace Courchaine Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-11-10 We need train service back to make airlines pay attention to service.
Sylvie Timm Ottawa, Canada 2018-11-10 Aline Richard
Mary Akis Neebing, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-10 I think rail travel is what so many people want in NW Ontario, highways from Thunder Bay is one lane....so travelling by rail provides an option to driving especially in winter Rd conditions
Name Location Date Comment
Janet Gilbart thunder bay, Canada
2018-11-11 We have a train station in Thunder Bay and having train available would be very convenient for many people not just from here but surrounding areas
Eveline Fischer Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-11 Northern Ontario needs the passenger rail service back
lorna foran London, Canada 2018-11-11 It is important to our remote north and it's tourism, and people that want to connect to the north..It's beautiful country to journey into...
elaine berger Timmins, Canada 2018-11-11 I cant believe Ontario is so behind in train services. Shame!
Gail Lankshear Blind River, Canada 2018-11-11 we need the train to get to Doctor appointments in the cities
Donna Jo Dyer Nanticoke, Canada 2018-11-11 Train service to northern Ontario communities is necessary
Doris Picard Kapuskasing ont.., Canada
2018-11-11 Doris Picard (to travel out of town, bus does not connect anymore)
yvonne marsh Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-11 It is a service that would be useful in Northern Ontario
Pamela Gallant Marathon, Canada 2018-11-11 Single parent without a vehicle, I enjoyed the train as a child ..would love to experience getaway with fair prices to the Sault or Tbay with my son! loves the scenery, and it’s a relaxing trip, would be an experience with my son. Also it’s icolating in northern Ontario without bus... this makes sense!! Good luck!! I’m routing for the train to come back... not sure why it ever stopped. ##
Brenda honan marathon, Canada 2018-11-12 I feel this to be a very important part of transportation for Northern Ontario
Jason Depotier Sturgeon Falls, Canada
2018-11-12 We need the passenger train back on track.
lisa neveau batchewana first nation, Canada
2018-11-12 Lisa neveau
Dian Acciavatti Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2018-11-12 Dian Acciavatti . Many many reasons .
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-14 For those of you who have signed the petition - please (if your time permits) consider sharing the link to this petition in your social media feeds. Also, (if your time permits), please consider contacting your Mayor, MPP, MP, and Transportation Minister Garneau. Passenger and connector regional rail service through Northern Ontario isn't a "pipe dream;" it could be a reality, but we all have to raise our voices together - and be heard!
William Eaton Iroquois Falls, Canada
2018-11-15 We should have never lost it in the first place. Have to make it a service that people want to use, instead of the poor service and long time to get from northern parts of the province to the south.
Danny Talbot Gatineau, Canada 2018-11-16 I’m originally from Moonbeam and to have the option to go see my relatives with Via Rail in Winter would be considered.
Name Location Date Comment
Andre Blanchard Geraldton, Canada 2018-11-16 The North needs affordable transportation just as much as the South needs it.And if the cost of TTC is going to be a Provincial cost, then so can the Northern train & bus system!!!
Traey Lasook Dorion, ONTARIO, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-16 I think that affordable transportation is a necessity in Northern Ontario
James Haskell Nipigon, Canada 2018-11-19 Would be nice to have VIA rail on north shore again. Yes
Evelyn Larstone Smooth Rock Falls, Canada
2018-11-19 We difficultly need that to come back...
Gary Jene London, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-19 count me in.
Serafina Mauro Thunder Bay, On, Canada
2018-11-19 Northern Ontario is beautiful, it's a shame to not have this service here.
Sharon Corston Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-19 I want to save rail service.
Brenda Clapp Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-19 Please return this service. It was one of the most desired and vital services available in our city years ago.
jackie jory Courtenay, Canada 2018-11-19 the service is badly needed...............
Sylvain Montpellier Marathon, Canada 2018-11-19 If we had a train go from White River through Marathon, my gf and i would use it a minimum of 6 times/year. I know for a fact, multiple Marathon residents would as well.
Marc Greene Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
2018-11-19 I use the train.
Claire Aubin Sudbury, Canada 2018-11-19 I took the train from Kapuskasing to Northbay and loved and enjoyed the ride ,,, hope we don’t loose that previlage ,,,
Jocelyne Levesque Guelph, Canada 2018-11-19 I'm signing because I used to use this train to visit northern Ontario on a regular basis
Huguette Cotton Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-11-19 We need this, population is getting older...
lisa coulouris Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-19 Thunder Bay needs this service back as an alternative to flying. The train was much safer than driving in the winter.
Jeannette Dinelle Timmins, Canada 2018-11-19 passenger rail service is needed in the North. During the winter,the roads are sometimes hazardous, slippery. I think it is a safer way to travel. Many people can't drive or don't own a car so rail service would be welcomed.
Tracy Brewer Shuniah, Ontario, Canada
2018-11-20 I would use this service with my family! This would be awesome!
Name Location Date Comment
William Nickson Saint John, Canada 2018-11-20 Our rail lines, coast to coast, are part of the ribbon that holds our nation together.
Doris Jackson Vernon, Canada 2018-11-20 Northern Pntario needs this. That simple
michelle koski Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-20 I want the train service back
Timothy Scott Uxbridge, Canada 2018-11-20 We should have a train
Gerald Landry Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-11-20 With Greyhound gone this is critical!
Frank LeFeuvre Orillia, Canada 2018-11-20 The lack of a good service keeps my family isolated in Northern Ontario. Not everyone has a car!!!
Nicole Lemay Laverlochère, Canada
2018-11-20 Ça serait merveilleux de pouvoir aller à Marathon par train en partance de Sudbury. That would be lovely to be able to go to Marathon from Sudbyry by train. I'm signing this petition for sure!
Denise Stewart Kitchener, Canada 2018-11-21 I believe we need the rail service back.
Betty Mack Surrey, Canada 2018-11-25 The train is a much needed and loved mode of transportation
Caroline Przybysz Saugeen Shores, Canada
2018-11-25 My Mother grew up in northern Ontario and the rail service was crucial then. It is still thus in many remote communities.
Karen and Paul Allard Cochrane, Canada 2018-11-25 We live in Canada �� and believe in equal treatment to all areas of our beautiful country, not just major urban centres! Not everyone in Northern Ontario has access to alternate modes of transportation, passenger rail service is the perfect solution for many who are travelling for medical appointments, for limiting vehicles on congested highways, for those without access to other modes of transportation. You know, other voters who live in and share this province with you!
Will Murphy cobourg, Canada 2018-12-05 People in the north get screwed out of services they need!
Debbie Lauzon Leamington, Canada
2018-12-06 Trudeau likes to condemn fuel but alternative transportation to cars keeps being taken away! In Sw Ontario we gave the same problem. No buses notrains in most areas. Are we to go horseback or what?
Ryan Muir New Liskeard, Canada
2018-12-06 We need our train service back!! So many people need it for many reasons be it to get to medical appointments down south, students to get to and from post secondary education places down south or just to decrease traffic on the highways. This is a vital service that we should have never lost.
Lloyd Walton Port Carling, Canada
2018-12-08 If sensible timetables were implemented, train passengers would vastly increase.
Jack Greer Fredericton, Canada
2018-12-08 I worked as an operator in Northern Ontario and I saw on many trips to work on the Budd car from Sudbury to White River the folks who lived There needed the train to obtain food Transportation to Doctors and. Just go to town.
Name Location Date Comment
David Watson Pontypool, Canada 2018-12-08 Rail has and is vital to the economy of the north. Many people rely on passenger service.
Judi Megarity St. Catharines, Canada
2018-12-08 Everyone needs the railway to connect them in this country! North, south, east, west, towns, cities, suburbs, rural... everyone.
Laurie DelPino Grand Blanc, Michigan, US
2018-12-09 I love taking the train from Toronto to North Bay
Gerard Stack Guelph, Canada 2018-12-09 Train transportation is increasingly a service we should be utilizing across all of Canada and Ontario but more particularly as in much of Northern Ontario it’s the lifeblood of communities!
Wayne Davis Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-09 It should have never been taken away !
Brenda Major Marathon, Canada 2018-12-09 So many without a vehicle and need to go to appointments or visit family . Having the train to ride would be great
Judi Hassen Saskatoon, Canada 2018-12-09 It's very important !
Barbara Mckelvey Canada 2018-12-09 We need the passenger train back in northern ontario
Brandi Sillery Kenora, Canada 2018-12-09 Im signing because i truly believe that northern communities need better transportation. Also because i just took the train back fro. Vancouver it was beautiful and i had the best trip. Thank you via rail
Norine Jelly Toronto, Canada 2018-12-09 It is well needed service
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2018-12-09 For those of you who have signed the petition - many thanks! If your time permits, would you consider sharing the link to this petition in your social media feeds? Also, (only if your time permits), please consider contacting your Mayor, MPP, MP, and Transportation Minister Garneau. Passenger and connector regional rail service through Northern Ontario isn't a "pipe dream;" it could be a reality, but we all have to raise our voices together - and be heard!!
cheyanne vanderlind Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-09 Canadas northern rural rail service would help students adults and seniors alike reach areas of ontario many cant afford to fly or drive to or may not have the means. It will also promote tourism! The views from the rails along the trans canada are spectacular
Doug Mclean Kakabeka Falls, Canada
2018-12-09 Rail travel in the north would make life a lot easier.
Dianne Bradley Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-09 Cochrane needs the Northlander train back on the rails. So many people, families with children and seniors used the Northlander for medical appointments in Toronto. It has to be a priority for everyone to feel safe and secure while travelling from northern Ontario to southern Ontario .. highways are accident prone now with so many new Canadians being given their license before fully comprehending the highway winter road conditions. Many cannot fly from Timmins to Toronto for various reasons. We MUST have our train back asap. Thank you !
Name Location Date Comment
Rick Reeve Burks Falls, Canada 2018-12-09 Railway built this country and are still a necessary piece of our travel in this vast country
Terry Walsh Canada 2018-12-10 Because rail travel is worth it
tracy smith blue mountain, Canada
2018-12-10 For safety reasons, to many transport truck causing accidents
Keenan Menard Barrie, Canada 2018-12-10 Keenan Menard
Margo taylor Sechelt, Canada 2018-12-10 we want it back and we want to keep it
Ian Elder Scarborough, Canada
2018-12-10 I'm a great believer in the value of rail travel. It's much safer and more relaxing than travelling by road.
Denise Moorehead Cochrane, Canada 2018-12-10 Because we need the railway in Northern Ontario... it's crucial.. especially for seniors or disabled people...or anyone without cars... going to Toronto is impossible anymore.. we're feeling trapped..
Elaine Rody Canada 2018-12-10 I am a very vibrant senior but with iffy hips it’s extremely painfull to travel long journeys on the bus coach. I love my country and worked 32 years in my medical profession. I contributed greatly to tax payments. I feel I and many others are deserving of care and recognition for safe travelling with the public rail system from Cochrane, Northern Ontario to Toronto, Ontario.
John Deviney Toronto, Canada 2018-12-10 We have relatives in Timiskaming Shores that have used Ontario Northland, and really miss it.
Jacques Patenaude Chesterville, Canada
2018-12-10 Cheyanne lives in Thunder Bay and we want her to come home.
Loretta Worden Hoyt, New Brunswick, Canada
2018-12-10 Northern Ontario needs this service to be constant.
Ernie Lafontaine Kapuskaskng, Canada
2018-12-11 I’m signing because Northerners, due to the long remote distance we must travel to get to cities like Toronto, Ottawa etc. need a more comfortable means of transportation especially our Senior citizens...
Patrice Duguay Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-12-11 For a different option of transportation all over the north Toronto to Hearst let ‘s make it Happened
Charles Brendon Las Vegas, Nevada, US
2018-12-11 I believe in a restored passenger rail network in Canada.
Sandy Lester Greater Sudbury, Canada
2018-12-11 It would be great to get passenger rail service back in Northern Ontario
Roger Pilon Sudbury, Canada 2018-12-11 Transportation is vital for the north and rural areas
Jack Gray Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-11 I want rail service reinstated back in N. W. O as well as Northern ont.
Tyler beaulne Marathon, Canada 2018-12-11 I rode it a lot
Name Location Date Comment
Jason Lovering St.Marys, Canada 2018-12-12 Leaving Canadians isolated and cut off/unable to travel will only bring ill. VIA is a crown corporation and is supposed to serve Canadians.
Micheline Lacroix Orleans, Canada 2018-12-12 Please return the train to Northern Ontario!! People need it!! Thank you
Eric Staples Hamilton, Canada 2018-12-12 I support that rail transportation be preserved for northern Ontarians.
Rheal Twance Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-12 VIA is best train to travel always loved trips on train when I was akids
Chuck Deraiche Elliot Lake, Canada 2018-12-12 This is neccessary, we in north continue loss essential services
AJ Hart Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-12 Ontario is suffering and we need affordable travel for medical and work or else everyone’s sooner or later gonna be in poverty and homeless we need jobs that this will bring
Butch C. Harris Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-12 This is how I traveled until it was cancelled I loved our train please bring it back
chris zachary Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-12 i think it would be good for the region
conrad burns burns sudbury, Canada 2018-12-12 its the right thing to do
Joe Dickenson Brigden, Canada 2018-12-12 As someone who's travelled to every corner of this province, it is clear to me how badly we need accessible, affordable, and predictable transit within the province. Buses are limited by roads, and there are places where we only have a single lane road accessing parts of the province. Airfare is not affordable, the railway is the most affordable, most efficient, and safest option.
George Podnar Thunder Bay, Canada
2018-12-13 George J. PodnarShould have never been removed from Thunder Bay
helene tailleur Saint-Anicet, Canada
2018-12-13 Helene Tailleur
Denis Beaulieu Smooth Rock Falls,Ont, Canada
2018-12-13 We need it !!!
Christian Schmitz Bertrange, Luxembourg
2018-12-14 I hope that passenger service will be back between Sudbury to Calgary and trough the Rockies.
Andi Chuckry Toronto, Canada 2018-12-14 I live in Opasatika were the train once came thru. I would definatly use this resource if it was provided and also if theres a route northbay to southern regions (Niagara )
Bill McLaren Mitchell, Canada 2018-12-14 I'm signing this because I have friends and family up North but without a car have issues going home to visit and vice versa for them
Name Location Date Comment
Hugh McGoldrick Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-14 My family depends on it. Removing it will be a death sentence for some.
Christine Rae St. Catharines, Canada
2018-12-14 My sister lives there and it would make life easier for thousands of people to visit
Frédéric Potvin Canada 2018-12-15 Thé passenger train built Hearst and it would bring some tourists back to our community.
Simonne Pouliot Kapuskasing, Canada
2018-12-15 I’m signing this petition because we don’t have planes coming to Kap anymore so a train would help to get out of town easier.
Ron Semeniuk South River, Ont., Canada
2018-12-15 Ron Semeniuk
Dale Duquette Burk's Falls, Canada
2018-12-15 This is an absolute necessity in the North. Unpredictable weather conditions and too many trucks on the road!
Robert Hewitt Smiths Falls, Canada
2018-12-16 Rail service built this great country, we must ensure to continue to service the Nirthern reaches
Gaston Guenette Calgary, Canada 2018-12-16 Public transportation in Northern Ontario has been deplorable for decades and it’s tine it changes.
Chris Young ottawa, Canada 2018-12-16 Aging population and climate change considerations increase the need for improved passenger rail options.
Jen Vachon Larder Lake, Canada
2018-12-16 We need the train !!!! Medical appointments south , people who do not drive & safer !!!!!
Mariette Romain Englehart, Canada 2018-12-16 Mariette Romain
Kevin Ascott North Cobalt, Canada
2018-12-17 It's the right thing to do!
Denise Thomas Toronto, Canada 2018-12-17 We need to bring the passenger train back to Northern Ontario.
Jocelyne Grzela Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-18 It's a much safer way to travel up north, especially in the winter.
Jo Anne Young Caledonia, ON, Canada
2018-12-19 Rail service is a vital link in northern communities. I remember fondly my trips on 'the train'.
Geraldine Toomey Okotoks, Canada 2018-12-22 Geraldine Toomey
Tim Wilcox Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada
2018-12-22 The North needs real transportation solutions for everyone. If we're not going to get proper highway upgrades, at least give the people a safe affordable option for travel. Trains have proven to be the most environmentally responsible choice for mass transit as well.
Francine Gagnon Smooth Rock Falls, Canada
2018-12-22 For some people train is the only way to get to medical appointments
Name Location Date Comment
Francine Filion Ottawa, Canada 2018-12-22 I’m signing because trains are better modes of transportation economically and environmentally. Plus I would take it often to go back home.
Dan Schaffer Timmins, Canada 2018-12-26 Cuts hurt growth in the north.
Brenda Thyer Cambridge, Canada
2018-12-31 Kill the train and you'll be planting another nail in northern Ontario's coffin
Kim Murphy New Liskeard, Canada
2019-01-05 We need our train back!
Dianne Richardson Barrie, Canada 2019-01-06 We need the railways and get the damn trucks off the road !
James D Urban Dallas, Texas, US 2019-01-06 I am from Cobalt, Ontario originally and it is essential for the people of the North to have this service.
Lucie Albert FAUQUIER, Canada 2019-01-07 Would be much easier and safer to travel.
David Trayhorn York, England, UK 2019-01-08 I believe that Rail Passenger Transport is essential for the sustained growth of the indigenous population and for tourism.
Kevin Pollock London, Canada 2019-01-09 all of Canada needs service bring back the trains.
Krissy Harling North Bay, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-10 I want to be able to go from Toronto to North Bay by train to see my family.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-13 For those of you who have signed the petition - many thanks! If your time permits, would you consider sharing the link to this petition in your social media feeds? Also, (only if your time permits), please consider contacting your Mayor, MPP, MP, and Transportation Minister Garneau. Passenger and connector regional rail service through Northern Ontario isn't a "pipe dream;" it could be a reality, but we all have to raise our voices together - and be heard!!
Robert Miller Saugatuck, Michigan, US
2019-01-15 I used to enjoy taking the train out then skiing back to the Stokely Creek Lodge.
James Schoenherr Lansing, Michigan, US
2019-01-17 I am signing because I haven't been able to get to my club lodge for 4 years now...use some of that marijuana money on the train..ya think..
Francine Gassi Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2019-01-17 This is great to bring more tourists in and also safer than driving during our harsh winters! Sault Ste. Marie needs this!!!
Carolyn Maciuk-Brunette
Caledon East, Canada
2019-01-17 Keep via rail in Northern Ontario
Ron Trbovich Whitby, Canada 2019-01-17 We need passenger train service in Northern Ontario.
Randy Fountain Brampton, Canada 2019-01-17 Rail travel is critical in the north, and if there was more of it, there might be fewer cars on the highways.
Name Location Date Comment
Tony Cizinoski Canada 2019-01-18 Because the rail service is really needed for Canadians and tourists!!!!!
Jack Anderson Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec, Canada
2019-01-18 These Northern towns need the income that tourism provides, and the train could also be used for transportation for locals across the region.
Jason Nicholes White Lake, Michigan, US
2019-01-18 People own property they can’t access without this service.
Abby Neahusan Lapeer, Michigan, US
2019-01-18 Because I love my coaches
Deborah Rubino Schaumburg, US 2019-01-19 I believe in Gene Ubriaco and his belief in wanting this changed.
Thomas Golson Lapeer, Michigan, US
2019-01-19 Signing for my good friend, Mel Major
Patty Rutkowski Lombard, Illinois, US
2019-01-20 Great cause
Shelley Raymond Cambridge, Canada
2019-01-21 This service may be critical and their only transportation option. Please, keep it going to allow mobility in desolate areas.
edith lepage crete dayton, Ohio, US 2019-01-21 This passenger train is a must. Enough isolating the northern population. We pay dearly in lack of services.
John Deviney Toronto, Canada 2019-01-22 Passenger rail to the Northern Ontario is a much better way to travel and will enable a lot of people to travel to the south.
Geraldine Witzell Mobert, Canada 2019-01-24 It's a great needed service!
Leah Clapham Canada 2019-01-25 It would be great for my southern ON family to be able to have another way to travel up.
Susan Lindstedt Sault Sainte Marie, Canada
2019-01-25 It is crucial in rural areas to have means of transportation other than driving themselves especially in the winter. It also must be affordable.
Maxie Blalock Marietta, Georgia, US
2019-01-25 Please restore the Passenger Train Service
Paulette Hamilton Canada 2019-01-25 yes, es, yes!!
Sheila lafleur Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-26 I would like to see coast to coast passenger service in Canada, Like we used to have. I loved taking the train as a child and would love to again
Chantal Fyfe Warren, Canada 2019-01-26 Desperately needed in the North
lara lee Vancouver, Canada 2019-01-26 My parents can use this vacation .. Grandparents need a restful adventure :)
Bernard Babin Lévis, Canada 2019-01-26 Je supporte le retour du train en Ontario parce que c'est un besoin important pour toute la population de cette
Name Location Date Comment
région. Bernard BabinCoalition des gaspésiens pour l'avenir du trainwww.gaspetrain.org
Danger David Canada 2019-01-26 I like to have access to the north
Pierre Lassonde Shawinigan, Canada
2019-01-26 Pierre Lassonde
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-26 For those of you who have signed the petition - many thanks! If your time permits, would you consider sharing the link to this petition in your social media feeds (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)? Also, (only if your time permits), please consider contacting your Mayor, MPP, MP, and Transportation Minister Garneau. Passenger and connector regional rail service through Northern Ontario isn't a "pipe dream;" it could be a reality, but we all have to raise our voices together and be heard!!
Shirley Arthur St. Thomas, Canada
2019-01-26 My niece lives in northern Ontario and this would be great mode of transportation for her to visit her family in St. Thomas, Ontario
Tina Simmons Red Rock, Canada 2019-01-26 I remember having a passage train as a child . My grandma and I would go to Toronto every summer . The best memories for sure . I always felt safe and comfortable so yes bring it back
laura Cloutier nipigon ont, Canada
2019-01-26 Laura Cloutier
Mary Ellen Roy Nipigon, Canada 2019-01-26 I'm signing because we need an affordable transportation option for people who need to go from place to place, who might not have the convenience of their own vehicle.
Jenet Vlotaros Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-26 We need the Passenger Rail Service back in our City
Kim Cameron Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-27 It should never have been taken away!
Glen Mick Sault Sainte Marie, Canada
2019-01-27 I feel we need this service.
Raphaël Blouin-Durand
Lévis, Canada 2019-01-27 Via Rail est une société du gouvernement fédéral qui doit assumer ses responsabilités d'unique transposteur ferroviaire du pays! D'un océan à l'autre, restons unis comme Canadien!!!
pamela Keefe Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-27 Im signing because we need other forms of transportation from thunder bay!
Dina Wilson Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-27 I've travelled many years ago by train and I really enjoyed it. I would like to see it come back as I don't like to fly
Brian Tremblay Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-27 The train needs to run the north.
Don Hawker Revelstoke, Canada 2019-01-27 These people need this train for their existence alone.
Name Location Date Comment
Joanne Larcher Calgary, Canada 2019-01-27 We need transportation in our communities in the north to go places too. We have nothing there to leave. Especially college students and families and elderly and people who all need it.
Ken dowhaniuk Murillo, Canada 2019-01-27 If it’s feasible it would be awesome for sure.
Marge Paquette Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-27 Yes passenger train is a must no greyhound bus and would love to see our Country by rail
Deanna Jackson McDougall, Canada 2019-01-27 Reduce highway traffic. Provide transportation options for the north.
Wendy Vaillancourg Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-27 We need this!!!!!!!!!
Gil McGillivray Canada 2019-01-27 As a direct descendant of the NWCo which my ancestor employed over 1400 during the furtrade I implore the government for transportation for future settlers.
Chantale Morin Chapleau, Canada 2019-01-27 Yes we want it back
Nathalie Doucet Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-27 Want to travel more and safer way in the north
Kaj Nummelin Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-27 Because
Cee Irony Canada 2019-01-27 We are too isolated here.
Line Berry Timmins, Canada 2019-01-28 I live in northern Ontario and we need service to get to one place or another.
Hilary Chesterman Murillo, Canada 2019-01-28 I hate flying :)
Rick Guerard Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-28 Rick Guerard
Dave Frederickson Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-28 We need a passenger train service more now then ever because our bus services have abandoned our city
Audrey Loiselle Smooth rock falls., Canada
2019-01-28 We need this transportation in the north we have lost enough as it is tgank you
Brandon Luc Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-28 Greyhound is gone, need something else to create competitive pricing and beside Thunder Bay still has the train stations, why not utilize them for what they were built for
Sheila Dhinel Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-28 It is much easier to get on the train . Travel to white river to visit family in Marathon. Should be a train to Thunder Bay too.
Carlysa Missewace Canada 2019-01-28 i want to
Linda Mickelson Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-28 We need passenger rail service in Northern Ontario!
Name Location Date Comment
Jamie Gravel Nolalu, Canada 2019-01-28 This would be very beneficial to the northern communities
Cliff Shawanamash Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-28 This is a big part of our history, we need to keep this. Stop the government from ruining this country.
shane lebrun Timmins, Canada 2019-01-28 We need it
Paulette Cloutier Capreol. Ontario, Canada
2019-01-29 Northern Ontario is crying for your help as they're no more buses and no trains, not everyone can afford a vehicle, time for the government to step up, please!
Lynne Cheff North Bay, Canada 2019-01-29 Having worked on a passenger train I care to understand the importance to many on this mode of transportation. It is often people’s only way to get from point “A” to point “B” for medical appointments or even to avoid the treacherous northern hiways
Martin Garster Kingston, Canada 2019-01-29 This is a crucial link for communities and recreational users in the north.
Christine Black Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-29 I go to chapleau often n use the budcar ..
Rebecca O'Hearn Timmins, Canada 2019-01-29 This is the only way I get to visit with my sisters
Andrea Van bekkum Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-29 I’m signing because my boyfriends home town and it makes it harder for anyone to go and visit If they don’t have a car and the train is the only option for them so they shouldn’t take it away
Murray Munro Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-29 Return rail transport for passengers. As this is a necessity especially here in the North!
Keith Metcalfe Bonfield, Canada 2019-01-29 using bud cars is a very efficient means of travel...its time for the passenger trains to be re-instated in Northern Ontario.
aaron lucas Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
2019-01-29 We of the North are being neglected, as usual, when I travel into Southern Ont., I am stunned by the infrastructure, meanwhile, we can barely make it anywhere in the North without hardship and risk of life !
Kyla Cooper Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-29 Travel along the Northshore...especially in the winter months is a life gamble!
John Olinger Belmont, Michigan, US
2019-01-29 John Olinger
Megan Goddard Deroche, Canada 2019-01-29 The rail service should be brought back. Not only is it a fun way to travel but there's not alot of ways for people to get to other places.
Leslie Ashton Fairview, Canada 2019-01-29 i is a needed service
Jennifer Keetch Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-29 I wish we could still travel by train! What a beautiful way to travel!
Maureen Desserre Dryden, Canada 2019-01-29 I want the passenger train to continue from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg We have already lost Greyhound. This part of Hwy #17
Name Location Date Comment
is one of the countries most dangerous roads for accidents and driving is not always available to all.
jennifer wesley Chapleau, Canada 2019-01-29 passenger rail transportation is an important part of northern Ontario, if you don't have your own transportation. Rail service is a most. people use this service for getting them from point a to point b. whether it be for medical , personal, business or pleasure. This is their only option of transportation. The north always seems to get screwed over.
Jonathan Labranche Boisbriand, Canada 2019-01-30 Ce service est essentiel pour desservir les villes isolées qui ne sont dans bien des cas pas désservies par les services de trains ou d'autocar.
Maria Hall Thunder bay, Canada
2019-01-30 Need more travel options.
Jolene Loiselle Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-30 We need this service!
Dawna Harty Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-30 Dawna Harty
N A Canada 2019-01-30 Economic growth in Northern communities is contingent on transportation and accessibility.
Ronald Manea Toronto, Canada 2019-01-30 Sometimes, for some people, the train is one of their only connections to the world. Take that away and life can be very lonely.
helen rivest verner, Canada 2019-01-30 That's what we used growing up
Sandy Cava Thunder Bay, Canada
2019-01-30 Im signing because its ridiculous how far we have to go to get a train, when we have the means right here in Thunder Bay
Monika Hohnen Shuniah, Canada 2019-01-30 we want the train back.
Suzanne vandal West Nipissing, Canada
2019-01-30 I travel with this Bud car
Gerry Sabourin Timmins, Canada 2019-01-31 It’s vital to Northern Ontario!
bridget dallaire Cochrane Ontario, Canada
2019-01-31 We need our train
Wendy Martin Australia 2019-01-31 Northern Ontario needs a passenger rail service
Linda Collins Timmins, Canada 2019-01-31 I am signing because Notthern Ontario residents deserve better service. Better rail and transportation service would be a very welcome addition for families and well utilized.
Rita Vaillancourt Greater Sudbury, Canada
2019-01-31 Passenger train service should remain in Northern Ontario
Donald Casselman Camrose, Canada 2019-01-31 It’s the right thing to do
Name Location Date Comment
Mark Merriam Cranbrook, Canada 2019-01-31 Rail travel is a viable transportation option.
Cindy Houghton Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada
2019-01-31 5,000+ signatures, and growing. For those of you who have signed the petition - many, many thanks! If your time permits, would you consider sharing the link to this petition in your social media feeds (facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)? Also, (only if your time permits), please consider contacting your Mayor, MPP, MP, and Transportation Minister Garneau? Passenger and connector regional rail service through Northern Ontario isn't a "pipe dream;" it could be a reality, but we all have to raise our voices together and be heard!
Diane Lambert Iroquois Falls, Canada
2019-01-31 Diane Lambert
Marilyn Plourde Sudbury, Canada 2019-01-31 We need to keep our tourism areas accessible.
donna wood Crystal Falls, Canada
2019-01-31 We need this train
Lorraine Lavoie Cochrane, Canada 2019-02-01 I Am a senior had to travel to Sudbury by bus a few times for medical appointment 10 hrs on a bus with no leg room to get back to Cochrane with. 15 minutes break for supper very uncomfortable no way to stretch your legs .
Julie Neron Kapuskasing, Canada
2019-02-01 We want it back
gary james LUTON, England, UK
2019-02-02 I’m signing to help out a good friend who lives in the area
Marcel Dansereau Innisfil, Canada 2019-02-02 This was a great service when I lived in Kapuskasing to and from Toronto . It was more affordable and think it would be a great service to have again especially with the winter storms and safer too...
Sherry Fera Timmins, Canada 2019-02-03 I think having train service would be beneficial to northern Ontario
Yvette Ricker Manitouwadge, Canada
2019-02-03 I am signing because Northern folks in isolated communities sometime don’t have a safe way to get to the cities or other communities for appointments or family.Please bring rail back to these communities
Jennifer Desjardins Alexandria, Canada 2019-02-05 Family in TimmonsFamily in Timmins. Would love to have service from North Bay to Timmins.F
Diane Charette Sudbury, Canada 2019-02-06 I love trains and it would be a shame to shut them down.
Janet Napash Toronto, Canada 2019-02-08 Because there’s no bus service anymore
Tim Mullins Dover, New Hampshire, US
2019-02-09 Passenger rail and Freight are so important to alternate transportation. In the U.S, it takes a back seat far behind European Transportation because politicians can't get together on anything...VIA maintains their equipment very well as well as their passengers who depend on it
Name Location Date Comment
Gillian Camsell North Bay, Canada 2019-02-10 I love the train besides the bus.
Jill Kulchar Canada 2019-02-11 We need this service - to get to TBay from Katrine in the winter means driving south to Toronto to fly north with expensive airfare -impossible without 2-3 day drive in winter